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The profiles of this year's Konstrundan participants will be published here in May.

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1. Sari Hakala

Kunnankatu 2, Iisalmi
I am a painter, visual arts teacher and freelance writer. I live and work in the old fire station, near the city centre, on the main street. The small town provides a nice shelter and peace for my work and the fire station as a working space tops it off.
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2. Kaisa Lamminpää-Raekallio

Pohjolankatu 1 (Kullervonkadun pääty), Kuopio
I am Kaisa Lamminpää-Raekallio, a 45-year-old freelance artist and mother of two boys. I work in a multidisciplinary field, working full-time in the beloved, fascinating and endlessly inspiring visual arts of painting. I also working with Dancing Painter - A Poem about Life -improvisation work. When painting, I work completely intuitively and improvisation is my main starting point. I am inspired by feelings, moods, dreams, memories, nature, colours, music. I may try to decide something beforehand about the final result, but usually always at the beginning of the painting, the work itself begins to emerge. At the same time, the freedom to do exactly what feels good, at the same time feeling what wants to come out.
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3. Tuija HP - Annalan ateljee

Purokyläntie 15, Eno
Tuija HP (Hirvonen-Puhakka) is a Finnish visual artist who lives and works in Eno. She works as a visual artist and an expert member of visual arts, in positions of trust in various organizations. HP works as a professional painting teacher, set designer and acts and is a producer in art and cultural productions. HP studied at Vapaa Taidekoulu and graduated as a visual artist from Imatra College of Art in 1993 and from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in 2017 and 2019 (amk/yamk). Tuija HP paints large-scale works that form spatial entities. HP works with fine art, environmental and community art. In her art, HP deals with time, space and people's encounters.
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4. Johanna Turunen

Jukolankatu 18, Joensuu
I am a visual artist from Joensuu. I work with many materials, including painting, ceramics, photography and serigraphy.
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5. Pia Saari - Taiteilijatyöhuone Kahilan talo

Kauppakatu 11, Joensuu
I am a visual artist and art educator from Joensuu with a master's degree in visual arts and education. I work as a visual artist and I teach art at the art school for children and young people and art education at the University of Eastern Finland. I wander in nature, documenting material on my trips, on the basis of which I work on my paintings. I create images of the atmosphere and I invite the viewer to join the moment that I have created in my paintings.
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6. Tarja Malinen - Kukkolan tila

Vanha valtatie 70, Joensuu
I am a sculptor from Joensuu. I make ceramic sculptures of children, teenagers and young adults. With my works, I have depicted, for example, the peaceful coexistence of different cultures and the loneliness of young adults. In my works, I have also dealt with my own grief, the death of my son. The story of my sculptures also continues in my photographs. I have photographed my sculptures in the middle of nature, in the landscapes of North Karelia. With my photos, I have highlighted, among other things, how important it is to give children different nature experiences and the understanding that we are one with nature.
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7. Pirita Lautala

Alakatu 15, Mikkeli
I'm Pirita Lautala, a visual artist from Mikkeli, and I've been working as an artist for 20 years. I work with different techniques and do e.g. paintings, sculptures, mixed media and installations. I am a storyteller with allusive and reduced gestures. I make use of material technical know-how stemming from my background as a craftsman: painting can be supplemented with, for example, crochet elements and it can also be part of a spatial composition. The materials vary from leather or ash to acrylic paint or ceramics.
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8. Antti Nieminen - Rehulan ateljeepaja

Mantereentie 934, Rehula
I am a master blacksmith, goldsmith and visual artist from Taipalsaari. I make sculptures, jewelry and metal art, and fulfill customers' wishes as commissioned work for both public places and private homes. By working with metals, I convey feelings, tell a story, improve the world. I handle all metal alloys and precious metals, with professionalism and appreciation. In addition to new creations, I restore and repair metal sculptures and antiques. I strive to improve the world through aesthetics. Quality, humanity and taste of life are the guiding values ​​of what I do. I want to consider sustainable development in my products. Since the imprint of my hand will be visible in the works for thousands of years, it brings its own responsibility.
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9. Anni-Sofia Knuuttila - Taiteiden Talo

Telkänkatu 2, IMATRA
I am a 34-year-old visual artist based in Imatra, South Karelia, my main medium of expression is painting and woodcuts. I am an artist by education. I have held a few solo exhibitions, the most notable of which were in Joensuu at Galleria Kohina in 2018 and in Seinäjoki at Varikko Galleria in 2015. I have participated in several collective and group exhibitions, the most recent being a collective exhibition in Joensuu Art Centre Ahjo in August and a group exhibition Varjometsä in Lappeenranta in October. Since 2019 I have made several murals in Lappeenranta and Imatra. I am currently the chairman of the South Karelian Artists' Association.
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9. Heidi Suikkanen - Taiteiden talo

Telkänkatu 2, Imatra
Drawing has always played a significant role in my life. For me, drawing is same like it was in my childhood: escaping to my imaginary world. I get my inspiration from ordinary environments and objects and also from nature. I like to draw machines and things in a weird and humorous way. My drawings are characterized by a lively and rich line and a surreal atmosphere.
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9. Kirsi Holsti - Taiteiden Talo

Telkänkatu 2, Imatra
I have been a self-taught visual artist for 30 years, doing oil and acrylic paintings, dry pastels and charcoal drawings, as well as graphic art. I have held six solo exhibitions.
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9. Marja Leena Kurittu - Studio Art

Telkänkatu 2, Imatra
My art continue visual and abstract using different teknicks. Using aquarelle and acrylic colours.
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9. Pauli Parkkinen - Taiteiden Talo

Telkänkatu 2, Imatra
I have been working as a full-time artist from 1991 until today, 33 years. I originally graduated as a printmaker from Imatra Art School, but my main production consists of paintings and sculptures, as well as digital graphics. I have also made large-scale installations using various techniques for my own exhibitions and many group exhibitions. I have served as a provincial artist and have received regional recognition as a visual artist. There is a crack in the world that opens a chasm to where we never want to see. Still, you have to know what that vortex holds.
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9. Tuukka Teponoja - Taiteiden Talo

Telkänkatu 2, Imatra
I am a visual artist and cartoonist living and working in Imatra. My work is characterised by collage-likeness and experimental narrative forms. The approaches and ways of creating my works vary in open-minded and unpredictable ways, from comics to audiovisual installations and readymade. Lately, I've been interested in the possibilities of spatial narrative. During the event, I will discuss about my work and have practical demonstrations.
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10. Viivi Kiiskinen

Tainionkoskentie 3, Imatra
I am a visual artist (AMK) and I work with soft and hard materials. I use a lot of readymade and recycled materials in my works. The material of the works can be textile or even ceramics, as long as it's pink ;)
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11. Anu Kudjoi - Loitsu Creations

Sinkkikatu 14 B, Imatra
I am Anu Kudjoi, a seamstress and artisan from Imatra. I do custom work, art textiles and my own small Loitsu Creations clothing collection. I work with recycled textiles by sewing and dyeing them with reactive dyes. I also do seamstress work, ie repairs and custom sewing. I work as part of the Cooperative Vuoksen Taitajat, which I also chair. Using recycled textiles is important to me. Cotton production is already the world's second largest environmental problem. I mainly use old t-shirts and sheets. I make e.g. dresses, skirts, jackets, bags and wall hangings by sewing and dyeing them, I travel a lot at events with colleagues selling my products and often also performing as the other party of the Korvenloitsu poetry song duo. In addition, I reach customers in my studio, on social medi
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12. Anni Kristiina - Työhuone

Katariinantori 4-6, Lappeenranta
I am a 34-year-old visual artist, living in Lappeenranta. I`m working mostly with drawing art, and graphic art. Recently I have been working with large pencil drawings. I draw people and the human body. The drawing style is very realistic with some symbolism. The drawings often reflect the relationship between man and nature.
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13. Maria Nuutinen - Taidekeskus Itä

Valtakatu 66, Lappeenranta
I am a jewelry artist from Lappeenranta. My studio is located in Art Center East. In my artwork I use many different handy crafting techniques. and photographing. In the past few years in my studio I have mostly used enamel oven and piercing saw. As a subject I am fascinated by people, beauty and behavior. My work usually starts from a current everyday observation, that I start processing, as my tendency to understand the phenomenon. Photographing is a very important way to showcase my jewelry arts purpose and to visualize the thoughts behind the artwork.
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14. Saara Reinikainen

Paatsamakatu 4, Lappeenranta
I am a visual artist working in Lappeenranta. My work revolves around everyday themes. I use fineliner and pencil on paper. In my works, I depict a moment when something has happened or something will happen. Everydayness is fascinating to me because of its ordinariness and versatility. The place and situation encountered on a daily basis become more telling in content when they are transferred to delimited paper and finally brought to the gallery. By being aware of your environment, you can notice what is interesting there or what is missing. The purpose of the drawings is to give viewers a reflection on the aesthetics and meaning of everyday life. I encourage people to look at everyday life with new eyes and experience things with curiosity instead of routine.
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14. Santtu Tuomola

Paatsamakatu 4, Lappeenranta
I graduated as a visual artist (AMK) in 2023 from LAB University of Applied Sciences. I am a member of the Southern Karelia Artists Association and a member of the Association of Artists. In my works, I deal with marginalization in Finland. In my works, I often describe the life of an addict/alcoholic. In my works, I present different events, experiences and emotional states related to marginalization figuratively, through colors, and symbolically. I mainly work with painting and sculpture. I paint with spray and acrylic paints, but I also use oil paints and charcoal in my paintings. I make the sculptures with ceramics and mixed media.
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16. Ulla Laisi-Taide & rela-Kissankulma

Käsityöläistie 6, Virolahti
I am a visual artist and an entrepreneur in the arts and well-being sector from Vederlax. My artistic production is extensive, I am a rather complex person, therefore I often create several series of works/genres in parallel. More commercial, as well as less commercial, more works that create my own thoughts and feelings. Welcome to take a look at my studio!
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17. Saara Vainio - Luovien alojen talo

Rauhankatu 8, 49400
I’m a 48-year old art teacher and painter from Hamina. My paintings are realistic - this style of painting comes naturally and easy to me. My paintings are about fairy tales and everyday life coming together in a special form of magical realism. The model for my paintings is my little daughter. I mostly paint with watercolors, but I also make ceramics and metal graphics.
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17. Taidehuone Anniina Loiske

Rauhankatu 8, Hamina
I am a ceramicist living and working in Hamina. I have a studio in the House of Creative Industries (Luovien alojen talo). In my art, I explore humanity, existence and its all-encompassing noetic dimension. Through my work, I seek connections between creating and thinking. The material I am most familiar with is clay, I am learning to paint. It is typical of my work that different stages and different experiments come together to create a new work. Sometimes the best work, or part of it, can be an accident. I am an active member of the board of the Hamina Art Society and selected for the national Konstrunda event in 2022. I teach ceramics at Hamina Community College and Hamina School of Fine Arts.
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18. Riikka Kronström-Johansson

Sammonkatu 16 (käynti talon takaa), 48600 Kotka
I have been working as artist from 1993. I rented then an art studio and my opportunities overtaked than earlier. I had occasion to proggress. I learned art and started to do nontraditional artwork with new techniques. I had also new goals in art. Now my style is very strong and colourful. I use very many matherials as ceramic peaces, iron wire, resycle material, wood, glas, for example. I make big artworks outside and smaller inside houses. I am very hardworking. In a year 2023 I had four exhibition, in this year I hav two large.. I do almost all new artworks to every exhibition. When you are coming to my studio can we drink a nice cup of coffee, talk about ceramic and how we can unit all matherials together.
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19. Kirsi Lybeck - Studio Förmaaki

Sysmäntie 55, Sysmä
I love painting and working with different materials. This year I have painted large paintings and simultaniously been working with small collage or installations. The difference between these working methods as well as the difference between large painting surface and small objects/things fascinates me. Small collache is like a look into history, where you can see a larger picture.
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20. Vuokko Salmenkivi - ArtVuorela

Iitintie 810, Iitti
When I retired 2 years ago, I bought an old log house in Iitti, where I set up an art shop and summer gallery ArtVuorela. In addition to my own exhibition, the gallery hosts 2-3 visiting artists during the summer. I have participated in Konstrundan in Kotka before and now for 2 autumns in ArtVuorela. I paint mainly with acrylics using a palette knife. I also photograph and make artworks (photoencaustic) with beeswax from my pictures. The subjects vary from natural landscapes and people to abstract subjects. My painting time has not increased since retirement for understandable reasons. I am still waiting for the time to devote to painting "full time". My actual art training is at the Repin Institute in Kotka under the guidance of teachers from the St. Petersburg Art Academy in 2013-2014.
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21. Marja Lares - TYLLi-mattokutomo

Syväojankatu 10, Lahti
I design and manufacture modern TYLLi carpets from natural materials according to my collection. Carpets are mainly woven to order. Welcome to visit the weaving house!
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22. Matti Vesanen - Lahden Vanha Haulitehdas

Mattilanmäenpolku 3, Lahti
I am a sculptor based in Lahti. My sculptures offer a window into moments that condense time and emotions. I try to capture the experience that everything is at the same time fleeting and eternal. I want to convey a glimpse of an emotion or a memory that simultaneously remais and escapes us: with the human figure I can stop time while also studying its irrevocable passing. An everyday gesture or movement may contain whole worlds that get recreated by the people looking at the sculpture.
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23. Pirjo Kaartinen

Rauhankatu 9, sisäpiha, Lahti
I am a visual artist/TaM. I could say a long-term visual artist. I first trained as a florist and started working with natural materials, e.g. moss, willow, twigs, straw, etc. I twisted old barbed wire into sculptures and candlesticks. Over the years, I've moved more and more into painting, but all materials still go along in one way or another.
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24. Marjut Liesmäki

Rauhankatu 9 , sisäpiha, Lahti
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25. Anne Rantanen - Ateljee Punabambu

Svinhufvudinkatu 23 A 18 4 krs, Lahti
On April Fool's Day in 2016, Lahti became my hometown again after having lived in different contries for 24 years. As a souvenir I brought with me this art, chinese inkpainting, where the beautiful and the true go hand in hand. I have been studying Chinese ink painting on rice paper since 1981. First in Bangkok, then early 2020 in Geneva and now in Lahti. After participating in the activities of the Painthouse studio community I was encouraged to keep painting afternoons and short courses at the Wellamo college. I work also on thin rice paper with water and fire. It leaves the same mark as global warming on our habitat.
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25. Jaana Tirkkonen

Svinhufvudinkatu 23 A 4 krs, Lahti
I have been weaving different materials on looms for a really long time. The last 7 years have passed in the making of Nukeri bags. The bags are mostly made from recycled materials, i.e. washed old linens, from which the fabric of the bag is made. The bags are individual and very durable and practical.
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25. Jenni Ahonen – Ateljee Ahonen

Svinhufvudinkatu 23 A, 4. krs, Lahti
Behind the name Ateljee Ahonen is me, Jenni Ahonen, designer and ceramic artist. The main material for making my works is clay, from which I create sculptural ceramics and functional objects. The creation of my works is guided by the clays forming processes and material research. All my ceramics are made of high-quality stoneware clay using hand building techniques. I like working with clay by hand because it's not rushed and gets me fully tuned in to the job at hand. Forming the clay slowly creates room for intuitive shaping and playfulness.
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25. Leena Niivuori

Svinhufvudinkatu 23 A, Lahti
I am a visual artist from Lahti. I have been working as an artist for 21 years. I mainly work with drawing and painting. My tool is often a charcoal pencil, with which I draw on a linen canvas painting base. In my works, I also combine drawing with acrylic painting. The starting point of my artistic work is the effort to encounter the essence of things and objects, i.e. their own essence. In order to reach the object, I present things as objectively as possible, without adding any meanings that come from me. Sometimes I wonder if the essence of a thing or an object, that is, what is in it, can even be reached by drawing or painting? How to describe something that exists even before it can be sensed or perceived? How to face the world as it is?
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25. Reeta Suvanto - Moisein Reeta

Svinhufvudinkatu 23 A, Lahti
I'm Reeta Suvanto and my Karelian name is Moisein Reeta. I am a visual artist and my main interest is in the textile and jewelry art. I'm working mostly with Karelian culture and language and I'm re-learning my family's culture and language. In my artistic work I'm studying the traditional clothing of a Karelian woman. I'm interested in its symbolism and power in life's turning points. I am a passionate defender of minority languages and all my works are named in Karelian language. I'm also interested using traditional Karelian lament styles as a part of my artistic work.
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25. Sari Kettunen Art

Svinhufvudinkatu 23 A, Lahti
I am a textile artist from Lahti and I make art by weaving and embroidering. I want to help my customers create comfortable homes and premises with the help of responsibly produced textile art. My artworks are inspired by both old stories and the wonderful nature around us. I enjoy the technical side of fabric weaving and the limitations caused by technology, which I always want to overcome. I want each of my works to be meaningful and skillfully executed.
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25. Sirpa Heponiemi

Svinhufvudinkatu 23 A 4krs., LAHTI
I am Sirpa Heponiemi, a designer and artist whose works glow with strong colors, playfulness and stories. I get strength from colors, which is reflected in my works. I create paintings, Illustrations and unique small products. My work is intuitive, playful and exploratory. My poems often intertwine naturally into artistic expression, bringing depth and atmosphere to the works.
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26. Fredrika Auvinen - Ateljé Hönshuset

Rävstigen 16 / Kettupolku 16, Kungsböle / Kuninkaankylä
My name is Fredrika Auvinen, born Andersson, art educator and visual artist by education. I live in and work as a visual arts teacher in Espoo. My roots are in Eastern Uusimaa, Lovisa and I have a summer cottage in Strömfors. For Konstrundan I open the doors to my summer studio, a former hen house that has been renovated into a studio space. The environment is a genuinely Eastern Uusimaa rural landscape. My art, mostly paintings are about my personal experiences of the surrounding nature and culture. Creating, learning and experiencing art is a lifestyle for me, with which I want to increase joy, well-being and creativity.
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27. Mila-Annele Valkonen - Ketunpesä

Kettupolku 36, Kuninkaankylä, Loviisa
Hi! I'm Mila Valkonen, a self-taught ceramist from Ketunpesä. I make functional, interior decoration and art ceramics in my own workshop on my home farm, Ketunpesä. Making ceramics and especially wheel throwing has been my journey to inner peace and it is the surest way to calm both my mind and body. I draw inspiration for my work from vintage aesthetics, mythology and from Mother Nature.
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28. Jaakko Stick - Galleria Jokin'

Hommansbyntie 158, Skinnarby
Brain diver Jaakko Stick has been holding his breath in the surreal ocean for more than 13 years, trying to fill his surreal boots with his wellies. Delusions into reality are history. Jaakko Stick's art contains a lot of eyes and teeth. This brings with it intelligence, as all teeth appearing in art are wisdom teeth.
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29. Luru HIRVA - Galleria Kerttula

paavalinkyläntie, 655, skinnarby, Loviisa
I moved from Helsinki to Loviisa countryside 10 years ago with my husband and dog Kerttu. The peace of the countryside offered a good opportunity to focus on making art. Painting and sculpture. We have our own studio and a newly completed gallery where we can present our own works.
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29. Jari Karhula - Galleria Kerttula

