Konstrundan fundraiser for the Red Cross

09.03.2022 hrs 19:37
We have started a fundraiser via Red Cross, the money donated to the fundraiser goes to the Disaster relief rund.

Konstrundan fundraiser

We at Konstrundan want to do our part in this quickly changing world and hence we have set up a online fundraiser through with you can donate to the Red Cross's Disaster relief fund.

You can donate via the link belov

Are you an artist? Short on cash but willing to help? Then you can for example sell an artwork and donate the income to a charity or ask the buyer to pay directly to a charity. You can, for example, refer to Konstrundan's fundraiser.

The donation goes to the Red Cross's Disaster relief fund. 

With your help Red Cross helps victims of natural disasters and war all over the world. In Finland, aid is offered to victims of sudden accidents, such as fires. Donations also maintain the preparedness of volunteers to act in crisis situations. You are protecting the most vulnerable.

Konstrundan banner 2022, black and white illustration with human and animal figures

Participants for the 15th Konstrundan have been chosen

Konstrundan is an established event, which has been organized annually in Finland since 2008. During Konstrundan, professional artists, artisans and designers open their studios and workshops to the public. This year almost 450 creators participate in the event.
01.04.2022 hrs 12:17
Konstrundan banner 2022, black and white illustration with human and animal figures


It is time to present to you Konstrundan 2022 illustration and illustrator Jenni Tuominen! Konstrundan is arranged according to its original concept ever since the start in 2008. However, Konstrundan’s visual format has continued to change annually, as each year has its own illustration.
09.02.2022 hrs 10:00
Konstrundan banner 2022

Ready, set - Konstrundan 2022!

It's time again! The fifteenth edition of Konstrundan will be held the first weekend of September. Are you a professional artist, artisan or designer? Apply now, the application opens in january.
19.01.2022 hrs 15:11
Nicole Hjelt, regional contact

New coworkers!

During the autumn we recruited a new regional contact for Ostrobothnia and hired a secretary.
04.01.2022 hrs 12:00

Evening of the arts

3000 € was donated to the creative and artistic activities at the New Childrens Hospital.
03.01.2022 hrs 14:35
foto: Matti Snellman / HUS

New event: Evening of the Arts 19.8.2021

An art auction in benefit of the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki
10.08.2021 hrs 15:06

New concept: group visits on Fri, September 3rd

Book a visit for your group at a studio on the Art Friday, 3.9.2021
23.06.2021 hrs 12:51

News of the year: evening of the arts, August 19, 2021

For the first time, Konstrundan arranges an art auction to support the crative activities at the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki.
28.04.2021 hrs 17:07


During the first weekend of September almost 500 creative persons will open the doors to their studios for the public
16.04.2021 hrs 15:42