139. Marja de Jong, STUDIO 23


Hiirolantie 21
51520 Hiirola


050 4625 675


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In 2003 I moved from Rotterdam – the Netherlands to rural Finland. Since the end of 2012 I am living and working in the old historic railway station of Hiirola in Etelä-Savo.

The railway station of Hiirola houses my atelier, a small gallery STUDIO 23, a huge art- and art history library and has a yard for cultural purposes. The authentic old building (1889) is a breeding place for artistic, cultural and art educational experiences and development.

The fields of art I am representing are painting, drawing and mono-printing.

After my study at the art academy of Tilburg NL (1972-1975) I developed an own artistic signature which is based on using many colorful layers to build the atmosphere and shape of the work. Based on experiences of printing the paintings consist of changeable shapes to improve diversity in the imagination.

Most of my art production is setup in series of several paintings with the same components arranged in different ways by color, structure and atmosphere to explore the subject from different angles. My topics are based on history, nature, art, culture.

Together with art association AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry a challenging cultural environment is developing in Hiirola railway station.


As a contemplative artist I am keen on and interested in specific marks of civilization in different areas. Since I live in Finland (2003) I am extremely involved with the marks of civilization in the rural environment of the place where I live now. I aware that my roots are from a different place, the urban area of Rotterdam, and in a way I am an outsider, but not excluded in this rural community.

Moving to an unknown place, unknown population and an unknown language has given me an intensive connection with this specific place – first Saksalanharju in Haukivuori and now the old railway station in Hiirola. It has influenced my vision on reality, my relation with culture and history, and the reflection on my own artist work.

My artistic vision is inextricably bound up with my life in rural Finland. The view, the omnipresent space, the light, the silence and the subtle connection with the past are for me components of a great experience. The perspective in both directions from my roots to the present vice versa is a source of ongoing discoveries in my artistic work.

As I like to work in series to explore the wide range of unexpected challenges, I create an unlimited number of art pieces, until it suddenly ends. In series like ‘Finnish Landscape’ and ‘Saksala on the Rock’ I analyze the components of the visual information and rearrange these elements to new compositions in form and color. This work will continue in unknown directions and results, and is the reflection of my exploration and to bring these paintings together in a publication.

My most recent works works are connected with the visual world of children and my experiences in Asia some decades ago.

Program under Konstrundan

During the Konstrundan visitors can have some experiences with art in the atelier.

A special presentation for children is planned. Small art works with for children topics from the series ABC for X can be seen and discussed, as part of the intention to offer art to children on a artistic level.

It is possible to participate in a lottery and win a small art work.
The STUDIO will show the the most recent art works.
There will be some drinks and snacks and nice talks about art.

art ( a ) marjadejong.com

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