Paavalinkyläntie 655, skinnarby
I moved from Helsinki to Loviisa countryside 10 years ago with my wife and dog Kerttu. The peace of the countryside offered a good opportunity to focus on making art. Painting and sculpture. We have our own studio and a newly completed gallery where we can present our own works.
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30. Heini Lehväslaiho - Galleria Solis

Niinkoskentie 2, Koskenkylän saha
I graduated as a photographer from The University of Arts and Design in Helsinki 2001. My field was mainly portrait photography for artists and authors. Since 2017 I have been working as a full time artist in fine arts when I moved from Helsinki to the Finnish countryside. In all of my work I most enjoy the finding and the learning. I can pick up any means and head always on the road not knowing where it will end up. For my inspiration I look for the unity of humans, animals and all nature. I often picture animals strong and humans vulnerable. Sometimes people and animals mix together. Despite of being incomplete the human being is part of nature which in its own right is perfect.
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31. Elina Mieskolainen - Spin a Yarn

Rikevägen 395, Pernå - Rikeby
I am Elina, musician, dance teacher, and Body & Mind instructor – and handicraftsman. My atelier, ”Spin a yarn”, which is about 50 m2 big, got ready in summer 2018 and at the moment I have excellent working conditions. The central idea of my work is to produce unique textiles with natural or recycled fibres in sustainable manner. I aim to make products which are meant to be used many years, not just one season. Beside wool, linen and recycled cotton I use in minor scale also bamboo, silk, alpacka and hemp. I am absolutely not interested in artificial fibers, I find them dead. I dye some of my yarns myself, both with natural and reactive colours. Out of handicraft techniques I use the most knitting and weaving.
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32. Pia Hynninen

Koskenkyläntie 829, Myrskylä Hyövinkylä
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33. Aino Ulmanen

Kilpisentie 293, Myrskylä
My painting process is intuitive and expressive. Weather phenomena, caused by global warming, tornadoes, etc. are the subjects of my paintings. The ash of my painting material is genuine, passionate and firm. The ash paint manufacturing process is comprehensive. I burn all types of wood separately, so I can keep the tones pure. To me, ash is more like a pigment from which I mix my colors. Like a stream of life that carries along. In the afternoons, the feeling explodes on the canvas. Ashes in paintings, color swirls, storms, drips and smokes. Shades of grey, brown and black turn bluish and reddish, sensitively hear through each other, collide with fury.
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34. Postbacken

Gamla Viborgsvägen 12, Borgå
Artist residency Lindnäs
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35. Susanne Björkell - Nedergård Handicrafts

Kalaxvägen 451, Jackarby
Creating three-dimensional art is my passion and clay is my favorite material. My style is realistic and with my human sculptures I want to convey moods and feelings. I also throw pots on the wheel and take commissions. My pottery represents an earthy style and color scale. In addition to ceramics, I make needle felted wool paintings of animals. The wool provides a furry surface texture and softness that brings the portraits to life. My work space is situated at my homestead Nedergård in Kalax, where I also have a small farmshop. In addition to my own production, I teach art classes and workshops for all ages.
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36. Helena Rajalinna - Galleria Skolan

Veneenrakentajantie 5, Porvoo
I have been doing art all my life, but the last 4 years I have been able to do it full time. I get excited doing art with different techniques, especially painting with oil, watercolour and recycled materials as well as graphics have a special place in my heart. I blieve in the therapeutic magic of art, it´s healing abilty in individual and group processes. Most rewarding is the process itself and the moment you realize something new.
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37. Sirkka Turkki

Sillvikintie 172, Porvoo Tolkkinen
I am old (78 years) and painted all my life. I have also studied arts in Stockholm Konstfackskolan and in Helsinki TAIK. At my summerplace I have a little town Ruusulinna which I have made of the stocks of my house, some ceramics 100 theatre dolls, paintings and the park.
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38. Anna Stolzmann - Kulturhuset Grand

Biskopsgatan 28, Borgå
I do visual arts and handicrafts. With my art I want to evoke wonder and not just information. When I make images the questions and answers float in my existence. Creating gives me peace and puts me in a space where I can be fully present, away from the intimidating world of today. I am looking for time that may never have had a space, time that has been left behind in my thoughts, memories and fantasies. Creating is a way of being and living, a process around everything physical
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38. Kurturhuset Grand

Biskopsgatan 28, Porvoo
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39. Ateljé Susanna Salama

Linnankoskenkatu 39, Porvoo
I might have been born with a pen in my hand, since I have been always drawing. My education is master of art (The Estonian academy of Art, 2013) and currently I teach art in the Worker's institute of Helsinki and Porvoo. From inside I am a surrealist. My paintings are figurative and motives are often quite traditional, like portraits, still life or landscape. I also make paintings to order. My favorite artists are surrealists, for example René Magritte. I'm also intrigued by interdisciplinary art and I play saxophone and guitar. Music is a recurring theme in my paintings.
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40. Meri Helmi Särkkä - Taidetehdas

Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1,, Porvoo
Currently, my focus is on my art. I have upcoming solo exhibitions in Finland and a residency in Iceland. I'm actively involved in group exhibitions and biennials internationally. Additionally, I give talks and workshops to share insights and teach aspiring artists. Being part of artist associations helps me stay connected. My goal is to create, exhibit, and share my art while promoting artistic dialogue and education.
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41. Liisa Malmio - LM Atelier

Mellangatan 10 B, Borgå
I am an artist with academic bacground. Nature and animals have always spokin to me. Mostly I have painted the views at the finnish archipelago and the birds there. The big cats which I admired already as a child har for a while filled my mind and my artworks resulting many cheetahs, leopards, lions and other awesome hunters as well as some quarries also. I work mainly at my home atelier which I will open for visitors. The purpose of my work is to create happiness an wellbeing and also understanding for our wonderful nature.
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42. Marit Björkbacka

Forsbygatan 4, Borgå
I'm a Porvoobased painter who enjoys portraiture.
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43. Heidi Krogerus

Källgränd 3, Borgå
Year 2024 Heidi makes a comeback with completely new work that are also in show with two separate exhibitions in Porvoo: Pastoral at Culture Centre Grand in June-July and September Hämy in Gallery Maari. Not to despair is to hope. This year her theme handles the issues of dystopic futures in our antropocenic times. She studies our relationship with the earth itself and the meaning of the good life. She celebrates the remaining beauty instead of succumbing to despair in front of the loss of biodiversity. Together with fond memories of the previous year’s encounters and discussions Heidi bids a warm welcome for new and old friends in her Open Studios by Konstrundan!
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44. Jan Henriksson

Eidisvägen 261, Stor-Pellinge
My animal sculptures are a result of my nature experiences and ideas as well as my professional background as a taxidermist and and wildlife film photographer. The art of sculpture became familiar to me already during the conservator training and has over the years resulted in a large number of figures. The newest model was completed in the winter of 2023-2024. The skulptures are cast in concrete and many of them get their individual patination already in the studio.
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44. Terttu Schroderus Gustafsson

Eidisvägen 261, Stor-Pellinge
Lights and colors have always been important for me and they are an inexhaustible sources of inspiration. I usually use and mix various materials and techniques, such as tempera painting, water colors and bees vax. Today I´m also using akrylic painting on rough (pasta) canvases. My topics include strong rough nordic landscapes and colorful landscapes of the South.
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45. Birgit Walander galleri

Nya Borgavägen 877, Västerskog
I am Birgit Walander. I graduated as a visual artist on September 12, 2023, from Alfa Art Art School. I paint things that make me happy. The forest surrounds my studio. I walk from home to there along a forest path with dogs accompanying me in summers and winters. I paint in the evenings and on weekends after my barber work. When painting, my sense of time disappears thinking about colors and shapes. I started painting at a community college, there have been several teachers over the years. I attended courses at the Repin Institute in Espoo for 5 years doping classic drawing and painting. Welcome to visit my studio.
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46. Tero Annanolli - Art Annanolli Akatemia

Iso Kylätie 43, Sipoo
Tero Annanolli graduated with a master's degree in art in 2004 and completed his studies in 2015 as an artist at the University of the Arts' Theater College as part of the organizations in the education program. Annanoll's works are in domestic and foreign collections. He is also a gold medalist at the 2012 London Art Olympics. Annanolli knows art history very well. However, he will never get stuck in history. He brings us old-fashioned echoes of beauty, but always in a renewing way and with an eye towards the future. The beauty of his works is not the repetition of the old ones that have been seen many times, because he combines boldly. His works may combine Byzantine gold splendor, Japanese delicate drawing and Caravaggio-like theatrical use of light.
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47. Keramikstudio Åsa Hellman

Abborforsgaan 7, Borgå
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48. Annika Brandt - Artborg 35

Pilvilinnantie 2, Nickby / Nikkilä
I have a Master of Arts degree from the Aalto University School of Art and Design. I work as a visual artist, do placements as an art educator and hold own art courses. My way of working is often based on the fact that I combine my experiences into something important and current. I observe the environment, make visual notes of what fascinates me. Often, the work that ends up on canvas or paper has a completely different content history than the original idea that started it all. Acrylic and oil paints, oil chalks or liquid ink are my main tools. In several of my works I use mixed media. Using mixed media gives me a sense of freedom, joy and spontaneity. Actually crystallizes the content of my artwork.
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48. Claudia Valdes Salmeron- Artborg 35

Pilvilinnantie 2, Sipoo
In more than 20 years, I got experience in various fields of art, from painting, drawing, printmaking, to graphics. My real passion and deep interest is in drawing and woodcut. I fuel my inspiration from the small elements in nature, like studies of plants, wild flowers, animals or insects and my focus is where the sublime details are; the wing of a bird, the pistils of a flower, the veins in a leaf, the warm light on a subject or a blow in the wind. The artworks of Albert Dürer and Rembrandt have always fascinated me and often they are the ones that spark my creativity.
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48. Heidi Savilakso-Saatsi

Pilvilinnantie 2, Sipoo
I am Heidi Savilakso-Saatsi, visual artist and visual arts educator. I have had a studio in Artborg 35 since 2017 and I am currently the president of Sipoo artists. In my studio I make graphics, paint and draw cartoons. I also take photos and make videos. My work has a dark tone and a wry sense of humor. Come say hello and see my work. I work with several artists at Artborg, whom you can meet at the same time. Welcome!
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48. Heli Maristo - Artborg 35

Pilvilinnantie 2 G, Sipoo
I am Heli Maristo, a picture maker and retired visual arts teacher, Master of Arts, 1995 and a member of Sipoo taiteilijat ry since 1997. At the center of my paintings is color in all its diversity and materiality, which has taken me to various playful experiments and combinations. The playfulness might be seen in the names of the paintings as well.
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48. Marjo Hyvärinen - Artborg 35

Pilvilinnantie 2, Sipoo
"Through painting I reveal nature's hidden patterns. I compose with colors and the flourishing rhythm of my brush." Visual artist Marjo Hyvärinen explores nature and its diverse phenomena in her colorful works. Her way of expression often fluctuates between representational and abstract ways of presentation with a delicate impressionist approach.
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48. Ritva Sirjala

Pilvilinnantie 2, Sipoo
I make graphic and paint, mostly abstract but sometimes also realistic art. I also do mixed media works where I combine many elements and recycled material.
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49. Juha-Pekka Ikäheimo - PikkuGALLERIA

Kivistöntie 2, Mäntsälä
I often paint quickly in an expressionistic and sometimes abstract style. My favorite technique is acrylic on canvas or MDF board added with marker/oil paint etc.. ” I have had numerous exhibitions since 2004. As an artist, I am self-taught, and luckily I still have a lot to learn (is it the wisdom of life to realize that you don't know everything?). However, I know what pleases my eye and what doesn't. When I start a new work, I often have no idea what my new painting is about, and in the end the end result surprises even me. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a tool with which I bring my painting to life."
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50. Irina Nyyssönen - Studio Obake

Ruukinkuja 2, Kellokoski, Tuusula
Irina Nyyssönen Art/ Studio Obake is a creative company which operates in old ironworks area in Kellokoski. There I create everything from graphic arts to paintings. Last years I've mostly done acrylic- and oil paintings. Paper, charcoal and ink have also participated my art as materials. Occasionally I do custom works and I also keep different kind of painting courses. Story behind the images: Painting is an inartistic thing for me . My works are mainly acrylic paintings, made with mixed method. Paintings are created through intuition, even there is realistic starting point.I’m listening my inner ”voices” and artwork just appears when time is right. I think I’m sort of a channel to these pieces, I just bring them visible. In every piece of art there’s special energy.
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51. Minna Jaskari - Kettukuru Art

Kajavankatu 5 B 75, Kerava
I am a 55-year-old visual artist, FM from my previous education and carpenter-entrepreneur. Since I was a child, I have been doing crafts and fine arts, they are my way of being in this world. The ideas for my works often come from the borders of sleep and wakefulness, from dream images, different shapes and colors that I see at the time. On the other hand, some detail in the environment might catch my attention and start the process. When an idea turns into a project, I still don't know exactly where it will lead. I'll let the process go. I like to change techniques and try new ones. For me, art is a constant exploration of different methods, internal and external reality, different impressions and moods.
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52. Kati Leskinen

Malminiityntie 20 a, Vantaa
Since 2017, I had exhibitions and my works pop up on the walls of white galleries, and sometimes the figures run away in the form of stickers on electric poles. I mostly paint with black ink, but in recent years I've been alongside ceramic sculptures. In the paintings, there are rugged human grinning images that speak, either out recent years I've been alongside ceramic sculptures. In the paintings, there are rugged human grinning images that speak, either out loud or having an inner conversation. I am currently into smoking ceramics and the sculptures are more realistic than the paintings are more urban or comic art.
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52. Paula Holopainen

Malminiityntie 20 A, Vantaa
About me and my art 2024 I studied at the University of Helsinki as a Bachelor of Philosophy and at the Free Art School as a painter. I have been exhibiting my paintings regularly for 35 years in solo and group exhibitions. My work is based on colour, using the techniques of oil painting and egg yolk tempera. The progression of the work is guided by perception and the free flow of inner movement, the work proceeds in layers. I find abstract painting the most fascinating because in it you walk as a seeker. I often paint series such as the Kalevala, Rome and Egypt series or the Time is Always and Being series. I have painted the River series while living by the river and every spring the blossoming trees charm and entice me to work.
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53. Carita Nissinen - Taiteilijayhdistys Tapaus ry

Viertolantie 2-4, Helsinki - Helsingfors
Structure and color of the patterns in a painting inspires me. My art is characterized by the display of my own inner mood, not so much by photographic reproduction. Painting with different tools frees me from precise brushwork, giving the desired free interpretation of the workflow. I try to create contrasts with colors and images. I express myself extensively and use a variety of technics from paintings to photography as well as three-dimensional works. My range of colors is wide, but I always try to gain a harmonious outcome. The painting can be colorful or reduced to black-white-gray. Paintings are descriptive but I don’t do it photographically, instead I let my emotions reflect in the painting.
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53. Lea Karvala - Taideyhdistys Tapaus

Viertolantie 2-4, Helsinki
I make art for the Art Association Tapaus in the case where I have rented a workspace. In addition, we have a great opportunity to use the shared lobby gallery during Konstrundan (Tuula Toukari and Carita Nissinen) I love to paint big works with acrylics. My work is physical, I paint a lot with my hands or large spatulas, sometimes I wipe off with a big rag. Layers are created in my work and the end result is expressive I am involved in many visual arts organisations because I like the sense of community! I am the chairman of Local Artists Ry and I am the vice-chair of the art association Tapaus, in addition to which I am a member of the Finnish Artists Association and the Helsinki Art Society. I have been painting actively for 10 years and at the same time I have received guidance.
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53. Pauliina Paijola - Paupai Design

Viertolantie 2–4, Helsinki
Joyful art and ceramics! With my artworks, I want above all to bring joy and color to the environment - creating and depicting different moods and dream worlds - always a little twinkle in the corner of my eye. I mainly paint intuitive, abstract acrylic paintings, often with mixed media.
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53. Tuula Toukkari - Taiteilijayhdistys Tapaus ry

Viertolantie 2-4, Tapanila
I’m Tuula Toukkari - visual artist and born in 1966 . As a child, the best thing about school was the fine arts classes, where you knew what you were doing and you were able to realize yourself. At the end of the 1970s, I got to study new art techniques at the Espoo School of Fine Arts. When I went to work, visual art was left in the background until it blew into a new flame while studying at Pekka Halonen's Academy in Tuusula. After those years I have joined many painting and visual arts courses, of which I have drawn its inspiration for my own work.At the Pekka Halonen Academy, I did my final work on art graphics using old etching and aquatinting methods for copper plate. The past few years I have been painting acrylic and oil paints.
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54. Marja-Leena Kajander

Kehäkukantie 6, Helsinki
My path as an artist is interestingly winding - from the original textile design to the current, very unique works combining textiles and painting. "In this expression I feel like I've come home, it combines many things that are very important to me." I use traditional materials in my works, starting with rabbit skin glue. The actual pattern often consists of jute fabric that has already been used once. With my works, I aim for peace and simplicity with the idea that less is more. My Raku ceramics also complement the message of my paintings. "I believe that less of everything gives us peace of mind and the opportunity to see completely new things, space to think in a new way."
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55. Tiina Kuusisto - Työhuone Ilo

Linnanherrankuja 8, Helsinki
I'm from Imatra and live in Helsinki. I paint at my studio in Vartioharju or at my summer cottage in Sipoo archipelago. Being an islander is close to my heart. As an artist, I want to learn new things all the time and experiment with different techniques. I combine figurative and abstract elements in my artwork. At the moment I am exploring colours and combining them together in an open-minded way. Colours bring joy and light into the world. My paintings are often colourful and nature themed. What appeals to me in nature is the formal language, the colour scheme and the diversity found there. Nature is part of my life, my everyday life and my art. Now I want to create beauty around me.
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56. Sahar Ajami studio

Sopulitie 3, Helsinki
Hi! I am Sahar Ajami, a Helsinki-based illustrator. I enjoy illustrating emotions and telling stories through images. I grew up in Iran seeing strong women fight for their rights, which made me passionate about creating impactful illustrations to make a difference. With a focus on women, my illustrations address social and emotional issues and human rights. My practice includes visual art, illustration, graphic design, cartoons and picture books. My projects range from editorial illustrations to award-winning cartoons. My work has been published in numerous books and art catalogues. I’m a member of Globe Art Point Helsinki, Yö ry association and The Finnish Illustration Association Kuvittajat ry.
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57. Henna Parkkinen - Roihupellon taidekortteli

Levytie 2, Helsinki
Henna Parkkinen (b. 1987) works with photography and textile art. She is fascinated with reflecting, researching, and finding unexpected outcomes through experimentation. She is curious to explore new techniques and find new ways to express herself.
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57. Leena Räsänen – Roihupellon Taidekortteli

Levytie 2–4, HELSINKI
I am a painter and my techniques are a variety of mixed media, using oil, acrylic, watercolour and crayon. The starting point for recent works is reed, both as a material and as a theme. Rust in the cupboards, rust around, rust on the mind. Recycled pieces of wood, fabrics and slats serve as a base. The properties of the bases I find provide the starting point for the works, and chance also has an influence on the starting points of the works. A work starts to build in my mind when I see a suitable base in a junkyard or at a flea market. I exploit the shapes, grooves, textures and imperfections of the ground, incorporating them as elements of the painting. A new world is built on top of an old one.
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57. Milla Isomäki

