The programme takes place during the studios opening hours, 11 am to 5 pm, in nothing else is mentioned.


On Saturday the greater anagama oven is opened by Aba Luostarinen and Jari Vesterinen at 10 am to 2 pm.

Eastern uusimaa

Try knitting, weaving, fulling wool and sewing with Elina Mieskolainen in Forsby Såg.
Try making prints such as monotyping at the Grafikverkstaden in Konstfabriken in Borgå.

greater helsinki

Participate in a guided tour by Karoliina Arola in Roihupellon taidekortteli on Saturday lördag 7.9. The tour is about two hours long.
Noora Nouku paints quick portraits about midday both Saturday and Sunday in Vallilla.
Open house in Axxell Överby in Espoo. Learn more about the education given att Axxell Överby.

western uusimaa

Ulla Kostiainen has a workshop in making himmelis (a traditional Finnish mobile) in Skogby Bruk. The result is an ambiguous mobile. Materials used are Estonian reed and natural materials, such as flowers, grass, branches, yarn and fabrics. The end result is, of course, up to the participants, who are encouraged to use their imagination.

Finland proper

Get a tattoo or witness a tattoo performande by Sandy Bee and THE BICCEST at Art Bank in Pargas.
Make comics with Helena Tuura at the House of books in Turku.

the Åland islands

Try band weaving using traditional tools with Hanna Wiik-Rosenqvist in Mariehamn.
Drop in workshop painting with aquarelles and making tradtitional metal crafts with Ylva Gestranius, Jurmo Hamnmagasin.


Drama workshop for children at Malakta in Malax. Instructor: Susanne Marins.
Filmkollektivet Ekta in Vasa are showing short films from the project Levande litteratur, wich is about Finnish-Swedish literature and lyrics. Actors and autors read poetry and prose aloud in Swedish. Musicians perform their own music in Swedish.
Make your own photo series with Synnöve Rabb in Korsholm. You will recieve the series afterwards, and can use it as you like.


Guiden tour in Koivupuisto by artist Lauri Nykopp at 1 and 3 pm both days.


The Sylvi association has open workshops in ceramics, jewellry making and painting on Saturday. On Sunday they open the ceramics oven, wich has been running all week, and there is a ceramics market.


Photography workshop with Eeva-Maria Korhonen-Jokinen at Hailuoto. Make your own collage of pictures with your smart phone, We will also make environmental art together with materials found in the nature.


Open workshop with jewellry artist Ami Avellán.



Åbolands hantverk rf / Martina Lindberg
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Cecilia Hackzell-Ibrahim
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Jani A. Purhonen
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Borgå Konstskola / Leena Stolzmann
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Edward Johansson
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Christa Friberg
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