In August, for the first time ever, Konstrundan will hold an auction.  The sales profits will go towards creative and artistic activities in the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki.


The auction is conducted as an online auction. The planned event in Fiskars Village cannot be arranged due to Corona.

Auction House Helander handles the auction with Mika Sirén as the auctioneer.

As a way to support the creative field, Konstrundan’s participants were asked to propose artworks for the auction and to set their starting price. This sum goes to the artist if  their piece is sold. All profit above the starting price is donated to the New Children’s Hospital.

Preview and pre-bidding online

The auction catalog is available from Thursday 12.8.  Advanced bidding online: www.helander.com

Participate in the auction online 

• Online auction

at 18.15      The auction begins:  www.helander.com 
                   Payment online, or pay and pick up directly from Helanders. 
                   Bought pieces can be delivered, at buyer’s expense. 
                   More information on Helander's website.

• The on site auction in Fiskars Village is cancelled.

Background and partners

Initiative for the auction comes from artist Panu Ruotsalo. Panu is active in Billnäs Mill and has participated in Konstrundan several years. The auction is arranged in Fiskars Village - take the opportunity to spend the whole day in the village and discover what this historic village has to offer.

Evening of the Arts 2021 arranged in collaboration with:

Fiskars Village
Auktionshuset Helander 
Restaurang Kuparipaja 


Foto: Matti Snellman / HUS