Levytie 2, Helsinki
I am 46 old artist. I have graduated for artist from Free artschool 2013. I paint with oilcolours both performing and abstracts paintings. I think that my works are expressive and colourful. Now my interestes are in humans and animal faces and emotions of them.
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57. Serena Morina - Nulloomnia

Levytie 2B, Helsinki
Serena Morina is an Italian artist based in Helsinki. Serena works with oil colours on extra-fine texture cotton canvas from Italy. The artworks frame are self built. She has always been fascinated by the esoteric world and through hyperrealism is playing with the notion of time in a dreamlike way. Serena Morina is the owner of "Nulloomnia", artist and design brand since 2023. Nulloomnia was born as a new creative challenge aimed to give people the opportunity to purchase her art also in a wearable and more affordable version. Nulloomnnia's main products are self made art prints and embroidery on clothing, accessories and decorative items. Serena Morina is also a member of Taidekortteli Ry since 2019 and a Co-founder of Roihutila, an artist-run gallery established in 2019 in Helsinki.
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57. Studio Jyrki Sinisalo

Levytie 2-4, Helsinki
Lighting artist/lighting designer. Light and shadow are my way of perceiving my world. I think light creates an aesthetic footprint. The amount of light and shadow is not important but an aesthetic experience. The design language of the object, which is the starting point of the work, is in the center. At its best, the work is multisensory. The light itself is not important, but what it creates around it.
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57. Studio Liisi Myllykangas

Levytie 4 A, Helsinki
I emphasize visuality, colors and harmony. Monotypes have taken me along my art path. In monotypes colors and rhythm have a central role. In addition to colors, nature inspires me. I create works quite intuitively. Monotypes have been the main technique in last ten years, even though I previously painted watercolors.
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58. Aino Eeronheimo, Ainonia – Studio Savea

Laippatie 21, Helsinki
In my sculptures, the classification of animals, people and plants becomes blurred. I deal with emotions, difference and the diversity of nature through imaginary creatures and animal figures. With the help of art, I highlight the rights of the inner child. Play and joy belong to everyone. I work at a calm tempo so that the piece has time to tell who she/he is. I use multiple ceramic techniques and sculpt wood with hand and power tools. Right now I'm learning bronze casting. I am also researching the properties of native wild clay I have dug myself. My passion about learning new skills brings joy and expands the range of means of expression. I am a sculptor, ceramic artist and visual art teacher (MA). I founded my own company in 2019 and have worked as a full-time artist since then.
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58. Leila Altunluoglu - Leila Ceramics

Laippatie 21, Helsinki
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59. Arni Aromaa

Levytie 2 A, Helsinki
Sculptor and designer Arni Aromaa (1971) uses ceramics, glass and wood as his main materials. In recent years, he has studied the combination of ceramics and glass in the firing process. Aromaa utilizes a varaiety of methods from mold casting and pressing to hand building in larger works. Aromaa has participated in numerous joint exhibitions and his works are in the collections of the State and Museum of Modern Art EMMA, among others. He has received several design awards, including the State Design Award 2012 together with his colleague Sauli Suomela.
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59. Maria Mughal - Roihupellon Taidekortteli

Levytie 2, Helsinki
I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2004. Since then, I have been working as a full-time visual artist. I paint, create public artworks, and produce graphics. My paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo shows as well as group and collaborative exhibitions in Finland and abroad. I am interested in humanity and how the human figure communicates with the viewer in a painting. In my artworks, I explore various emotional states, the world of dreams, aspirations, growth, and roles. Painting, for me, signifies an endlessly fascinating journey of exploration.
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60. Inari Kunnas- Roihupellon Taidekortteli

Pulttitie 16, Helsinki
I use mixed techniques, mostly colour pigments mixed with wax or egg tempera. Sometimes I also do watercolours and graphics. In autumn, I made a traditional pot from red clay using sausage technique, using the Greek Amphora pot as a model. On the sides I painted Pegasos and Hestia with encobe colours. This was also a very physical experience, as if I was shaping myself from inside. My newest work, At Beginning Of Time, was born in February 2024 and it’s painted with wax, encaustic, on a door. Gold coming from the volcano is sheet metal as material. As an artist, I want to highlight traditional methods and materials and how they can be used in new ways. I held my first solo exhibition in Helsinki in 2009. Welcome to visit and hear about old painting techniques!
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60. Studio Mari Vallemaa

Pulttitie 16, Helsinki
I am painting with mixed media, I make object compositions and collages. Lately, I´ve been focusing mainly on collages and for working on collage paintings. I use recycled material in my works; e.g. metal, wood, leather, fabrics, foots and art pictures.
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60. Studio Risto Kannisto

Pulttitie 16, Helsinki
I'm painting watercolour typically landscape or other motives from nature.
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61. Kirsi Kuronen - Taidekortteli

Pulttittie 10 b, Helsinki
I am Kirsi Kuronen a colourful and versatile visual artist. I have been working as a visual artist for 22 years. I paint paintings in my studio and also make ceramic sculptures. The paintings often depict people in different imaginative landscapes and places. The works express love and happiness, as well as dreams, hopes and events from the past and the future. Colours and emotions guide my work. I also make human-shaped ceramic sculptures, each with its own form, body movement, colouring and expression, and all united by emotions.
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63. Inkeri Makkonen

Roihuvuorentie 20 M 134, Helsinki
I paint landscapes – allegories, states of mind, reflections. They are portraits of myself. The names of my paintings come about spontaneously as I work and refers to the process I am going through while working. The “portrait”, which has come through me, is in many ways connected to the world around me, its events and part of it. I paint mainly with homemade oil pastels. My works are included in several prominent public and private art collections and have been displayed in exhibitions since 2004 (Olympic Fine Arts 2012, Barbican Centre of London, UK; The 110th Exhibition of Finnish Artists). 2011-12 I worked for the City of Espoo as Art Coordinator and Consultant.
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64. Anna Bredenberg - Valligrafia

Hämeentie 155 C, Helsinki
I am a Helsinki-based visual artist and a printmaker working mainly with woodcutting, silkscreen printing and painting. In the centre of my practice is the examination of fragility, ambiguity and disintegration, and these questions are considered through materials, techniques and the structure of the image. My works are monotype prints and consist of several printed and painted layers. I use for example handmade paper and utilize laser etching to engrave both paper and fabric and to make printing plates from plywood. I have graduated as a Bachelor of Art from the University of the West of England in 2019 and now finalising MFA degree at the Academy of Fine Arts. My works have been exhibited in Britain and Finland.
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64. Anni Hanén

Hämeentie 155 c, 5 krs, Valligrafia , Helsinki
I work with photographs in different forms, from traditional photographs to printmaking and ceramics. My background is from the field of photographic art, seeing through the lens. Working with physical materials takes me forward on my aspiration, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional form, from digital to a unique work. I´m usually working with long-term projects of which starting points have been found in my own circle of life, but the themes touch globally. I have attended in solo and group exhibitions as well as at international photography festivals since 2004. My works are in the State Art Deposit Collection and private collections. I graduated as Master of Arts in 2013 from Aalto University's School of Arts and Design, Department of Photographic Art.
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64. Peppi Kankkonen - Valligrafia

Hämeentie 155 5krs, Helsinki 55
I am a visual artist whose main tool of expression is various graphic art methods, which I use to explore the symbiosis between the human and nature in different contexts. Plants and their growing seasons illustrate the human cycle and humans relationship to this cycle. I have held exhibitions since 1997' in Finland and e.g. in Japan I have a Master of Arts and I am a solution focused visual arts therapist.
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64. Taina Rantala - Valligrafia ry

Hämeentie 155C, Helsinki
I am a graphic artist, Bachelor of Visual Arts. My main working technique is Japanese watercolor drawing.
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64. Taru Leinonen - Valligrafia

Hämeentie 155 C, 5. kerros, Helsinki
I am a photographer specialising in portraiture and a visual artist making visual art based on photography. I have been working as a visual artist since 2003. I graduated as a painter from Pekka Halonen Academy in 2003 and as a Master of Photography from Aalto University School of Arts and Design in 2012. In recent years I have been making fine art with cyanotype and transferring photographs onto wood. Since 2013 I have been working at the Valligrafia Ry collaboration room in Arabianranta, Helsinki. Valligrafia has workspaces for thirteen artists. We share a photography studio and a printmaking workshop.
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65. Alexander Salvesen - BLECK Studios

Läkkisepäntie 4 A, Helsinki
I am a Finnish artist and I primarily work with light in different forms. I often focus on colour, space and shape and especially their relations to each other and to the viewer. My work often springs from perceptions of our surrounding nature and from its phenomena, but also from present political and socio economic situations. Currently I’m interested in the complexity of our perception, the puzzling concept of time and our obsession with speed and travel in an age of mass extinction. A deep awareness and worry of the ongoing climate crisis and ecological collapse can be found throughout my work. My works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and art festivals in Finland and abroad.
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66. Studio Ullamaija Hänninen

koti Vesannontie 7 B 16 , studio/ työhuone 7B toimisto, Helsinki
Throughout my career, I've maintained my identity as an artist by putting together exhibitions and publishing artwork. At the same time as I have been working as a freelance photographer for newspapers and magazines, I have been sketching out themes under which I have been working on artistic entities. I have worked both at home and abroad, in my own studio and on the road,and in recent years in particular I've concentrated mainly on my own artistic projects. My artistic activity began with a solo exhibition, Ajat, 1988. It was also my final thesis for the Department of Photography at the University of Art and Design. My latest exhibition Baroque from 2018 and 2020 was also published in a book. Over the past thirty years, I've been involved in several group exhibitions and book projects.
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67. Ida Taavitsainen - Värinä

Lemovägen 4 D / Lemuntie 4 D, Helsingfors / Helsinki
I’m a photographer with an MA from Royal College of Art in London and the chair of the colour darkroom cooperative Värinä. Recurring themes in my art are memories, family relations and the everyday. I work with several analogue techniques, most often with colour photography, but also with instant photography, cyanotypes and B&W photography, among other techniques. I work in Värinä, the only colour darkroom in Finland where artists can print their own work. For almost 25 years Värinä has functioned as a workspace and meeting place for some of the most prominent photographic artist in Finland.
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68. Tytti Lindström

Veturitallinkuja 34, G-rappu, 2.krs, Helsinki
I'm a Helsinki-based jewellery artist working in Pasila's old railway yard. My works are highly abstract and almost always body-related. I am fascinated by the undefined and grey areas. I love when things and objects are not obvious, blur the lines and give space for various interpretations. The scale of my work alternates from small jewellerylike objects to bigger wearable wall pieces. My works are often crafted from small metal and ceramic bits and pieces into bigger and flowing, fabriclike objects. As having a dancing background, my work always seeks movement - moving, draping and flowing structures remind us of the everflowing life. I cherish the idea of multifunctionality - that the objects can been seen and worn in different ways.
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69. Hanne Juga

Veturitallinkuja, Helsinki
Love for the sea can be strongly sensed in Hanne Juga’s paintings. She uses variously materials as wood, metal and plastic especially as a base of a painting. Sometimes she paints strict graphic contrasts and sometimes almost invisible, only as a shadow in strong light appearing stealths, inviting the viewer to get enchanted by the glitter and reflection of the water, or maybe by the underwater mikrolife.
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70. Hanna Räisänen

Kolmas linja 31, Helsinki
I am a visual artist and a painter. I mostly work with paintings and installations. In recent years, I have mainly painted with watercolors. The starting point of my work is often color and playing with colors. In my works, I wonder about the mental states and spaces of being human. Nature and human's relationship with nature are also central subjects in my art.
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71. Marianne Matikka - Taidetila viiiiis

Josafatsgatan 7, Helsingfors
My visual expression and honest faith to importance of art, has given me a place in modern art. My style is abstract and minimalistic. Working in oil painting with strong structure. Art is for me a unique intelligent lifestyle with ability to focus the thoughts. And Yes, I try to lightly faze and be different in my painting where I challenge the viewer’s to their own visual interpretations.
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71. Sirkka Palonen - Taidetila viiiiis

Kirstinkatu 7, Helsinki
My works start with everyday life and everyday happenings, which I draw in my sketchbook. There is always a story behind my pictures and a dash of quiet joy and wonder. I’m a printmaker which is an old traditional craftsmanship. I do metal graphics as well as woodcuts. In intaglio I’m fascinated by the drawing like line of the drypoint and the deep black of the mezzotinto. The paintinglike woodcut is a conversation with a woodblock and the experiments with colour layers.
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71. Virva Svala - Taidetila Viiiiis

Josafatinkartu 7, Helsinki
I paint landscapes and lights in my surroundings with oil paints. In paintings, I am fascinated by creating moods through the shadow of light and color tones. The paintings of Helsinki at night play with the variation of darkness and colorful lights. In addition to landscapes, animals and their painting are close to my heart.
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72. Eva Spoof – UDUMBARA keramik

Karlsgatan 15, Helsingfors
I founded UDUMBARA Ceramics Studio in 1994. My initial focus was on stoneware and functional kitchen products. In 2005, I shifted to exclusively using Kultela wild clay, crafting tea ceremony vessels and reintroducing local flower pot production in Finland. Starting in 2020, I decided to discontinue glazing my work. This transition is part of my commitment to creating products with fully traceable raw materials. . Today, I create flower pots, lamps, sculptures, and offer in English pottery wheel workshops on Saturdays at my studio. Welcome!
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73. Jenni Inberg - Studio x Gallery

Karlsgatan 13, Helsingfors
I'm a painter from Pori, now living and working in Helsinki, Kallio. I paint large-sized semiabstract landscapes with animal/bird motifs. I work as a full-time artist and entrepreneur in my own gallery-studio which I rent in August 2023. I started with surrealistic art in the early 2000's and figurative art, and after my abstract period I wanted to combine elements of these styles. That's how I found my own personal style.
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74. Milja Ahola - Grafiikanpaja Talli

Suvilahdenkatu 7, Helsinki
This year, the themes of my work are based on plants. My working techniques have varied: including both traditional metal graphics and photo-based polymer graphics and combining them.
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74. Sanna Sipi - Grafiikanpaja Talli ry

Suvilahdenkatu 7, Helsinki
I am a Master of Arts (TaiK) by training. I make art using a variety of techniques - painting, drawing, printmaking and photography. At Graphic Workshop Tall I work primarily with intaglio and monotype methods. The main characters in my works are mostly animals in different environments. I am interested in the reduction of natural elements and rhythmic stylization, surprising still lifes and absurd atmospheres.
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74. Tiina Eräpuu - Grafiikanpaja Talli

Suvilahdenkatu 7, Helsinki
I’m an illustrator and graphic designer. From 1993 I have practised classic printmaking methods as well as new methods like carborundum and polymere. I often combine methods via printing two images on plates of different sizes to form a final print. The possibility for colour variations is also interesting in creating various atmospheres . I also work with various structures and materials designing artist’s books.
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75. Rose-Mari Torpo - Huudon työhuoneyhteisö

Panimokatu 1, 2 krs, Helsinki
Rose-Mari Torpo (b. 1977, Rauma) lives and works in Helsinki. After graduating from Free Art School in 2003, she has participated in several joint exhibitions in both Finland and abroad. She has also had solo exhibitions, for example at Rauma Art Museum, tm•galleria in Helsinki and Mältinranta Art Center in Tampere. In 2016, she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Turku Arts Academy. Rose-Mari Torpo is a member of the Finnish Painters’ Union as well as the Helsinki and Rauma artists’ associations.
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76. Jan Konsin - Fiskehamnens serigrafiverkstad

Gamla Vintergatan 9, Helsingfors
Established in 2016, Kalasataman Seripaja is an open-access screenprinting-focused workspace in Helsinki's Kalasatama district. The aim of the space is to enable anyone interested in screenprinting to be able to use our facilities. Whether you are a graphic designer, comic artist, poster designer, printmaker or simply interested in the technique, all are welcome. We want to provide a professional, affordable, and communal space for makers to not only realise their projects but also to create making-based information, communities and new approaches to non-commercial printmaking. We have our own gallery which features a varied selection of artists and media. We regularly hold book launches and live events. And we also run courses for different levels of makers; new-comers can learn abou
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77. Jan Neva

Vanha talvitie 9, Helsinki
I live and work in Helsinki, Finland. In the year 2000, I graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, after which I continued to deepen my studies in the longest continually operated arts academy in the world, the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. There, I received a classical education in painting under the tutelage of the most distinguished pedagogues. My art reflects on the layered nature of history, as well as the temporality of human existence. My paintings portray the transience of time and existence, carrying on the tradition of re-inscribing the legacy of western painting. Ephemerality has been immortalized in paintings and sculptures throughout art history. I am intrigued by the idea of immortalizing things that are held to be beautiful and valuab
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78. Anitta Ruotsalainen - Kalasataman Taiteilijatalo

Vanha Talvitie 9, Helsinki
I primarily paint with oil paints on canvas. The subjects of my paintings vary from studio work to outdoor painting situations. The objects of my interest are the sea, light, people and living places. Sometimes I also work on my subjects with other materials, for example building object paintings. I have had several exhibitions and my works have been acquired in public collections. I get very excited and my handprint is abundant. Color paintings fill my studio and among them you can find surprising twists.
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79. Fabu Pires

Uudenmaankatu 23, Helsinki
Fabu Pires (BR/FI) is a multidisciplinary artist born in Taubaté, a city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1978. He lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Fabu Pires' works are a junction or mixture of cults or religious doctrines, philosophies, ideologies, social systems or globalized cultural elements. Brazilian roots, life in Finland. In addition to his many collective and solo exhibitions, the artist is also known for his contribution to artistic research, working actively in reception centres, family homes, with children and young people of immigrant origin in Finland. In 2018 he joined the board of Kulttuuriyhdistämö Interkult, which organizes multicultural art events across Finland and whose task is to increase cultural diversity and integration.
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80. Studio Mari Blomroos-Heininen

Merimiehenkatu 10, Helsinki
I have a long career as an artist, with a background in theatre, art history and all kinds of creative activities. My art studies really started in the early 70s at the Ateneum night school. The journey went on in different areas and came back to the visual arts with a return to art history and visual arts studies. I am still involved in many things and have more than ten years of experience as a gallery and exhibition curator. My own exhibition activity over the last decade has consisted of solo, group and collective exhibitions both at home and abroad. I have had the pleasure of participating in numerous exhibitions in Europe as well as in many other continents and cultures, including both residencies and exhibition experiences in Asia, among others.
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81. Kunsthaus Jägermeister Residency Studio

Tarkk'ampujankatu 18, Helsinki
Kunsthaus Jägermeister is an art project funded by Jägermeister. The goal of Kunsthaus Jägermeister is to give artists a place to create art, make connections, learn about being a professional artist and gain a visible foothold in the Finnish art scene. Kunsthaus provides a selected group of artists with a creative space, top-notch art equipment, exposure through networking events and media presence and knowledge through workshops and keynote speakers. The principles on our team is sharing ideas, perspectives and concepts to learn from each other’s viewpoints. Kunsthaus Jägermeister is all about creating art without limits.
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82. Emmi Jormalainen – Harakan saari

