Konstrundan is an open studio event, organised once a year throughout Finland. Read more about the event here.


Travel with Williams buss during Konstrundan

Would you like to visit artists and artisans during Konstrundan, but you are lacking a car? No worries. Now you can travel with Williams buss to meet Keathy Ericsson-Jourdan, Britta Gustafsson, Judy Kuitunen, Inger Nygård, Ritva Saloranta and Peter Winqvist on the Aland Islands.

The bus fare is 20 € per person. You should enroll before the 15th of August and the enrolment is binding. Enroll here: http://konstrundan.fi/sv/karta/aland/busstur/.

Inger Nygård

Julia Nyman
Published 21.06.2017 hrs 11:18

The profiles are published

Every participant in Konstrundan have their own profile, but unfortunately they are only available in Swedish and Finnish.

For Swedish presentations, choose your region above, and for Finnish presentations see the map here.

Raija Murray, Savipaja Murray, Konstrundan 2016. Photo: Jessica Lindgren.

Julia Nyman
Published 28.04.2017 hrs 09:02

Participators in 263 places

The jury of Konstrundan has now reviewed all the applications and made their selection. There is going to be 263 places all over Finland to visit during the tenth Art Circuit - more than ever before.

All the applicants has recieved the decision on their application via e-mail. Konstrundan whishes all the participants welcome to celebrate the tenth Art Circuit, Konstrundan X!

Click the picture below for a list of the participants. Their presentations are going to be published here on the website during April.

Elina Ruohonen's studio, Konstrundan 2016. Photo: Henrik Zoom.

Julia Nyman
Published 29.03.2017 hrs 10:27

Thank you!

Many thanks to all the applicants! We got more than 260 applications this year.

The applicants will get the results via e-mail during week 13.

Julia Nyman
Published 07.03.2017 hrs 14:08


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