Pirkanmaa: Markus Mäkinen

When Markus was young, he dreamed of a career as an artist. But chance led him to glass and it caught his heart.Read more »
Martina Lindberg
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30

Åboland: Pia Rousku

Pia's art is abstract in form and inspired by the seasons, shapes in nature, and by the people she meets.Read more »
Martina Lindberg
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30

Western Uusimaa: Onnellisen sepän paja

Two master blacksmiths, Juhani Krappe and Sami Ryhänen, have been located at the locomotive stables, right by the railroad station in Karja since last summer, after a long stretch at Billnäs Village. Read more »
Jani A. Purhonen
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30

Lapland: Elina Länsman

Konstrundan’s northern most studio is Elina Länsman’s.Read more »
Ami Avellán
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30

Helsinki: Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen

Behind the plain facade in the basement of a house in Kumpula, is the shared studio space of four artists bursting with creativity. One of the creatives working in the idyllic wooden house neighbourhood is the artist, designer and artisan Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen.Read more »
Ida Taavitsainen
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30
a ceramic pitcher in black and white with golden details.

Eastern Uusimaa: Åsa Hellman

Åsa Hellman's art is part of the continuity of ceramic art, which has its origins in prehistoric times. In her art, the ancient has taken the form of our time.Read more »
Leena Stolzman
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30

Ostrobothnia: Li Taiga

The basis of all Taiga's creation lies in the fact that she wants to try to understand or concretize something. When she describes herself as an artist and a human being, she likes to talk about her existential thoughts and fears. Read more »
Nicole Hjelt
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30

The Åland Islands: Erica Törnroth - Ege T Hantverk

Erica Törnroth grew up in Houtskär, and during her Textile education in Turku her interest in all the various textile techniques grew. Today, Erica works mainly with textile printing designs, yet she also has time to hand weave, tan fish skins and create interior design to order.Read more »
Leila Cromwell-Morgan
12.08.2022 hrs 13:30