Harakan saari, Helsinki
I’m illustrator and visual artist. During the open studio session you can see the working process as well as my drawings and illustrated children’s books. There is a collection of my self-published silent books where the stories are told just with visual storytelling techniques.
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83. Jaana Sarpaniemi

Henry Fords gatan 5 K/ Henry Fordinkatu 5, K-rappu, Helsingfors/Helsinki
I have graduated in 2002 as a ceramics artisan from Yrkesinstitut Sydväst, Tammisaari. I graduated from the School of Advertising Graphics in 1982. I have continuously acquired training in image making under the guidance of several different art teachers, e.g. At Aalto University's open university, at Tampere summer university's Serlachius in Mänttä, at courses organized by Helsinki artists' society and associations. I see my art-making as a playground, where I can choose the channel of expression and the end result that suits the play at that time, whether by painting or sculpture. When painting, the works can surprise both me and the viewer with their own form, composition, contrast. Making sculptures is more planned, form and matter with the laws of physics set some kind of bounda
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84. Helena Hartman

Säljägargatan 5, Helsingfors
My life as an artist has always consisted of both painting and inspiring others. Both have existed side by side. In recent years I have started to paint full time and it has opened unexpected doors. I was born in Sweden but have lived most of my life in Finland. I have a professional degree from Fria konstskolan, and a master's degree from the University of Art and Design (now Aalto University). I belong to the Swedish Artists' Register (National Organization of Artists) and also to the IAA and the Turku Artists' Guild. I have held separate exhibitions and participate in joint exhibitions, as well as various artist projects.
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85. Miira Zukale - Mary a. jalava Studio

Tehtaankatu 40 b 16, Helsinki
I am a textile designer and visual artist from Helsinki. I work in my studio designing patterns and Illustrations for my own brand Mary a. jalava and for other companies. Mary a. jalava is a one-woman accessory brand that has become known for its printed tights that delight the street scene. Mary a. jalava's products are hand-printed using the silk-screen method. I design all the sketches for my patterns by hand. I like to experiment with different techniques and materials. I am particularly attracted to the slow and meditative paper cutting technique. I get inspired by everything I see around me, such as architecture, urban nature and maps. I enjoy wandering around my hometown in Helsinki, looking at and feeling the colors, houses and details.
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86. Ulla Fogelholm keramikstudio

Storsvängen 15 A, Helsingfors
I have been working as a studio ceramist since 1972. Mainly I make pottery for everyday use. I have followed various food and drink trends and have made espresso and café au lait cups, pasta bowls, dishes for Japanese food, bowl bowls, tea bowls, etc. Today, I mostly make cups for hot drinks and matcha tea bowls for tea shops. My design is simple and with my own glazes I like to give my ceramics a personal touch. My glazes have names like Bamboo, Marble, Granite, Monet, Perch Grass and Moss. During 2022, I was producing a publication for the friends of Japanese culture Hashi called "The sources of creativity in Japanese and Finnish ceramics".
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87. Studio Pia

Särkikuja 3, Helsinki
I am pensioner dipl. kosm and visual artist nowadays. I have painted from 1988 mostly aquarells.
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88. Hanna Kallio

Särkiniementie 5 C 21, 3.krs, Helsinki
Hanna Kallio is an artist from Helsinki who paints her abstract works using acrylic paint and texture paste she makes herself from marble powder. She gets the inspiration for her art from nature. Especially broken and harmonious tones and a hint of gold are visible in the artist's paintings. The abundant use of texture also creates multidimensionality and fascinating details in the works.
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89. Anja Siimes - Studio Melko

Melkonkatu 28, D, 4. Kerros , Helsinki, Lauttasaari
I have painted 40 years with oil and recently mostly with acrylic colors on canvas. I also paint acrylic contemporary paintings on plexiglass. With expressive painting I try to find something new with emotional weight. My style is expressive and abstract and I love colors., which tries to combine painting with abstraction. I use coincidences and spontaneous instinct in my painting and do not restrict the direction of the work. In my recent paintings, I have allowed imagined events from the early stages of my life to emerge in a semiotic space and emerge on canvas. This early interaction with those close to me can also occur between the viewer of my paintings and the painter (myself)
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89. Martti Siimes - Studio Melko

Melkonkatu 28.D. 4. Kerros, Helsinki
I am a 81 yrs old emeritusphysician and I have painted over 40 years with oil. I love abstract paintings and strong colors.
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89. Sirkka Peisa - Studio Melko

Melkonkatu 28 D 4. krs, Helsinki
Most of my adult life has been nothing but painting and only in later life has art-making filled my days. I mainly paint abstract paintings with acrylic and oil. Something that has been seen or experienced in the past is the inspiration for the paintings. My works do not necessarily have a story or narrative, they are a description of a single moment, atmosphere or view. My habit is to change often the way I make and present my paintings. I get to know new methods and techniques with interest. A large number of art teachers have developed my painting skills over the years. I have participated in numerous exhibitions.
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89. Tuulevi Sivunen - Studio Melko

Melkonkatu 28 D, Helsinki
Tuulevi Sivunen is a contemporary artist known for creating vibrant artworks using acrylic paints. Her works exude a luminosity of colors and a sense of joy. She draws inspiration from the surrounding world, emotions, and the pleasures of life. She employs acrylic paints to create strong contrasts and layered surfaces, adding depth and intrigue to her pieces. The artist derives inspiration from the surrounding world and her observations. She aims to convey happiness and positivity to the viewer through her artworks. Sivunen seeks to evoke emotions and highlight the beauty and joy of life. In summary, Tuulevi Sivunen's art revolves around vibrant colors, joy, and zest for life. Her acrylic paintings are bold, intense, and inspired by the surrounding world and emotions.
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90. MarjaLeena Pohjola-Valkola

Heikkiläntie 7 C, Helsinki
I am a Finnish artist, painter, MarjaLeena Pohjola-Valkola. I studied and graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1984 and since then have been actively working in the field of art in Finland and abroad. Please find my CV attached in this email. During many years I have used external things with my paintings - chairs, tables, mittens, old wall papers so that those things and paintings have made a combination – an old furniture placed by the painting and a part of it is painted at the painting. That way I have worked about 20 years.
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90. Alex Markwith

Heikkiläntie 7C, Helsinki
Alex Markwith is a Helsinki-based visual artist whose practice merges abstraction, collage and street art influences. Current works hybridize his physical, process-oriented approach with digital tools and imagery. Recurring themes include human and artificial intelligence, consciousness, logical systems, conflict and power. Originally from the USA, Markwith lived in New York for ten years. Markwith has received grants from the City of Helsinki and the Arts Promotion Center of Finland (Taike). He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design (Painting, 2011) and completed the school’s European Honors Program in Rome, Italy. His work is held in numerous private collections and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.
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91. Aino Keinänen

Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 E-porras, kellarikerros, Helsinki
Aino Keinänen works on representative human description with mixed media on paper. The main subject of her exhibitions is equality which she seeks to promote by exploring characteristics of the human species. For example religiosity, animality, gender diversity, integrity and its violation, land ownership, community spirit and history writing have served as starting points for the projects. Diverse organisms and natural materials symbolize all of the things a human can be. From underneath the hard rocky shell of an individual grows the sensitivity whose allegory is nature in the form of vegetation and different flowers, berries, insects and reptiles.
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91. Anne-Marjo Panu

Tallberginkatu 1C/63, Helsinki 18
My art is mainly environmental art.
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91. Carita Savolainen - Kaapelitehdas

My work, mainly painting and drawing, is strongly linked to a sense of experiencing nature and the current state of our environment. My work deals with beauty and the fear of its loss. We are in the landscape and we are the landscape. I have been working with landscape paintings for over twenty years. My work has evolved as the landscape has evolved and the traces of that evolution leave their mark on my paintings. I regularly participate in exhibitions in Europe and beyond (France, Belgium, China, Mexico, Japan...) with works that emphasise the connection with nature through different visual means. My works are in several public and private collections in Finland and abroad.
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91. Johanna Louhi - ARTiTEKTUR

Tallbergsgatan 1, Kabelfabriken - Kaapelitehdas
“If the housing space is the body, and the furniture were clothes – Art is like the jewellery, and the perfume of a Room.” Contemporary Artist with a Master’s degree in Architecture from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. Grew up in Germany, in a pot of paint next to my fathers easel. The studio at Kaapelitehdas has been an extension of our home since "Pro Kaapeli". Lived in China for 3 yrs, and work as a full time Artist since. Sales: Through my website + SoMe and collabs with interiorarchitects and -stylists. My paintings are held mainly in private collections in Europe, USA and Asia. - Art not only frames your individuality, it takes any room from good to great. I understand space & art and how the two – when perfectly paired, can make a better one.
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91. Katy Hertell - Kabelfabriken

Tallbergsgatan , Helsingfors
Katy Hertell has been working as a freelance artist since the early 1990s. "I first tried wood, stone and siporex, but finally ended up in ceramics and have been true to this fascinating material ever since."
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91. Maaria Märkälä - Kaapelitehdas

Tallberginkatu 1, Helsinki
My paintings are abstract or semi abstract. For me, art is a way of life and a way of dealing with things. The process is open and unplanned. Failure is also an opportunity. Watch out for wet paint! The Surprises are always possible! To quote Pessi Rautio, The Editor-in-Chief of Taidelehti: ”Märkälä wants to paint, to bring out the good on the top, so the process must end in something hopeful, full of oxygen and life, light, even what is beautiful.” ”To Märkälä, the world includes objects, good ones that simply must be depicted through painting, not least because they make such good paintings.” whole text:
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91. Marina Zitting - Kabelfabriken

Tallbergsgatan 1 C, Helsingfors
I paint with oil and watercolors, draw with charcoal and pastels colorful inner landscapes.
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91. Michael Rahikainen - Kabelfabriken

Tallbergsgatan 1 c !7, Helsingfors 18
I am a master of fine arts who graduated from the Finnish academy of fine arts. I have been painting and doing graphics & environmental art since 1988
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91. Paula Pitkänen - Kaapelitehdas

Tallberginkatu 1 , Helsinki
Art is a way of life for me and the home of the soul. I am interested in different techniques and structures and I paint, for example on plexy and use different recycled materials in my works. My work is guided by cooperation between intuition and consciousness. Art speaks to me, highlighting topics from the subconscious, leaf columns, people's lips, gaze, gestures, own children's lives, the dimensions of the universe, mixing everything and finally forming some balance and peace. The topics of my works include: spiritual values, wellbeing, mental growth, femininity, masculinity, motherhood, sensitivity, nature and universality. Often, topics become visible in human faces. Their expressions tell things that are sometimes difficult to say.
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91. Saara Kivimäki - Bumsu Ceramics

Tallberginkatu 1 / Tallbergsgatan 1, Helsinki / Helsingfors
Bumsu Ceramics designs and manufactures handmade tableware, home ceramics and sculptural vases. Welcome!
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91. Sari-Aino Tolonen - Kaapelitehdas Ateljee Aapeli

Kaapeliaukio 1, Helsinki
My name is Sari-Aino Tolonen, and I´m an encaustic artist from Helsinki. In the 2010´s I became acquainted with the Encaustic Art (beeswax art), which made a huge impression on me. I found a teacher, the artist Belén Millán from Spain. She taught me this traditional encaustic painting technique. Already during my training, I discovered that the technique provides excellent opportunities to express art because it´s suitable for both - performing and abstract art. The technique enables the tooling of various surface structures. In addition, I can paint thin layers of lumionuos light or several different layers of wax on top of each other, after which I can dig out colors from the lower layers. Indeed the technique allows a huge number of different options.
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92. Anna-Leena Kinnunen

Lapinlahdenpolku 8 H, Helsinki
I work as visuaö artist, my medium is mostly oil, but I use other materials also.
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93. Nina Tuovinen

Arkadiankatu 31, Helsinki
Nina Tuovinen is a painter who is focused on horse art. Nina uses different techniques in her works, but mainly she paints with oil colors and ink. Nina has also painted public art; murals and electrical cabinet art.
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94. Elli Maanpää

Mechelininkatu 13 LH2, Helsinki
Elli Maanpää (b. 1985 Turku) is a visual artist who graduated from the Department of Art at Aalto University and Turku Arts Academy. She has actively held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Solo exhibitions have been held, among others, at B-gallery, Cultural Center Vanha Paukku, and P-gallery. Her works are included in collections such as SataSairaala, Lohja Museum, and the Post Museum.
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95. Studio Nina Ekström

Mechelingatan 42, Helsingfors
Horses have always represented a way of life for me, therefore it is natural for me that in my art I express my experiences and feelings strongly in different expressions, mostly in the form of horses. I am fascinated by the wisdom, peace, primitive power and freedom of this animal. Genetically, the horse is a prey animal, and its reactions are fast. A wise or wild look, movement and their hair thrown by the wind , and the herds peace of the pasture on a summer night. I want to achieve in my works exactly what is meaningful and important in these qualities. My horses are soulful. My way of working is spontaneous and intense, with the handprint being strong and sensitive at the same time. My materials are different painting techniques and my sculptures are ceramics or bronze.
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96. Aaron Hermunen - Meilahden Tilajakamo

Tukholmankatu 10, Helsinki
I am a visual artist, painter and sculptor who loves color. I usually paint abstract and semi-abstract landscapes. Lately I have been making small wooden huts and fruits. The focus of the works is often color, humor, nature and playing with words.
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96. Heidi Linsén

Tukholmankatu 10, Helsinki
Heidi Linsén is a textile artist from Helsinki who deals with everyday contradictions and social grievances with her tufted works.
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96. Noora Nouku - Meilahden Tilajakamo

Tukholmankatu 10, Helsinki
I'm Noora Nouku, a 48-year-old full-time visual artist and I work in a new studio in Meilahti's Tilajakamo. In my artistic work, I combine the elements of my different professions of graphic design, craft industry and painting. In my latest solo exhibitions (2022, 2023) I have explored the limits of my "art of painting' and developed them in a more three-dimensional direction. I completed my first art studies in the United States in 1998, and after graduating from Vapaa Taidekoulu (Free Art School) in 2018, I began to expand my visual expression. My artistic soulscape is a mixture of Kainuu wilderness and the back alleys of the big city.
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97. Heidi Rosenström - Studio Nybacka

Hindersnäsvägen 6 B 4, Helsinki
I am a ceramicist based in Helsinki and Nagu, and I primarily focus on wheel-throwing. My goal is to design and create unique items or 'keepsakes' - things that endure and feel beautiful year after year. I also hope every piece I make shows the pure joy of making. Welcome to visit our lovely Studio Nybacka in Vähä-Meilahti!
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97. Johanna Falck - Studio Nybacka

Hindernäsvägen 6 B4, 00330 Helsingfors
I am a ceramicist from Munkkiniemi who finds inspiration in the beauty of everyday things and the endless possibilities of clay. I appreciate how a material often perceived as rough can also transform into something delicate and fragile. My aim is to convey the joy of creating and everyday aesthetics through my work. I employ various techniques, from hand-building to wheel-throwing and casting. I create both functional and artistic pieces. Additionally, we host ceramic courses at our studio. My works are to be found at the Gumbostrand Konst & Form gallery store.
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98. Julia Aminoff-Tatsis - Leera

Koroisvägen 4 C, Helsinki
I create unique ceramic objects. Among other things, I turn candlesticks on the potters wheel and also like to work with casting clay. The style is simple in form and colour.
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98. Maria Sundell - Leera

Koroisvägen 4 C, Helsingfors
I am part of the working community at the Leera ceramicstudio. In addition to courses, I make pots, vases and cups in natural colours, mainly using pinching and coiling techniques.
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98. Noora Lohi - Leera

Koroisvägen 4 C, Helsinki
I create unique ceramics in stoneware clay, including table lamps, stools, and sculptures. I also makes trivets and bowls with perforations.
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99. Aino Huhtaniemi - Keramiikkapaja Fem

Raisiontie 5, Helsinki
I am a Helsinki-based visual artist, working with illustration, photography and ceramics. I graduated from Aalto University's School of Arts and Design in 2011. In my illustration work, I depict small, fleeting moments from the city and nature. Walking aimlessly with my dog, both in the nearby forests and in the colourful city blocks of Helsinki, is an essential part of my creative process.
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99. Marja Salerto - Keramiikkapaja Fem

Raisiontie 5, Helsinki
Besides my previous pedagogical and art education diplomas, I have completed my pottery artisan training. Together with my colleagues I do pottery in our small pottery workshop in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki. I work mainly with slab building and slip casting, producing functional ware. I also do raku ceramic. I enjoy clear forms, and my inspiration arises mainly from nature.
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99. Saga Vuorisalo - Keramiikkapaja Fem

Raisiontie 5, Helsinki
Hello! I am an artist and potter from Helsinki. The best part about ceramics is to work with hands, touching clay and the long process which requires patience. The possibilities of combining different clay bodies and glazes are delicious, inspiring and endless. My focus is in functional ceramics made with multiple hand building techniques, of which my favourite is pinching. I wish to make objects that are happy, playful, fun, that are a joy to use.
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99. Veera Ala-Vähälä - Keramiikkapaja Fem

Raisontie 5, Helsinki
I’m Veera Ala-Vähälä, a graphic designer and ceramic dog maker from Helsinki. I’ve been making my ceramic dogs and other animals since year 2017, and since 2018 I have also been sharing my works on my instagram account @ceramicdoggies and my website. My work could be described as miniature sculpture portraits of animals. I work with different stoneware clays and porcelains and underglazes, plus a variety of glazes.
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100. Susanna Suikkarin - Grafiikanpaja

Karhusaarenpiha 5, Karhusaari, Espoo
I´m a printmaker and in my works humorous birds and animals are on adventures in the experiences of human life. My studio is in the Horseman´s house, in the laundry of idyllic Sinebrychoff villa. My speciality is Intaglio printing: etching, aquatint and softground and many more techniques with non-tox method. I teach Intaglio-printing in Espoo and Vantaa adult-institutions and I give short courses around Finland, where they are needed. Wellcome to visit my Studio!
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101. Marja Maljonen

Karhusaarenpiha 5 B , Espoo
The works are mainly acrylic-oil paintings on canvas. i find inspiration in the everydag environment around me. I am fascinated by the simble subjects and rhytmos of nature, how the end up in a painting. those moments are transferred to the canvas according to different circumstances. I paint with a work machine and alsooutside in the summer.
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102. Nina Sarkima - Karhusaaren taidekekus

Karhusaarenpiha 5, Espoo
I have been working at Karhusaari since 2009. Here I have found my own peace and space to paint and collect my creativity. As a place, Karhusaari is an ideal working environment for me because of its authenticity, it is fascinating how history and nature live here in their own peace alongside the urban environment. When I paint, I want to be open to what truly needs to come out. Painting is the most natural form of expression for me and the painting process itself gives me the opportunity to get in touch with the inner essence of things. In addition to my own artistic work, I also work as a digital art and drawing and painting teacher in Espoo and Kauniainen art schools. During the event, I will present my works with discussing in my studio in Hevosmientalo, Karhusaari.
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102. Mikko Bossa

