Panu Ruotsalo, Toinen luonto, 2019

The participants for 2020 are chosen

27.04.2020 hrs 18:26
The participants for Konstrundan 2020 are now chosen. This year Konstrundan is arrangedduring the weekend 12-13 September.

The participants for Konstrundan 2020 are now chosen: a total of 291 professional artists, artisans and designers will open the doors to their studios and workshops for the public during the weekend 12-13 September. This year 306 persons applied to participate. 

Many of the visiting points are shared working spaces of several artists, hence this year’s art circuit has 190 visiting points from Eckerö in the west to Kuopio in the east and from Hanko in the south to Inari up north.
During the first years of Konstrundan, most of the participants were from the Swedish speaking regions along the coast, but during the last few years the interest has gratifyingly grown over the language boundaries to include more of the Finnish-speaking regions of our country.

Regionally the 291 participants are distributed according to the following: 
Eastern-Uusimaa 29                            
Helsinki region 69                    
Western-Uusimaa 19
Turunmaa region 28                                           
Åland Islands 27                          
Ostrobothnia 36
Other regions in Finland 83                              

Here you find all the participants organised according to region.

Konstrundan is an established event, arranged in Finland since 2008. The goal of Konstrundan is to increase the understanding for professional contemporary art, craft and design as well as to promote creative work.

Konstrundan happens during the second weekend of September and we hope to gather over 15 000 visitors. We are hoping to organise the project according to plan, but are continuously monitoring the corona virus situation. As a new addition this year, and as a backup plan in case we have to cancel the physical Konstrundan, we are offering our participants the chance to present themselves with a short video on our website. 

Konstrundan Åboland
foto: Matti Snellman / HUS

New event: Evening of the Arts 19.8.2021

An art auction in benefit of the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki
10.08.2021 hrs 15:06

New concept: group visits on Fri, September 3rd

Book a visit for your group at a studio on the Art Friday, 3.9.2021
23.06.2021 hrs 12:51

News of the year: evening of the arts, August 19, 2021

For the first time, Konstrundan arranges an art auction to support the crative activities at the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki.
28.04.2021 hrs 17:07


During the first weekend of September almost 500 creative persons will open the doors to their studios for the public
16.04.2021 hrs 15:42
The illustration by Ulla Donner reflects the joy of creativity!

Konstrundan illustrator 2021

The illustration for 2021 is made by Ulla Donner
11.02.2021 hrs 12:00

The Konstrundan 2020 interviews in English

In the Konstrundan newspaper the articles about seven participants are only in Swedish and Finnish. Here we present the texts in English.
20.08.2020 hrs 09:55

Meet the Konstrundan-team

Here you find short videos of us who work for Konstrundan
05.06.2020 hrs 11:21

The illustration for Konstrundan 2020 is ready!

Graphic designer Linn Henrichson has made this year's illustration
12.02.2020 hrs 10:37

Konstrundan has a new project manager!

Martina Lindberg is now heading Konstrundan
11.06.2019 hrs 09:28