Westendinkuja 9b, Espoo
Painter / Headmaster / Workshop facilitator. I offer painting courses for advanced painters and art workshops for companies. More information about curses and workshops: In my painting I explore new dimensions of painting. Minimalism. Depth. Expressions. Lights and shadows. Some very special mountains. As a painter I believe in making moments eternal. That can happen only trough art. Thats why I love to paint. I can find synchronicity within the nature and human body trough contemporary expressionist painting. I am inspired by 1800- century Norwegian painter Peder Balke, abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler from U.S.A, minimalist Sam Lock from England and many other contemporary painters. Home:
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104. Rafael Guerra - Painting Studio

Kääntöpiiri 2C LH5, Espoo
Rafael Guerra is a Traditional Painter born in Brazil and based in Finland, a Graduate and former teacher of The Florence Academy of Art in Italy. In his work, Guerra tends to be influenced by his love for nature, for tales and myths, bringing fantasy aspects into real life. He draws inspiration from the nature around him, especially in forest-covered Finland. His works reflect this passion for natural things, incorporating aspects of a rustic, natural life, with vibrant dramatic colors portraying the beauty of the natural world.
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105. Mikaela Wikström - Rosa Villan

Mariavägen 20, Esbo
My art is a dreamy mix of abstract and bubbly adventure´s. Here and there quirky and surprising details pop up - lemons, bees and kolibri´s are my favorites at the moment. I mostly paint in oil and my art gets it own special touch from the intuitive way it is born. Warmly welcome!
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106. Anne Leppänen - Träskändan Auroratalo

Kuninkaantie 43 A, Espoo
I paint with oil colours. My paintings are clear and colourful, realistic in a way, but the shapes are clumsy and the play of colours is the main thing. The mood of my paintings is upbeat and my best reward is when the buyer of a piece says it makes them happy. I regularly participate in exhibitions, usually in group or collective shows. I also paint naïve works with whimsical round animal figures. These works have been exhibited at the Iittala Naiviste, and in the summer of '24 at the Väinölkä summer exhibition. I also do small-scale humorous illustrations for a few clients.
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106. Gunnar Bauer - Träskändan Auroratalo

Aurorahuset Esbo Art, Kungsvägen 43, Esbo
I love painting. Born in Helsinki I've always been interested in nature and outdoor life. Since my early days I have liked sketching and drawing. Especially my teachers Frida Olander and Anne-Marie 'Matilda' Häyren have inspired me. As a senior citizen I have had time and opportunities to draw and paint. I have found most of my motives nearby or at places earlier visited. Painting has become a happy way to relax and concentrate.
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106. Mai Laitinen - Träskändan Auroratalo

Kuninkaantie 43, A, Espoo
I love to draw! So simple but not at all anyhow. It´s not the whole truth of my doings, but the core I suppose. I start by drawing quite often; the importance of a single line. I like to study things, happenings and life around me. I would like to share my feelings to other people by my paintings. It´s interesting to study different lights, shadows and the forms that they can show to us. I work by many technics: metal graphic, water colour, oil and acrylic colours. Drawings are made by charcoal and dry pastel. I have studied Chinese calligraphy and paintings as well. My ceramic works comes from a work studio of Nanso in Nokia.
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106. Milla Piirainen - Träskändan Auroratalo

Kuninkaantie 43, Espoo
Born by the water, the artist has found inspiration for their life in the deep, shifting moods of the sea. The sea, the source of life and the epitome of strength, is at the heart of their art - sometimes powerful and turbulent, sometimes calming and comforting. Their expressive paintings reflect this dualism, telling stories of the sea's roar, the play of the waves and the deep stillness that prevails before the storm. The artist's creations are deeply personal, drawing strength from poetry, the play of color and melody. The delicate beauty of the flowers serves as a gateway to a world of emotions, where they find healing power and happiness. This artist invites us on a journey where we can experience the many faces of the sea and find a connection to its eternal, changing beauty.
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106. Oili Elina Jalkanen - Träskändan Auroratalo

Kuninkaantie 43, Aurora-talo, A-porras, Espoo
I have painted since 2016 and started my first course in drawing and painting in adult education Työväenopisto, based on encouragement of a friend. I´m drawn to free abstract expression. Painting and experimenting with acrylic colours suites me fine as they dry quickly. Since 2019 I have participated in Lapinlahti Art School guidance in Helsinki and I will continue that. How to get forward when something keeps you stuck? - Examining my mind and soul makes me want to bring these sentiments on paper, as paintings, drawings and texts.
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106. Paula Jaatinen - Träskändan Auroratalo

Kuninkaantie 43, Espoo
I am an architect by profession and have worked in that profession for approx. 35-40 years. At the same time, I have actively dabbled in oil painting and trained as an artist at numerous professional artist courses. For the past 7-8 years, I have worked full-time as an oil painter in my studio, first at Mäkkylä taiteilijatalo and now at Auroratalo in Espoo. Over the years, my painting style has gradually become increasingly abstract. Recently, my paintings have focused on exploring time, place and my "other world", my mental landscape. As materials for paintings, in addition to oil painting, I use acrylic primer.
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106. Pauliina Ruokokoski - Espoo Art

Kuninkaantie 43, Espoo
I am an art teacher and visual artist from Kirkkonummi. In addition to my teaching work, I regularly engage in my own artistic endeavors. My studio is located in the premises of the Espoo Art Art Association, in the artist house Aurora, in Espoo. My works primarily consist of object installations and mixed-media pieces; I combine different materials and techniques. My way of exploring the environment is to play with it. I gather, group, assemble, and disassemble; small details come together to form larger wholes. Creating art, to me, means structuring the environment and exploring life. Materials and objects change their purpose and form, and history blends with the present moment.
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106. Signhild Kempe-Järvensivu

Kungsvägen 43, ingång A., Esbo
Signhild Kempe-Järvensivu Espoo I have painted my whole life. I live in Espoo, but I come from Ostrobothnia. After my graduation from Alfa Art I have been studying portrait painting in Alfa art several years according to old masters style. Oil and acryl are near my heart. My paintings are often connected with Ostrobothnia in my childhood and youth. I want to paint a simplified reality where people will find themselves at home. The aim with my painting is that one should be able to dive into the painting and feel captured by its atmosphere. At best one should smile and think: this is a fun picture. I would like to simplify our complicated world so that the spectator will understand it better. I have naivistic subjects in my paintings, e.g. houses, nature and still life. Portrait paintin
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106. Sirkka Laakkonen - Träskändan Auroratalo

Kuninkaantie 43, Espoo
I have always painted and when living all together more than ten years abroad in Africa, Asia and America it has been great to learn to know local artists. It is great to be a member in Art Associations, being with people who understand what I do.
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107. Rauni Koivisto - Kairantaidestudio

Kankurinkatu 4-6 C-talo, Hyvinkää
I work as a freelance artist and work in my studio. I make visual art with many different techniques. The variety of techniques bring out new perspectives on topics and keep your own creativity moving. My education is a visual arts teacher. I participate in various exhibitions every year.
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108. Akiko Mori Studio

Tehtaankatu 40 A 1, Helsinki
I am a ceramic artist form Japan. I mainly crate sculptural pieces that you can place in your home. The concept is to create artwork that isn't just shown in a gallery but can become a decorative object anywhere.
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109. Tarinakoru

Taipaleentie 244, Nurmijärvi
I work as a goldsmith in Tarinakoru with my husband, goldsmith Hannu Rantala. I design jewelry together with customers, based on their dreams and wishes, and I make my own designs, the subjects of which arise from images, memories, lived and experienced around me. The stories behind the jewelry are big and small. Words arise in my mind when designing, making or describing jewelry. For me, goldsmithing is manual work using traditional methods and sketching with a pencil. The shape conveys movement and softness, creative energy. At Yogavint, during the summer seasons, I guide the Sound Travel Relaxation with various healing instruments. Gongs, bowls, drums, among others, vibrate at their own frequency and get the body into a state of deep relaxation.
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110. Tobias Feuerbacher - Tulipuro

Kalliolantie 99, Karkkila
I have my design studio and workshop in an old farm, located in the small town Karkkila, Southern Finland. The countryside is an optimal working area for creative work. Surrounding nature gives a never ending source for inspiration and peace for work. For me good design has a maximum impact with minimal elements. I am specialized in product design and furniture. I am mastering wood as a material and I prefer sustainable solutions in my projects. I'm driven by good and well thought design and craft. To reach this, it is important to use known materials and techniques in new and creative ways, and create something new long lasting and exciting. I enjoy combining craft, natural materials and boundless imagination when working on sculptures.
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111. Sanna Nummi - Studio Lunkki

Valurinkatu 2C, Karkkila
I'm a designer and an artisan weaver from Karkkila. I work with designing illustrated products for my own brand Studio Lunkki and with graphic design. I also design and weave textiles by hand. I’m fascinated by design and object evoked emotions and in constant look for the soul of objects designed – old and new. My inspiration comes from these encounters, as well as other meaningful moments in the visual world.
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112. Sari Nikola - Taidepuisto Villa Vanamo

Karhusuonkuja 20, Siuntio
I have been sevetal times before in Konstrundan. There is several numbers if pictures about my art in internet if you are intrestered to gpogle. Nowadays the Villa Vanamo's artpark is the main thing in my art. Besides a little I can do in my garage and I have one ateleeroom in my house where is possible to look at.
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113. Ville Heimala

Evitskogintie 24, Lapinkylä
I am a sculptor (BA) and biologist (MSc). Nature has always been very important to me, and it is often strongly reflected in my works. I am also interested in the mythology of indigenous peoples, especially Finno-Ugric. I find it fascinating to connect mystical elements to natural science and use them to create something new. I often assemble my ceramic works from reliefs, which I sculpt myself from the beginning. The sculpture's jewel-like relief-mosaic surface brings an interesting new dimension: the work can be viewed from a distance, but the character's entire essence is only revealed upon closer examination. I work in my own studio in Kirkkonummi.
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114. Annukka Mikkola

Kiseleffin puistotie , OITBACKA
I am interested in the juxtaposition of art, handicrafts and industrial products, the dialogue between them. The juxtaposition of inspired new and old, broken and intact, also in an intangible sense. Maybe that's why I'm working on different art-oriented projects at the same time. Art is freer, design has stricter limits. The holistic understanding of art and challenging one's own artistic language also inspire me.
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114. Karoliina Tuovinen - Keramiikkapaja

Kiseleffin puistotie 49, Kirkkonummi
My ceramic studio is located in inspiring surroundings att Oitbacka manor estate. The studio is a part off an artists community. My passion in ceramics are rustic and multilayered surfaces with a hint of antique look. I enjoy exploring different styles and ceramic technigues. I do custom made articles for restaurants and companies ass well as private persons. I also keep pottery courses with chanchig themes att my studio.
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114. Maria Junes - Oitbacka gårdens konstutrumme

Kiseleffin puistotie 49, Oitbacka
I'm Maria Junes. I'm a visual artist and coach of Non-Violent Communication. I'm greatly enthusiastic to hold my short art workshop courses. As well as coaching people to pursue art in grass root level. Currently I'm substituting as an art teacher in Kirkkonummi's visual art school and working as and visual arts instructor at Espoo's children's culture centre Aurora. What speaks to me in my own art at this time is the theme of peace. So far I've had three peace themed art exhibitions" "Children's peace", Tuomivaara, Vantaa 6/2023 "Bringer of peace", Gallery Betoni, Espoo 10/2023 "On the edge of peace", Åström's Mansion's art cottage, Tornio 4/2024 My motto is: "Art does good!"
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115. Tatu Vuorio

Suokallionrinne 27a, Jorvas
I am a sculptor from Kirkkonummi. I represent the phenomena of nature and the experience of nature, not by imitating what I see, but by trying to understand and reach the process of creating nature, as nature creates. I observe and get inspired, I store in my mind observations of phenomena as experiences. The mind begins to solve what it sees through art, by using selected materials and by applying the possibilities of work tools. The works completed through an intuitive and expressionistic process guide the work and thus become a part of the abstract world of nature.
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116. Meri Kukkavaara – Kirkkonummen Taidemökki

Pappilantie 1 b, Kirkkonummi
I got my classical art training in the renaissance city of Florence, and at the moment my main mediums are painting and photography. You can see old Finnish nature mythology in my paintings, and in photography I do both black&white street photos and colorful nature and travel photography. I'm curious to try out new ways and materials, so I might be working on collages and small constellation paintings side by side. That is to say, my work spreads wide but there's almost always connection to nature in it.
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117. Age-Elisa Riekkinen

Sokerimestarintie 8, Kantvik
I am a professional artist from Kirkkonummi. My studio is located in Kirkkonummi, in the small seaside village of Kantvik, on the ground floor of a detached house. I graduated from Kankaanpää Art School in 1998 with a major in painting. In my studio you can see an exhibition of watercolour paintings, oil paintings and graphic sculptures. Also for sale are handicrafts - jewellery, personal greeting cards, paper flowers, etc. The unifying factor this year is a flower.
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118. Arja Kärkkäinen - Studio Tuulhattu

Tuulhattu 25, Mustio
I am a visual artist living in Helsinki and working in Karjalohja. Studio Tuulhattu, the studio I founded in 2023, is located on the border between Karjalohja and Mustio. I work multidisciplinary with various sculpture materials, but also with video art. My works are exhibition ensembles presented in galleries or commissioned works of public art. In recent years, concrete and tapestries have been my main materials. My works often describe social themes through black humor. I am originally a clothing designer who graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design, but after changing professions I have been working as a freelance artist since 2015. I graduated from the sculpture department of the Academy of Fine Arts and also trained as a specialist in public art.
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119. Deborah Klochko - Hub Feenix

Högbenintie 30, Raasepori
As a writer, museum director/curator and visual artist my entire career has been dedicated to the photographic medium. As a curator I have looked at, organized and engaged with the medium from its invention to contemporary works. The process for a good curator is parallel to the creative process of art making. Curation, at its essence, is taking other people’s photographs, be it 19th or 20th century, and reinterpreting it for the viewer. That same approach is central to my current series. Only the images are a combination of vintage images and my own photographs.
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119. Hanna Holma - Hub Feenix

Högbenintie 30, Meltola
I am a printmaker and illustrator. I live partly in Helsinki, but mostly in Hub Feenix, where I also have my studio. I make monotypes, unique colorful graphic prints, the size of which varies between approximately 10x10cm and 160x240cm. When I realize how great a gift life is, an image often sails before my eyes. Those of my works that are most meaningful to me are based on such moments of gratitude.
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119. Isa Findeisen - Hub Feenix

Högbenintie 30, Raasepori
I am a multi-disciplinary artist, I have German and Italian origin and I am currently living in Switzerland. My overall work includes ceramics, craft, jewellery, sculptures, mixed media, installations, drawings and illustrations, etc. Currently I am exploring the border between art and design. Since 2021 along my art, I started to work more dominantly with ceramics and exploring this wonderful organic medium of clay. In general: Nowadays my biggest inspirations for my work comes from nature which surrounds me in the moment of time. I find also inspiration from my own life and just like a diary I try to capture my daily experience and put it into my work.
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119. Kansainvälinen taiteilijaresidenssi - Hub Feenix

Högbenintie 30, Meltola
Hub Feenix is a fresh and inspiring art and well-being center established in 2020 in the historical sanatorium building of Meltola. In 2023, Hub Feenix started an artist residency, and in the first year we received 19 visiting artists from 10 different countries: USA, Germany, South Korea, Canada, England, Ireland, Slovenia, Holland, Israel and Australia. During the Konstrundan weekend, the artists-in-residence will open the doors of their studios and tell about their work. You are warmly welcome to get to know them!
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119. Mari Leskinen - Hub Feenix

Högbenintie 30, Meltola
I am Mari Leskinen, 51 years old Master of art in painting. I did graduate in year 2000 from Academy of Fine Arts of Finland. I lived and made art 20 years in Helsinki, capital of Finland. Now i am living for fourth year in Hub Feenix in Raasepori, where I also have my studio. I still love painting and daily meditating is very meaningful for me.
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119. Naakai Addy - daughter of nai

Högbensvägen 30, Meltola
I am a Ghanaian-American writer and multidisciplinary artist. I have been academically trained in creative writing and performing arts, and am a self-taught visual artist. In my practice, the story guides the choice of artistic mediums. Recent projects have included text-based digital and physical collage pieces, exploring themes of healing, bodily autonomy, neurodivergence, feminine archetypes, and self-liberation.
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119. Rasmus Lindberg - Hub Feenix

Högbensvägen 30, Raseborg
I have always had a passion for art and love exploring different forms of expression. Painting, printmaking, installation art, and sculpture have been part of my journey, but now I'm focusing on pastel technique, which I truly love for its soft feel and subtle shades. I also enjoy experimenting with welding and discovering the possibilities of using metal as an artistic medium. Exploring new techniques and expressions gives me a creative thrill, and I look forward to the continuation of my artistic journey.
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119. Sharon Bishop - Hub Feenix

Hogbenintie 30, Raasepori
I am a practicing visual artist from Bristol.U.K. My aim is to create an on going body of work that relates to our landscape and the issues of environmental damage due to constant property development and the loss of habitat to wildlife. My imagery revolves around the natural world in the urban landscape, creating hybrids of animal and architectural drawings , prints and mixed media works. Although the starting point for my work is always my drawings, I have a multidisciplinary approach to image making. I incorporate elements of drawing, printmaking, photography and painting in order to create a collage on the printed surface. The end result is to provide a jigsaw like narrative to address issues on social and environmental living and question how we are using our surroundings.
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120. Anna Vasko - Aurinkokehrä Studio

Kroggårdintie 27, Karjaa
I am a textile designer specialized in natural dyes. I produce the aurinkokehrä yarn collection from Finnish wool at my new dye-house in Karjaa. Even courses and workshops as well as group visits are held there. As a designer and dyer I offer my services also to other designers and producers, develop new working methods and work with fiber art. I have worked as a teacher at a textile department locally, and now teach courses even abroad.
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121. Viktor Khachtchanski - Unspoken Prophecy by Victor X

Teerikuja 3 B 18 , Karjaa
Viktor"X" Khachtchanski got a diploma in graphic design along with a Master’s degree in audio engineering. While working full-time as an engineer, he was also a graphic designer at a jazz club in the 80s and 90s. Viktor has lived in Finland since 2000. He has held several solo exhibitions in Finland (inc. Kirkkonummi, Turku, Helsinki, Karjaa, and Kotka). Viktor is a member of Helsinki International Artists’ Association (HIAA) and Ekenäs Konstförening. He participated in over twenty group exhibitions around Finland, Russia, and Spain during the last fifteen years. Viktor’s artistic style could be described as music-influenced abstractionism combined with surrealistic appearance.
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122. Daniel Enckell - Studio Daniel Enckell

Hamnvägen 14, Skuru
Live and works in Raseborg
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123. Mia Lehtinen

Valssaamontie 30, Åminnefors
I paint with oil colours mainly on canvas. With an expressive touch, with colours in the foreground.
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124. Micce Göran Ingelin - Atelje Näktergal

näktergalsgränd13, Ekenäs
My artworks are mainly oil/tempera on canvas. I find inspiration in the everyday environment around me. I am fascinated by nature's simple motifs and its lighting and how this can then be transformed when it ends up on the canvas. This moment is filtered into color on my canvas, which can be experienced as calm or total chaos. I paint in my studio, but also outside in the urban environment or nature.
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125. Kevin Stewart

Ruusutie 22, Tammisaari
Since 1989 I have evolved from pure film photography toward my current work Which is digital. I describe my current body of as CO-LOGIC PHOTOGRAPHY. While I paint and often incorporate other elements, the final step is a photograph.
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127. Alexandra Wiss - Studio Wiss

Fågelsången 1, -1, Ekenäs
I mainly make functional ceramics in stoneware clay primarily on the pottery wheel. I found ceramics as a child and have been creating in clay ever since. During the years I lived in Stockholm, my interest in throwing on the pottery wheel took off and the dream of having my own workshop slowly grew. Last year I left the big city and my bank job and moved with my family to Ekenäs where I opened my own workshop in the same space where I took ceramics classes as a child. In addition to being a full-time ceramist, I am studying for a ceramics degree at Axxell. My ceramics can be described as stripped down, slightly playful and light in simple geometric patterns and shapes. I am inspired by small everyday moments where a nice cup that feels good in the hand can make the coffee taste better.
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127. Maria Meller - Knipnäs hyvän olon keskus

Fågelsången 1, Ekenäs
I am a decorative painter, restorer and artist. I restore old interiors and make handpainted borders and decorations on comission. In my artworks I use simple materials and techniques and I like to leave some space for the observer´s fantacy.
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128. Catarina Johansson-Katyayani

Järnvägsgatan 4, Ekenäs
My name is Catarina Johansson- Katyayani and I was born in 1977 in Finland. I work with visual arts and music. Art in all its forms has been a part of my life since I was little. A pen in my hand and a piece of paper on the table make me create something spontaneous. I like collaborating with other artists. For several years, dance artist Susanne Montag-Wärnå has been interpreting dance in my compositions and visual art. My first paintings were exhibited in my hometown of Turku in the 1990s. For me, humor is important. When life can feel difficult, it's good to see a glimpse of comedy in everyday life. I hope to touch the audience through my art. Create an experience for all senses.
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129. Henry Kämi - Kronomagasinet

Ystadsgatan 0, Ekenäs
I am a 36-year-old carpenter and artist living in Tammisaari. I make paintings, installations and sculptures.
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130. Minna Fabricius - Studio 7

Gustav Wasagatan 7, raseborg
I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I have attended evening classes and summer courses for a few years. In 2020 I rented my first studio and from there my full-time painting started. Now I'm stuck! I paint in acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, charcoal and various mixed techniques. Experimenting with textiles and weaving. I sometimes plan what I'm going to paint for the day, but when I come to the studio it becomes something completely different! I mostly paint by feel. Either watercolor with thin, delicate, almost transparent birds or more rich, dark tones in acrylic or oil. There will be pensive women or semi-abstract landscapes.
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130. Olena Råstedt - Studio 7

Kustaa Vaasan katu 7, Tammisaari
I am a self-taught, versatile abstract artist. I paint abstract art with acrylic paints on canvas. I use very natural colors in my paintings and to create more effect I also use texture paste. I have been involved in art all my life, but painting came strongly into my life in 2019. In addition to my paintings, I also enjoy various crafts. I decorate e.g. wooden earrings that i paint with acrylic colours.
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130. Yvonne Holmström - Studio 7

Gustav Wasagatan 7, Ekenäs
My name is Yvonne Holmström and I like to introduce myself and my art. In 2020 I got the oppurtunity to start painting again. I got introduced to abstract painting and fell immidiately in love with the artform. So liberating and stimulating and it's all up to you're own fantasy. I paint mostly on canvases, reused canvases, mdf boards. I want my paintings to be exciting and full of small unexpected suprises. Therfore I use mixed materials as cement, structurepasta, woodpieces, metalls, papers in my paintings. I usually paint with acrylicclours, waterclours, crayons, charcoals, markers. I also paint realistic animal watercolourpaintings. You can find posters of both my watercolour paintings aswell as my abstract paintings in format A4 and A3.
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131. Susanna Kankare - Skogshyddan AIR

Skogbyntie 103, Skogby
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132. Hilkka Alatalo

Skogbyn sahatie 12 Lustigkulla, Skogby
For me, painting is the best time - when I get into the flow state - peak. I mainly paint with oil paints, for me oil paint gives me time to linger, think, experiment. I find subjects in nature, the environment, people and other living beings. Different color experiments are also really interesting, this is how I deal with different emotional states. My paintings are often pastel shades, sometimes I need stronger colors, burnt ochre, red, earth colors... I also try different additional materials, pigments, clay powder, etc. I mix them with oil paint, I get structures for my works. Giving names to the works is quite difficult, I wouldn't want to guide the viewer, everyone could see my paintings according to their own feelings and interpretations. In the summer I work and hold a home exhibit
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133. Oili Ylitalo

Satamakatu 2 (ovi 10), Hanko
Oili Ylitalo is a self-taught, versatile artist. I like to capture the mood of the moment but also leave room for imagination. My handprint is quite free and raw. I prefer acrylic and mixed media in my work. I am a member of the Hango Artists since 2020 and we have joint exhibitions a couple of times a year.
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134. Larson Österberg - Ateljé Larson Österberg

Hamngatan 2 , Hangö
Larson Österberg is a Hanko based artist who has been painting for over 25 years. He is in his studio on a daily basis, preparing for shows och teaching sessions. His studio is open for the public and there you can see his seascapes or abstract pieces.
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135. Pirjo Heino

Myllyvuorenpolku 20, Hauho
My first time selected art works were shown in the Art Museum of Hämeenlinna when I was seventeen years old. I am honored member of Artists' Association of Hämeenlinna, member of European Artists Association and Art Curators of Finland. My art has been shown in numerous galleries and museums around Europe, in USA, India, Israel, Brazil, Korean, Turkey and Egypt. Beside art and exhibitions, I am working with jewelry, poetry my garden.
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136. Liisa Turunen

Toivontie 15, Hämeenlinna
I am a ceramicist from Hämeenlinna. I make art ceramics and unique utility ceramics,participate in exhibitions and teach ceramics.
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137. Assi Bäcklund - Kolisevan navetta ateljee

Vanha- Härkätie 1159, Hattula
Hello. My name is Assi Bäcklund. I'm 33 years old. I am sculptor, painter and ceramic artisan from Häme. When I was little girl I was always drawing and painting. When I was 20 years old I went to study art and ceramics, after that I studied in Kankaanpää artschool. Now I have summer gallery and workroom in my friends place, an old farm. You are warmly welcomed to see me and my art.
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138. Studio Jari Männistö

Kiusamäentie 1, Renko
I am a sculptor from Hämeenlinna and a member of the Sculptors' Union. I work with different materials, I have no material restrictions. My main materials are wood, stone and different metals like bronze and stainless steel. I have made several public sculptures in Finland and abroad. My work often has a sense of humour, even when dealing with serious subjects.
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139. Northernmoolandia

Empunkuja 9, Jokioinen
Viitamäki Jaana stage name NorthernMOO (b.1970) Designer, Master of Arts. Cow-themed works and performances, dj-acting, realistic and naive style. Techniques include encaustic, watercolour painting and mixed media. The art concept also includes the Northernmooladia art space in Jokiois, where a group exhibition will be shown during Konstrundan. The art concept started in 2014 in rural Sweden. Since that moment in time, I have been actively making art about cows. The MOO world is like a parallel reality where miracles happen and anything is possible.
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140. Lea Sjöblom - Ateljee Sjöblom

Liedonojantie 11, Vaskio
My name is Lea Sjöblom. I seriously considered a career as an artist at a young age, I participated in an exhibition in Imatra in 1978 with batik work, and I once applied to study art, but was rejected. The path to studying medicine opened up at the first attempt, so art remained an active hobby. Over the years, I have studied a wide variety of art subjects at the Helsinki Workers' College and the Helsinki Artists' Society, as well as summer courses at the People's Open University. I moved to Salo in 2003 and since then I have painted with oil colours independently and studied sculpture and ceramics at the Salo Community College and received private tuition in painting for the academic year 2022-23. I have participated several times in joint exhibitions at the Doctors' Days and UNIFEM. I
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140. Oiva Mononen - Ateljee Sjöblom

Liedonojantie 11, Vaskio
I am a traditional carpenter, craftsman, woodworker and restorer. Alongside my work I have done, and still do, sculpture and oil paintings. In wood, I make custom work, traditional toys, carvings and sculptures, etc.
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142. Riitta Kaunisto - Norrgårdin taidetalli

Purunpääntie 263, Dragsfjärd
In 2019, we bought 19th-century farm in poor condition on Kemiönsaari. The old stable was renovated in summer of 2024. Part of the stable was converted into a loft, which serves as my art studio during summer. My current art works are inspired by the yard’s old oak trees, as well as the log buildings that have seen multiple generations come and go. I'm in love with sun and wind-beaten logs and boards, the structure of their surfaces, and their story-telling. I work with mixed methods, cold wax oil technique and acrylic paint. I photograph and paint nature and animals. In 2019, I entered a new path in visual art studies. The basic subject studies of visual arts at the open University of Lapland at Kanneljärvi Opisto, painting studies of Vapaa Taidekoulu.
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143. Funky Homo sapiens

Leskenkuja 15, Perniö
Funky Homo sapiens is a 21year old label run by a designer Saia Ikävalko. Funky Homo sapiens specialises in colourful and humorous accessories which are built out of recycled materials. Funky Homo sapiens’ motto is ”Less is Bore”, which also repeats in Saia’s art which is a collision of vibrant colours and quirky details. All products are 100% vegan. As well as all the paintings have been made on Finnish birch plywood.
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144. Anne Kuntsi

Ylönkyläntie 22 , Perniö
For me, the starting point of my work is silence and presence, as well as the experience of my own observation and the effectiveness of colors. Making is not a planned work for me, striving for a predetermined goal, but giving up knowing and opening up. Doing is also seeing, listening and dialoguing with the work, until the characters and stories begin to take you intuitively from the abstract and sometimes from the performing. I am also a passionate photographer .I have held more than 20 solo exhibitions and numerous joint exhibitions. I have been active in art administrative positions in the years 15-21. My works are in numerous private properties as well as in the public spaces of companies and in book cover illustrations. I have been teaching art classes since 2009.
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145. Jaana Kähönen - DJK Design Jaana Kähönen Gallery

Ruukinrannantie, Mathildedal
I'm working full time with digital arts and textile patterns. My design is based on my own photographs. Nature and old cities play an important role in my works - but likewise it is possible to find something dreamlike or surprising in them. The unique artworks are printed with a special printing method on velvet, which makes them look vivid and slightly three dimensional. The small 40's Cessna that you can find in my works is my signature - an airplane I have flown herself. I work in Mathildedal and Turku. My works have been exhibited at several galleries and museums, and I have had the honour to be elected the Craftsman of the Year 2023 by Turku Entrepreneurs. I am a member (previous chairman)of Salo Artists' Association.
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146. Jaana Saario - KotiGalleria

Meisalantie 117, Vartsala
I´m a Visual Artist and Art Teacher, Curator and free Researcher, D.A. I live and work in Salo, Finland. My paintings take form in reflections of everyday life, ruminations of experiences. I build overlapping layered of images, colors, characters and texts. Time, space and memory blur and blend in my pieces. I consider my paintings as everyday horizon, where experiences, observations and everyday coincidences get pressed and stored. Any point of the horizon is worth looking closer. As an organic continuum it gives the impression of the random life of a person, and on the other hand, her personally oriented observing of the world.
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147. Satu-Maaria Mäkipuro

Moisionkatu 17, Salo
I am a visual artist from Salo, I paint, draw and make mixed media pictures mainly of animals.
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148. Sofia Maleike-Ruohola - Kärrin rusthollin galleria

Liipolantie 17, Pertteli
I mainly do commissioned portraits. Depending on the order, I use pen techniques, graphics or oil paints.
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149. Seppo Lagom -Vanhapappila

Suomusjärventie 266A, Kiikala, Salo
Over the years, my paintings have gathered around me influences from nature that i like and accept. I draw these experiences and observations in sketchbooks. These images are important because then I see my inner visions as images end they confirm my interpretation. I like to move in nature , that´s why we moved to the bosom of nature years ago. Here you can see the changes in light and colors and the starry sky. I started using sketchbooks in 1996 in Grassina, Italy and the need is daily, they tell me a lot about my inner state of mind.
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150. Anna Korpiaho - Keramiikkastudio Korpiaho Design

Koivulantie 45, PERTTELI (Salo)
I am a ceramicist and photographer from Salo. In my ceramic art, female figures in various forms play a significant role. Ceramic products that I produce in small series, I am increasingly focusing on animal and nature themes. In addition to my own production, I instruct ceramics courses and offer private lessons. Clay is a fascinating material where only one's own imagination sets limits. Different types of clay, modeling, decorating, and firing techniques are endless sources of inspiration. I graduated as a ceramic artisan from Forssan ammatti-instituutti in 2017 and studied photography at Muurlan Opisto from 2007 to 2009. I am a member of Turunmaan Keraamikkojen Kilta that is a guild for professional ceramic artists and artisans around Turku area.
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151. Anne Turkulainen

Kyrönsuontie 244, Pitkäjärvi
I am a handicrafts and arts educator and visual artist from Somero. I work in the courtyard of an old farmhouse. In my painting process I explore historical memories that are connected to nature. The works combine the landscapes of my present and former home: the islands of Lake Saimaa and the fields and fields of Somero. Both the water bodies and the soil of the fields have a story to tell. These landscapes are linked to strong emotional ties over generations - for some, the landscapes in the works may be a wistful memory of childhood landscapes, for others they are part of a present life or a utopia.
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152. Iida Ojanperä - BirdWayn Taidetupa

Suurilantie 301, Tarvasjoki
My artistic work can be summed up as a drop of ink falling on damp paper, its strands subtly expanding in many directions; those strands can take the form of ink drawings, paintings, poetry, photography, or even a figure of a fish standing on its own two feet. Whatever the technique, my works are united by the same spirit. My works transport the viewer to the phenomenal worlds of (human) nature and even deeper, beyond them. I live and work in a place surrounded by forests and field islands, which my spouse and I call the Firewood Kingdom - home to the diversity of art and nature! Nature and the silence it offers are important to me in making art. Already my childhood years on my home island of Kaskis taught me to appreciate the importance of silence in creation.
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153. Teija Lehto

Ruokolinnantie 244, Preitilä
I have been working as an artist for 26 years. I make graphic arts, mostly reduction woodcuts with many colours. The theme of my prints is usually everyday views in the kitchen. You can see dirty dishes, vegetable peels and empty bread bags in my pictures. I make also etchings in small size. I have been active in holding exhibitions. I also teach graphic arts to adults.
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154. Sinikka Salmi

Kömylänkatu 2 B 6, Kaarina
The color is very important in my works. I use pure, saturated tones in my abstract or figurative paintings. I think paintings all the time and paint quite slowly because of the technique, oil on canvas. I am very curious about everything and always want to find something new. I love to paint with oils , especially listening meditative piano music.
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155. Arita Mäkelä - Taidepukimo CarniWear

Kärsämäentie 35 B1, Turku
I'm Arita, the designer, artist and creator of CarniWear. I have worked as a graphic designer for a long time and sewed almost all the time. A couple of years ago, I started thinking about what I would become when I grow up. People around me say that I still haven't grown up, but I've finally figured out where my passion lies. It's wearable art! When I make wearable art, I can combine my graphic design and sewing skills, and create my art as I think it should be created. I want it to be made up of different fabrics and other interesting materials, to be a bit whimsical, very unique and full of beautiful colors, with a dash of 3D as an added spice! More is more! Up-cycling is also very important to me and that's why almost 90% of all the materials I use are up-cycled.
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156. Saija Hairo

Salokivenkuja 1 e 18, Turku
I paint mainly nature-based events with a partly abstract approach. My collages feature people in the plant world, worshipping, wondering, benefiting or otherwise having a meaningful relationship with the plants. I also realize my visions through graphic methods, e.g., collage, lino and drawing.
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157. Arja Valkonen-Goldblatt - Galleria Leipomo

Juhannuskatu 10 B, (Leipomo), Turku
I am a 73-year-old visual artist who is still actively working and has retired as an artist. During my long almost 50-year career as an artist, I have made art using the most diverse methods. I am currently working on painting and ceramics. My paintings are mainly large-scale oil/acrylic paintings, which have become semi-abstract landscapes over the years. They often repeat elements that you could find in them from the very beginning of my career; water, mountain, flowers. trees... I also paint some pastel/watercolor works. I moved to Turku from Eastern Finland three years ago and found a lovely pottery workshop here and it just so happened that I took the clay with me. My ceramic works combine both decoration and utility, often in the form of an animal.
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158. Anu Nurminoro - Turun Tuulenpesä

Rauhankatu 10, Turku
I am Anu Nurminoro, ceramicist and I work in cooperative Turun Tuulenpesä. We have working group -under construction. We have done art projects with ceramics and with clay construction. We both also do our own projects.
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158. Mari Erävaara - Turun Tuulenpesä

20100, Turku
We are ceramist Anu Nurminoro and visual artist Mari Erävaara. We work at Co-operative Turun Tuulenpesä . We have workgroup under construction, together. We have  put into practise several artprojects with ceramics and eartbuildning. We both do also our own artprojects.
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159. Kristina Isaksson - Taiteen talo

Nunnegatan 4, Åbo
I am a visual artist, and above all a painter with a passion for painting, colors and visuality. Every new painting is both an adventure and a challenge for me.
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159. Minna Maija Lappalainen - Taiteen talo

Nunnankatu 4, Turku
I studied painting, but I never became an actual painter. As a passionate drawer I have developed a technique in which I'm able to combine expressive line with whisper thin layers of transparent colours. I work with charcoal and pastel on silky skiss paper which is glued on foamboard. I also make three dimensional work as well as community and environmental art. I starch, crochet and tinker clothes that stand on their on, pearl drops that fall from the cealing like rain and safety nets woven of silk thread.
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159. Riikka Kupsala – Taiteen talo

Nunnankatu 4, Turku
I am a visual artist who lives and works in Turku. I have a studio of The Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation at Art House Turku. I work conceptually in time and space arts. My artistic expression is based on moving images, and sculpturing and textile designing methods. I explore consumerism and its social and ecological sustainability through personal point of view. I examined that theme in the context of fashion in my solo exhibition titled Weight of Fabric which was on display in Helsinki and Tampere in 2023. I will continue to work on the same theme, examining it further and expanding into food which means producing new artworks and planning new exhibitions.
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159. Sara Manninen - Turun Taidegraafikoiden grafiikanpaja

Nunnankatu 4, Turku
My name is Sara Manninen, I am a visual artist and printmaker living and working in Turku. I graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2019 and completed my MFA degree at the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2022. I work with photograph-based printmaking techniques at the Printmaking Studio of the Turku Printmakers Association at the Art house Turku. I have been a member of the Turku Printmakers Association since 2019 and at the moment I work as a technician at the association's printmaking studio.
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159. Tiina Vainio - Taiteen talo

Nunnankatu 4, Turku
Artist and printmaker by education, I have extended my workfield to include also stage design as well as environmental art. I use surprising materials in my works. The materials tell their own story. I love working with my hands; to carve plastic or to scoop out wood; to place a featherlight, thin silver coating on the surface of a work. Several of my works are placed in important collections (Museum of Modern Art KIASMA, the state of Finland, Kone Säätiö, cities of Turku and Tampere, Art Museum of Turku etc.) I have also contributed with a number of public works. I am a trained visual artist, art pedagogue and lawyer. I am widely experienced in collaboration with different partners and enjoys working in experimental projects that combine know-how from various fields.
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160. Marjo Yli-Antola

Itäinen rantakatu 64 B, Turku
I paint with oil paints, acrylics and pastels. My paintings, inspired by natural elements, colours, light and shadows, have been described as dreamlike interpretations of emotions, being and moments in life. I graduated as a visual artist from Turku Art Academy in 2001, after which I have participated in group and group exhibitions and held solo exhibitions all over Finland. In addition to my own work as a visual artist, I teach and instruct visual art and painting in various courses, including summer painting courses at Ruissalo, Ruissalon maalauskurssit.
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161. Raimo Mattson

Malmgatan 12a A5, ÅBO
I am from Eckerö on the Åland-islands but since the 1980s I have lived and worked as a visual artist and as a teacher in Turku. My origins as a fisherman's son and the fact that I grew up in the countryside have certainly colored my artistic expression, not only in terms of themes, but perhaps rather when it comes to moods and reflecting my view of life in my art. In my paintings, I strive to convey something that I myself call "a longing without loss". A kind of realistic, universal and pragmatic way of tackling existential challenges. I want my paintings to primarily convey a poetic calm, an inner balance, harmony.
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162. Life on a Leaf

Beckholmsvägen 4, Åbo
Jarkko Räsänen is a Finnish media artist known for his glitchy photo and video art, which he usually creates through programming. Räsänen nowadays also works with sound art. His work is included in the collections of Kiasma, the National Art Board, Hämeenlinna Art Museum, HUSLAB and Francisco Carolinum, among others.
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163. Jill Christiansen - Stentorp fårfarm

Skråbbovägen 222, Kirjala
Stentorp finnsheep wool, soft and curly, inspired me to design knitted pullovers, ponchos in cooperation with skillful local handknitters,. The patterns shows my love for the surrounding archipelago, sagas from Kalevala and Viking mythology. The lambskins are made to vests, hats, the leftover stripes are woven to ryas,sittablets. My aim is to create longlife products to modern consumers based on traditional values. During the years I have lectured under the thema “Finnsheep as a source of creativity” in Finland and abroad. In 2018 I was promoted to member of honour in the Finnish Sheepbreeders Association. In 2019 my Viking pullover got first price in New York Sheep and Wool Festival 2019 in the cathergory for handknitted items of 100 % wool .
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164. Arja Maarit Puhakka

Skråbbontie 166, Kirjala
I have worked as a professional artist since 1998 and during that time held several solo exhibitions. I have also participated many domestic exhibitions, and foreign group exhibitions for instance in Germany, Denmark and Estonia. I am a trained sculptor and do both traditional stone and bronze sculptures as well as installations and environmental art using natural or different recycled materials. Works made with these different techniques usually describe small details of peoples, life in general, especially women’s daily experience. In my latest, large-scale ink drawings I picture peoples´ vulnerability when they confront unexpected situations like environmental hazards.
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165. Cornelius Colliander

Skolmästargatan 4 E, PARGAS
I work as a potter with highfired stoneware ceramics. I fire my works in woodfired kilns. I am also a pottery-teacher and co-leader of an interdisciplinary project around woodfired ceramics together with the Institution of Inorganic Chemistry of Åbo Akademi. These last years I have made a research about the use of local materials as ingredients for highfired glazes. I am also a member of our local Ceramics Guilde, Åbolands Keramikers Gille. With other ceramists from our region we promote the understanding of ceramics, develop the professional knowldege of our members and support each other.
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166. Johanna Fredenberg - Studio Njut

Hyvilempvägen 113, Pargas
Working with my hands is the best thing I know, and being able to make beautiful things in different matrials makes me happy. I mostly work with clay - both utility items and sculpture - and with wool, knitting. When it comes to utility items I make useful, practical everyday things that are esthetically pleasing, quite often things that are not readily found in any store. When I sculpt, it's mostly women - women searching for balance and meaning in life, just like me.
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167. Jeanette Söderblom - Designstudio Mint

Mustfinnvägen 636, Pargas
My name is Jeanette, and I am the entrepreneur behind Designstudio Mint. I have a degree in design from Yrkeshögskolan Sydväst, and in my work, I plan and manufacture various wooden products using laser technology. Puzzles, keychains, and bookmarks are some of my most popular products. For me, ecological sustainability is very important, and it is also the root of my business idea - I manufacture products only on demand. Thanks to this, no material goes to waste, and natural resources are not unnecessarily exploited. In addition to the products available in my webshop, I also make, among other things, custom wooden signs and paintings. One of my goals for 2024 is to create the most beautiful signs in the archipelago!
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168. AARK - Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo

Saaristotie 5891, Korppoo
Visual artist Renja Leino, AARK founder and director. Also artists present at AARK are participating. I am visual artist working with video installation and photography. Currently I am painting.
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169. Rannveig Steinthórsdóttir - Villa Rannveig

Punttistentie 62, Taivassalo
I am an Icelandic artist and work rather a lot with recycled material. I'm interested in small objects, like dolls' houses and in such material which other people have found obsolete.
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170. Merja Ala-Olla - Ateljee galleria Artmerkut

Ihoden Kylätie 70, IHODE
I am a visual artist, graphic designer and art teacher. I make paintings in oil and acrylics, intaglio and relief prints and stoneware ceramics. My favourite subjects are sunsets and sunrises, the moon, flowers, trees and animals. In nature, it is easy for people to stop and experience eternity and to quiet themselves for a moment amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I get ideas for my work from trips, excursions to the forest and the sea. My studio and exhibition space is in Ihode in a stone barn that is over 100 years old.
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171. Ege T Hantverk

Munkviksvägen 17, Brändö, Torsholma
Nature and the archipelago inspire the simple and beautiful. My passion is to work with my hands and succeed in the process from idea to product. It is fascinating to see the product develop in the fabric, on the printing table or when tanning fish skins. Durable and durable products in natural materials please the customer and me. My thing is to make products that can be used every day.
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172. Saijas Läderhantverk

Eckerövägen 730, Eckerö
I am a trained interior trimmer and have worked with the profession since 2011 when I took my journeyman's certificate. I have also worked at Tärnsjö Sadelmakeri with their production of bags and with bag prototypes. Today I live in Åland where I run my business and I work very widely, both with vehicle interiors, furniture, interior design, bags, traditional leather craftsmanship and hold courses in leather craftsmanship.
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173. Studio Marie Laaksonen

Lugnetvägen 10, Pålsböle
I started my career as a graphic designer in Munich, Germany. After working at different agencies and publishers in Munich, I decided to move back to Åland and started experimenting with different art media, mainly with the classical methods such as charcoal, graphite pencils or watercolour. Currently, my favorite mediums are acrylic paint, colored pencils, and watercolor. But I also have a great interest in digital technologies. I put a lot of emphasis on research and careful preparation before drawing the first brush stroke on the canvas. My main genre is the hyperrealistic form.
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174. Katja Syrjä - Ålands pappersbruk

Åttbölevägen 466, Pålsböle
Katja Syrjä-Johansson is a visual artist based in Åland. She graduated from the Turku School of Fine Arts in 1997 and from The Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 2003. Her principal mediums are stone lithography, natural pigments and handmade paper, but her methods also include painting, photography and video. Essential in Katja Syrjä’s art are process­ oriented practices, like making own color pigments from nature; plants, mushrooms and minerals. Syrjä’s practice is distinguished by her collaboration with biological field research stations and researchers in the Åland islands. Her process is not unlike scientific research: its temporal duration is typically long and it involves engagement with the conservation of species and protection of biodiversity.
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175. Kulla Konst Studio

Sundsvägen 490, Sund
I am a Latvian artist who has been living in Åland for 8 years. I come from a family of artists and art is my life. I consider it my mission to increase the beautiful and harmonious in the world. In my works, I use an original painting technique, using textures and a harmonious range of colors. I paint landscapes, still lifes, and figurative compositions of spiritual content. I have lived by the sea most of my life and the sea plays a big role in my art.
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176. Mia Englund - Studio

Slottsvägen 134, Kastelholm
I throw, roll and build in clay. I work on a small scale and often focus on function and simplicity. For me it is important to work as environmentally friendly as possible and what is fantastic about clay is that it is a pure natural product and I usually make my own glazes to know what they contain.
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177. Bo Torgé - Art Torgé

Jomalagårdsväg 41, Jomala
A central idea for me is the form, which should be a path to experience for the viewer who should be able to fill it in with their imagination. I like to call my paintings "objects", as you associate the paintings with the idea of a form, which came about as the end result of an inner experience or an idea. In my objects I use different numbers of shapes. They are represented in different long series and in a certain system for each object. The uniformity and symmetry of the paintings allows for growth and is given the opportunity for great variety. There are no limits here. Geometry is important in my paintings, but never as an end in itself, it wants to tell us something.
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178. Finos ateljé

Önningebyvägen 457, Mariehamn (postort Mariehamn men ligger i Jomala)
I mainly work in watercolor and acrylic. Nature and travel are my most important sources of inspiration. I do not depict, but try to create exciting images based on reality.
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179. Fredrik Eriksson

Klövergränd 2, Mariehamn
I am an artist and craftsman and currently work mainly sculpting and carving sword-like objects in fresh wood. For me, the design language of melee weapons is very fascinating - not least the unimaginable width and variety of appearance seen across all cultures and historical eras - and I'm interested in exploring how much you can change the shape of a given object before it becomes interpreted as something other.
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179. Monique Lundberg - Kulturfabriken

Fabriksgatan 4, Mariehamn
My art touches on themes with everything in life that interests, engages and moves me. My craftsmanship is based on this visual world in art, whatever form of expression it is created in. I print on fabric and sew products and also create sculptures in ceramics and textile materials, among other things. Graphics is the mode of expression I always have in my creative process and I like to work in black and white and at the same time love colour graphics, so I allow myself to experiment and mix different printing methods. In art graphics, I am currently creating works with dreamy motifs of people and interior and exterior landscapes. Besides the black and white prints, I have a lot of colour and gold at the moment in my creative process where I paint from special, wonderful moments, feelings
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180. Alejandras Konstcafé

Österleden 110, Sjökvarteret , Mariehamn
In the realm of art, I see an eternal journey of learning and exploring various techniques. It is this passion for diversity and continual development that defines me as an artist. I am a versatile artist who picks and chooses among different disciplines to best convey a concept, an idea, or a feeling to the observer.
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180. Eva-Lottas Ateljé

Ängsgatan 177, Jomala
I have been drawing and painting since I was only two years old. Creating from my imagination in different materials is something that brings me the most joy in life. I grew up in a family where art was present in different shapes and I found inspiration in nature, book illustrations and dreams. The red thread that has followed my in my creative endevors has been story telling. As a professional illustrator to tell stories and make characters come to live is my greatest passion.
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180. Jonas Wilén

Sjökvarteret, Mariehamn
Since the early 90's I have been a full-time visual artist and have participated in a large number of exhibitions over the years. I work in many different techniques and move from my free oil painting to various illustration assignments of varying nature. In my studio I show oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and sculptures.
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181. Elisa Matikainen - Kulturfabriken

Fabriksgatan 4, Mariehamn
I have lived on Kökar, outer archipelago of Åland Islands, since 2017. For me nature is a neverending treasury, the source of life, wonders and symbols. In my art the different elements of nature and environments are "being recorded" into some kind of mindscapes, where thoughts, emotions, experiences - all that happens in my universum - are roaming together trying to create order, understanding and harmony.
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181. Hanna Wiik-Rosenqvist - HW TEXTIL

Fabriksgatan 4, Mariehamn
I am a textile maker and designer who hand tufts and weaves under the company name HW TEXTIL. Sustainability and eco-friendly materials are important, especially in weaving. I use either recycled yarn or natural materials that are locally produced in a sustainable way. Originality is important in the woven products which are mostly scarves, shawls and various ribbons but also fabrics for clothes. I hand tuft rugs, larger wall textiles, stools and benches. Often to order and preferably in a variety of patterns and colours. Hand tufted textiles have a thick pile of wool, which makes them excellent sound absorbers perfect for decorating public spaces. I have made hand-tufted wall textiles for Övernäs school and the library in Strandnäs school.
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181. Peter Lindberg - Kulturfabriken

Fabriksgatan 4, Mariehamn
I have worked with wood for 26 years and I have specialized in handmade wooden jewellery. The entire process, from a piece of wood to the finished product, is made by my. Of the highest quality. With the lowest possible impact on the environment. I mostly use wood from Åland, such as alder, birch, juniper, maple and fruit trees. Combining several wood types, I creates pieces with contrasting shades and colour combinations. ”I get the most enjoyment when creating jewellery from a piece of wood provided by the customer”.
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181. Ralph Branders - Kulturfabriken

Fabriksgatan 4, Mariehamn
I am a visual artist working mainly with oil and acrylic on canvas, both representational and abstract. The style is often expressionistic and I also paint portraits.
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181. Ritva Saloranta - KulturFabriken

Fabriksgatan 4, Mariehamn
I work with various glass techniques such as copper foil, fusing, mosaic, glass painting and sandblasting in my workshop at KulturFabriken, Mariehamn. I also hold glass courses and actively participate in exhibitions both on Åland and Finland.
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181. Ulla Lindberg - Kulturfabriken

Fabriksgatan 4, Mariehamn
I am very curious and eager to develop my graphic techniques. Enjoying moments in the Art Workshop and is not afraid to try and test again. When you visit me at Kulturfabriken, I’ll show you some of the different techniques I work with. I find inspiration for my art everywhere I go, I just have to keep my eyes open. Come and say hello to me! This year I have a lot of news to show You. You can among other tings, order my art calendar for 2025. I show You 5 techniques in graphics, acrylic paintings and mixed media, See You!
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182. Anna Nilsson Textilkonst

Norragatan 39, lgh 1-2, Mariehamn
I am a textile artist/craftsman and work with textile images, where free embroidery gets a lot of space on different textile surfaces. I am a shade nerd who loves to combine different shades in fabrics, wool, threads and beads. I often work on needle punched surfaces on linen fabric. My themes are usually semi-abstract sea / water, nature and flowers, but also fully abstract, especially exhibition works occur. I have a workshop at SALT konsthantverk where you usually find me and my products, I am one of six co-owners, and we are all craftsmen who run the house together.
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183. Studio Kaj Lindström

Västra Esplanadgatan 7, MARIEHAMN
I mainly paint in oil on canvas. In my art I seek a deeper understanding of how we perceive the observed reality of the world around us.
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184. Kim Janson - Ateljé Feathers of Utsuwa

Ålandsvägen 73 A, Mariehamn
I look forward to having you visit my studio! I believe in being brave even if it's scary. Dare to listen to the winds that turn and dare to change the path in our life when the time is right. After more than 20 years in the training industry (including as founder and manager of a large training facility) and as a yoga teacher, a year ago I decided to take the plunge and start fulfilling a dream. The dream of creating beauty. The pottery, the clay is my tool or the question is if maybe I am its tool...!? In my creation, I move in the borderland between utility ceramics and pure art. I manufacture on a small scale. No product is exactly the same, but my goal is to create unique items that each contain their own feeling. A feeling that makes you happy when you hold it in your hands.
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185. Majs keramik

Skillnadsgatan 33, Mariehamn
I am a ceramicist making utility objects, raku, sculpture and art objects. My materials are, clay, concrete and metal.
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186. The Little BBQ´s Junk Art

Krokviksgränd 2, Mariehamn
.Sculptor I make sculptures from mostly scrap metal. I mostly do animals and insects, but also some utilitarian objects.
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187. STUDIO T Barck Tiina

Segelmakargatan 9 B4, Mariehamn
I am a painting visual artist. The painting is often to explore colours, shapes , surfaces - harmonious wholes. I also work with graphics in different techniques. Nature is my main inspiration: plants, flowers, mountains, rocks, the sea ,trees, wild animals, birds, etc. The beauty is in everything.
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188. Minna Rundberg Design

Möstigen 15, Gottby, Jomala
Minna Rundberg, designer and artist. Studio & Designshop in Kungsö, Åland. In my collection "By Minna" you will find designs of trays, tray tables, glass, textiles and Jacquard woven carpets. At this year's Konstrunda 2024, an exhibition of unique examples of hand-coloured image collages on textile fabric will be shown.
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189. Klas Gustafsson

Söderhällsvägen 125, Lemböte, Lemland
All my life I have enjoyed working with my hands, creating in different materials. Early on I drew in pencil and ink. I started painting in oil in the 80s, then I had a long break in painting, and started again in 2016 when I retired. I am now back behind the easel and paint mostly in acrylic and oil. I test different materials, methods and approaches. I want my works to be a little different. I also create sculptures from wooden slats. My paintings can be abstract, where the viewer can freely interpret the meaning, or the purely concrete or naturalistic.
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190. Håkan Lindberg

Lastklubbsvägen 23 , Mariehamn
I have been building ship models of various kinds for about 30 years. Squirrels, pleasure boats, galleys, yachts, sailboats, sailing ships, steamships, motorboats and ferries. Also models of lighthouses, lighthouse sites and various half models. I am represented at the Åland Maritime Museum, the Bomarsund Visitor Centre, the Museum in Rödhamn, the Maritime Museum in Tallinn, private collections in Berlin, New York, Boston, Stockholm, Helsinki and of course in Åland.
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191. Christoffer Relander - Studio Relander

Dalkarbyvägen 6, Mariehamn
Christoffer Relander is a Swedish-speaking Finnish art photographer based in Åland with a studio in Mariehamn. He focuses on surreal photographic art where people, childhood, and nature are central themes. Relander's art has been exhibited in several solo exhibitions around the world.
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192. Tarmo Thorström

Kauppakatu 24, Rauma
I am a visual artist from Rauma, whose work combines the Rauma craft tradition of lace-making with contemporary art. Mostly I work with wire, string or rope, but I also work with light, paint, wood and many other materials. I am a master craftsperson and a class teacher specialised in crafts. However, I earn my living as a university teacher.
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193. Maija Esko

Lapintie 625 A, Eurajoki
I am a textile artist and visual arts teacher. My studio is in the forest on the shore of the small lake Lutanjärvi in Eurajoki. I work in relation to my environment; nature, people and other animals. My works are painted canvases, braided stories, crocheted encounters, moments as images, shadows as light and oblivion as still life. ' It's like hearing the voice of the freezing lake in winter time, feeling the wind in the corners of the old house, listening to the fire in the stove and being aware of the sound of the darkness in the forest.'
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194. Tarja Kyllijoki - Galleria Kaxysi

Maasillantie 29, Kautta
I am a printmaker, I also do paintings and ceramics. I also teach art and crafts in schools. In summer my gallery Kaxysi is open.
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195. Anneli Hilli

Pyhän Henrikintie 681 A, Köyliö
I am Anneli Hilli, visual artist, printmaker, painter. I work winters in Espoo and summers in Köyliö, which now belongs to Säkylä. In Köyliö, my workroom is a former school called "Tyytty", built in 1926 at Tuohiniemi elementary school. I work with many different technologies, e.g. in paintings I use acrylic, oil, tempera, beeswax, color pigments. The graphics use e.g. monotype, etching, letterpress, woodcut technique. My works always have a narrative, even if the work is abstract. Colors create feelings and stories. The most important thing in my production is the colorful color palette combined with the rhythmic narrative of the form. My visual language is semi-abstract. The most typical thing for me is to get to the edge of something new, in colors, shapes, observations.
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196. Anu Ojala-Marano - Ompelu- ja hattustudio

Pitkäjärventie 7, Leineperi
I'm a theatre costume maker, who studied in Italy and after returning to Finland, I graduated as a hatmaker. Especially I love to let the imagination run wild when making fascinators and headpieces using different kind of materials.
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197. Auli Ketola - Punainen Tupa

Itäpitkäkatu 6, Pori
I am a trained clothing designer and horticultural horticulturist. I had a 22v. Atelje Auli-Kristiina, a handicraft company. I stopped the business in 2019 and started to "unload" myself into the clay. Now I'm studying at Pori Art School for the third year and I've started painting and drawing in addition to ceramics. At the moment I have a so-called "exploratory period", where I am experimenting with different means and techniques of visual expression.
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198. Tiina Ranta - Savisiipi

Karjasillantie 63, Pori
I have a 25-year career in ceramics. Also teaching tasks have been involved from the beginning. Many animal figures formed through my hands, one of my favourite animals has long been a bunny. Listening ears, lots of listening to people's stories. Nowadays, I also use clay with different materials. Little stories about clay,it has been with me since the beginning and the humour comes through in my work.
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199. Kari Kuisma - Portait Studio

Antinkatu 33 A, sisäpiha, PORI
I am a glass artist. I belong to Lasita, a society of professional glass artists in Finland as well as Ornamo, Finnish designers 'association and of course local artist societies. I have several public art works, the latest large stained glass windows in local Vähärauma school and a 3 meter high sculpture At the Top in a shopping mall Puuvilla.
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199. Raija Kuisma - Portait Studio

Antinkatu 33 A, sisäpiha, Pori
I am working with many materials, mostly with digital photography at the moment. All my works are unique, edition is always 1/1. I print my photos on glass, metal, plywood and so on.
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199. Tea Söderlund - Portait Studio

Antinkatu 33 A, Pori
Tea Söderlund has worked actively as both an artist and an all-round cultural worker. Her diverse artistic endeavours, including paintings, media art and installations, have dealt with subjects such as identity, roles and norms. Her works usually take shape during long periods of time and form conceptual ensembles that are composed of recycled materials. Tea Söderlund is a founding member of the {TES} media art group, which has been operating since 2018. The group's works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and events, for example, at the Rauma Art Museum and Mänttä Art Festival. Their installations and digital projections aim to find and create new connections and relationships between the digital and physical realities.
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200. John Rogers - Noormarkun Savipaja

Vanha vaasantie3c, Noormarkku
A working potter since 1973. Studied at Derby College of Art. Professional work from 1976-1984. Moved to Finland 1989 and continued working in clay in a semi professional set.
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201. Sirpa Ojala - Galleria Kerimanni

kerimannintie 44, Pomarkku
I am visual artist Sirpa Ojala. I live and work in Pomarkku in our home, which has been called Galleria Kerimanni since 2005. I make art as a profession, mainly acrylic paintings but also gouache and watercolour paintings and ceramics. My main project at the moment is rug hooking Maisema365 pieces. I participate in joint exhibitions and hold solo exhibitions whenever possible.
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202. Pinja Sietiö - Studio PSPS

Kuusikonkatu 2, Kankaanpää
Newly graduated sculptor from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in the spring of 2023. For me, art is a way to process and present my thoughts, as well as take a stand on current problems. Nature-themed works are something I have always done because I get most of my inspiration from nature and its harmony. I am particularly interested in the interaction between man and nature, and I often use symbolism in my works. Especially natural materials such as wood, plaster and clay inspire me. I often work with mixed media instead of one material.
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203. Tommi Ketonen - Galleria Tommi Ketonen

Pruukinraitti 15, Urjala
I am Tommi Ketonen, a glass artist. I specialize in unique massive glass sculptures made with the grail technique. I plan and make all the work phases of the sculptures myself. The colorful sculptures, which often contain female faces, are organic in form and recognizable by their distinctive style. In thick objects and organic forms, the optics of glass, the living of glass and light is unique, bringing the images inside the objects to life depending on the lighting and viewing angle. The professional skill of a watchmaker and the skills of a goldsmith are shown as a certain uncompromisingness and precision in making glass art. The background of the tattoo artist brings an open-mindedness to the use of colors and the processing of molten glass mass, as well as the visuality of the motifs.
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204. Johanna Melkas-Herzog

Sammaljoentie 694, Sastamala
After working in Switzerland in art history and visual arts I now continue my creative work in my home region in Sastamala in the field of graphics and papermaking. My workspace is also open to those learning these techniques. I make paper from recycled materials, combining them with cellulose or plants, and the sheets created with a simple technique often continue to live as a basis for my graphics or drawings or in collages. In graphics, I use gravure printing methods combining different techniques. Etching or engraving a metal or plastic plate only gives a small idea of what the picture transferred to the paper looks like when printed. Often the subjects of my unique prints can be found in everyday details and nature. .
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205. Taina Nurmi

Tupurlantie 7 b, Sastamala
I graduated as an artisan in 2010 and since then I have been teaching various handicraft courses, e.g. ceramics and ceramics courses. In Mouhijärvi, Tupurlantie, I have a pottery workshop with a capacity of more than 20 students. In the same premises there is also a large ceramics shop. I make both decorative and utilitarian ceramics. A new ILO pottery is under construction. In the workshop I organize courses of the Sastamalan opisto, my own e.g. Dreijaus- and jig courses as well as courses on demand.
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206. Jonna Viljanen

Raatikonkatu 2, Nokia
I realised that being Peter Pan is not a real profession, so I decided to become a visual artist instead. I do art, graphic design and illustration but I mainly I do oil paintings. I've been privileged to have 35 exhibitions, since 2018, more or less half of them have been curated joint exhibitions.
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207. Laura Koppanen Keramiikkastudio

Tanhuankatu 2, Nokia
Laura Koppanen is a designer from Tampere, primarily working with ceramics and ceramic art. She has designed and crafted handmade tableware for several restaurants in Tampere. Additionally, she creates unique ceramic sculptures and vessels. In ceramics, Koppanen is fascinated by contrasts: on one hand, the softness and earthiness of the process, and on the other hand, the challenges and absolute precision that one constantly encounters in the process of working with ceramics. Koppanen also organizes ceramic courses in her studio at Nanso House
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207. Sanna Saarreharju - Nansotalo

Tanhuankatu 2, Nokia
I am a visual artist from Tuusula and since 2012 I have been living and working in Pirkanmaa. I work mainly in sculpture, currently focusing on ceramics. The themes of my works are centred around cryptic creatures and the small beauties and horrors of nature.
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207. Sanni Saari - Nansotalo

Tanhuankatu 2, Nokia
I am a visual artist (b. 1990 Rauma) working with photography, video, light, installation, text and sound. I have a Master of Arts degree (Aalto University, 2022) and a degree in visual arts (TAMK, 2017). My recent projects have explored the materiality of dust through photography and writing, site-specificity in media installations and the reflection of digital video images.
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208. Ohto Sabel

Lasikaari 10, Pirkkala
My art draws inspiration from classical and contemporary art themes. In my works, I combine and build a narrative from historical plots and classic stories, wrapping them in the many layers of the present. For me, art is a journey to contemplative expressiveness through figural and abstract paintings. In my art, the figurative language of painting gestures strives to create lasting connections and insightful semiotic meanings that evoke reflections and experiences in the viewers of the art.
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209. Luciana Mariano

Kreetankuja 8 C 16, Pirkkala
Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, I am the third generation of naïve painters in my family. I draw and paint intensively since I was very little but never thought it was a professional possibility, in fact, art was never an encouraged activity in my family. Until I was 38, shy for my childish trait, I used to paint and immediately destroy what I produced. After a very successful first exhibition in 2008 I decided to believe in my career as painter and since then I have shown my work in many countries and important events. I became a Finnish citizen in 2023 and I am now re-starting my career in Finland, looking forward to leaving a legacy in this country I love to call My home.
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210. Pia Feinik

Pirkankatu 1, tampere
I am a multi-skilled and intense visual artist. I live and work in the beautiful Pyyniki district of Tampere. In my work I am a multi-faceted, layered and simple but nuanced master of composition.
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211. Toni-Petri Ruotsalainen

Hallituskatu 27, Tampere
I am a painter and graphic artist from Tampere. I studied first in Italy at the United World College of the Adriatic, and then at Lewis & Clark College in the USA. My primary technique is oil painting, where I have recently focused on pointillist animal and nature subjects. The pointillist works are hand painted without stencils, using only a 5mm floor brush. There can be tens of thousands of individual dots in a painting.
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212. Anni Huttu - Grafiikka- ja valokuvakeskus Ratamo

Veturitallinkatu 6, Jyväskylä
I am a printmaker, and I work at Ratamo Printmaking Workshop mainly with drypoint and woodcut. My works are poetic outbursts through which I free myself and wander into a spacious space. My images are narrative and representational. They often feature human or animal figures in their own comic-tragic worlds. I am also involved in several collaborative projects, such as Project Babel. I study visual arts and art history at the Universities of Lapland and Jyväskylä.
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213. Anitta Asunta-Plane

Lietniemen tie 315, Muurame
My raku eramics style is influenced by my 22 years of Finnish culture, and later by my 35 years of living in France. In 2018 I returned to Finland, but France will always be my second home: my art and my life are a colourful mix of Scandinavian and Latin styles. The harshness of the rock clay, the black and white of the bladder burn, the colourful, geometric, patterned, relief, fretwork or glossy lustre. Details, embroideries, fabric-like effects, sometimes smooth terra-sigillata, seasoned with the iron-sulphate red clay of Lake Muuratjärvi. The clear simplicity of the North combined with Latin pomposity. This is what my bladder ceramics artwork is made of. Always a unique piece, for walls, pedestals, functional art, eye-catchers and interior decoration.
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214. Panu Koskimies - Savitaivas

Tikkutehtaantie 2, Jyväskylä
Panu Koskimies : sculptor and ceramic artist working under his own name Pa-Ko Art and partner in a new company Savitaivas Oy. The company organises courses in ceramics, allows individual art enthusiasts to rent work space and sells its own products, vessels, lamps ... and what the future holds. Mikko Varvemaa: electrician and ceramic artist with a special interest in woodturning and kiln firing techniques. Co-owner of Savitaivas Ltd, a company that organises courses in ceramics, allows individual art enthusiasts to rent work space and sells its own products, vessels, lamps ... and what the future holds.
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215. Juulia Kääriä

Hovilantie 4, Jyväskylä
As a multi-disciplinary visual artist and composer, with an educational background in animation, I often blend traditional fine art techniques with immersive, interactive technology. I draw inspiration from nature, light, emotions, colour, movement, and moments of interaction, as well as from motherhood and my Karelian roots. A gentle, uplifting strength underpins my art. I make my own inks and paints from natural materials. In my studio, I find peace and freedom to develop my skills, deepen my relationship with art, and experiment with new ideas, while also having the opportunity to be part of a creative collective. Community is important to me, and my aim is to use my expertise for purposes that serve people beyond the individual level.
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216. Sari Mansala

Lehtokatu 10, Jyväskylä
Hi, I'm a painter from Central Finland. I like being outdoors, like so many people who live in these regions. So landscapes and details from them continually end up in my works, and especially the feelings they evoked. I call my style abstract landscape because it contains both representational and non-representational components. I am also very fond of bringing a visible three-dimensionality, a certain sculpturesquesness to my paintings, this is a feature that is best viewed on site. The studio is located at my home, on the old veranda of a wooden house that turns 80 this year.
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217. Kirsi Neuvonen - Pajagalleria

Puutarhakatu 10 B, Jyväskylä
I'm a printmaker from Jyväskylä and I've had a studio/Pajagalleria open to the public since 2007. This year the Pajagalleria turns 17 and I'm celebrating it in connection with Konstrundan. The workshop gallery is open on Fridays from 12:00 to 17:00. I graduated from Lahti Art School in 1984 and have worked as a full-time visual artist since then. The technique I used was mainly metal graphics, but since 2016 I have been making unique monotypes. I hold exhibitions all over Finland and this year they are in Helsinki, Sastamala, Mikkeli and Turku. I am especially known as a developer of colored metal graphics and costume-themed works. Suits belong to my childhood because my mother was a seamstress. I made my first costume piece in 1987 and I received a State prize for them.
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218. Anu Rinkinen

Kilpisenkatu 9, Jyväskylä
Hello, I am Anu Rinkinen, textileartist from Jyväskylä. I draw and paint unique textiles for interior and gifts. Colorful textiles are made to everybody feel good and smile in everyday life.
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219. Päivi Hintsanen

Keskustie 21 LH 2 (katutaso), Jyväskylä
I'm a fulltime visual artist. I make art, because I need to. Ideas for images and stories just come in my mind, and I'm creating these in multiple forms: as pictures, text and installations. From technical point of view the most important thing is to be on a continuous journey of exploration. Content-wise the thematic approach to my art is important. Studying topics and themes and writing process go hand in hand with making the visual art pieces.
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220. Milla Kyllönen – Grafiikka- ja valokuvakeskus Ratamo

Veturitallinkatu 6, Jyväskylä
I first encountered printmaking over 20 years ago during a printmaking course that was part of my studies in product design. It immediately felt like my kind of technique; its craftsmanship fascinated me! I continued studying printmaking at a community college wherever I happened to live in Finland. Now, I've been working independently at Ratamo for a few years. My main techniques include etching, aquatint, and photo-etching. I also enjoy photography, and when I delved into the world of photo-etching, I began incorporating photographs into my work. In my prints, I capture small, everyday moments—they're like condensed versions of the whole. I'm inspired by the seasons, shadows and light, as well as lines, whether they're in architecture, nature, or even power lines. I also do cyanotype.
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220. Naoji Ishiyama - Grafiikka ja valokuvakeskus Ratamo

Veturitallinkatu 6, Jyväskylä
I am a Japanese printmaker. I got an MFA in 1991 from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art in Japan and started my career as a professional printmaker. I have been living and working in Jyväskylä since 2003. My working place is at my own studio and also at the printmaking studio in Grafiikka- ja valokuvakeskus Ratamo. These years, I have been developing drypoint method to expand the possibilities of expression in my works.
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220. Tuula Haverinen - Grafiikka-ja valokuvakeskus Ratamo

Veturitallinkatu 6, Jyväskylä
I work in a graphics workshop and a creative photo center. I am particularly interested in exposure techniques, e.g. polymer engraving, cyanotype, pinhole, solar graphic, silver gelatin. I myself make the digital negative needed in most techniques. So learning image processing and digital printing has also become necessary. From time to time I also try more traditional graphic methods, e.g. watercolor woodcuts.
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221. Asta Huutonen

Kivääritehtaankatu 6, Jyväskylä
I am a Finnish American artist, and since 2020 I have been working in Jyväskylä. At this moment I work with Tourula Artists Association. I obtained a Doctorate in Arts in 2014. I have published the following dissertation; ‘Art and the Unconscious. A Semiotic Case Study of the Painting Process’. I trust my intuition and the goal is to remove any resistances of mental blockage that are affecting the painting process, which can be compared to a jazz musician improvising. Meditation is also part of my painting process. Emptiness and silence give a possibility to become creative. Nature is important to me and I seek to become one with nature, trying to immerse myself into it. I have participated in art exhibitions in Finland and abroad. My artworks can be found in several private collections.
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222. Kristine Nordling

Kivääritehtaankatu 6 A II krs, Jyväskylä
My art consists of plaster- and broncesculptures, or series of plaster sculptures of different sizes, portraying humans. Some sculptures are left as plain-surfaced casts, and some are patinated and pigmented. Plaster has an inspiring sketch-like style that I develop further in my work. My series of sculptures are transforming and searching for new forms inspired by thought- and work processes. My work is inspired by exploration, in which a human is the center of the interpretation. The human I portray interweaves themself into the present and the depiction from art history and their confluence. The influence from fine art blends and emerges as maidens, youth, and a woman figure based on and springing up from femaleimage themes.
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222. Maarit Siltamäki

Kivääritehtaankatu 6 A, Jyväskylä
I wander in the gardens of the forests. On light trails, I feel like I belong on the trail. Belonging to nature, the wind, the smells. Nature smells like past times on the skin. Time doesn't matter, moments do. Everything vibrates in the wind. Encountered moments, places, landscapes, animals, people leave traces on us. Paintings are created from traces. Stories are born. I seize small moments in my paintings. I engrave memories and feelings on fabrics with acrylic paints. In my paintings, color is a feeling, a state of mind. I work in Jyväskylä at the Rifle Factory as part of the community of visual artists in Tourula. Nature and emotions are my biggest inspirations. The picture of me in my studio was taken by Maija Keskinen. Maarit Siltamäki
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222. Nina Huisman

Kivääritehtaankatu 6 A, Jyväskylä
Hi! I am Nina Huisman, an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and visual artist from Jyväskylä. I work on a variety of commissions, in many different media and styles. I am an observer. In my work, small things open up to address bigger phenomena. Worlds are flattened into surfaces, sliding into one another. Often my work touches upon the themes of outsiderness, belonging, otherness, the right to exist. Surfaces, reflections and levels create a feeling that what one sees is not necessarily what one is looking at. Different levels ask different questions.
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223. Studio Susanna Maria Kivistö

Järvilinnantie 213, LAUKAA
For me art is a spiritual process of my soul in which I describe the history of my soul and its transformations. The way I feel many eras, places and levels within myself. The personal is also the universal. Human awareness and its evolution interest me. The way different events initiate our beliefs and views and the way we create ourselves a protecting shell that covers our true essence until we realize that it is possible to let go of this shell. We dare to see and show our true light and strength. I use tempera, acrylic, oil and watercolour in my work.
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224. Anne Saarinen - Laukaan taideateljeet

Kantolantie 442, Laukaa
I am a painter from Jyväskylä. My studio is in Laukaa art studios in Kuhankoski. In my expression, I am a maximalist colorist. My paintings are full of color and energy. I am particularly inspired by the garden's light, contrasts and structure, as well as the shapes and colors of the useful plants. Gardening is important to me, which is why useful plants, which are undervalued in painting, often feature prominently in my works. I see beauty in the modesty of useful plants and strive to bring it out expressively. My way of painting is physical and intuitive. I paint my works with acrylic paints, which best support my strong use of line. I am an art teacher FM for education. I work as a visual arts teacher and creative designer in a marketing office.
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224. Mikko Auerniitty - Laukaan Taideateljeet

Kantolantie 442, Laukaa
My work is all about making the invisible visible and commenting on the structures of society. For the last year I have been experimenting with triangulating a photograph and breaking its surface. Photography is a way of life for me. I had my debut exhibition at Gallery Hippolyte in 1997 while studying at TAIK. Since then I have participated in numerous group exhibitions both at home and abroad and have held numerous solo exhibitions. I have been the author of numerous photographic publications, the most important of which are Footbaal Landscabes 2011 Finnish Sports Museum Foundation and Villa Lante Al Gianicolo Institutum Romanum Finlandiae 2018.
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224. Mirva Perälä - Downsour Art

Kantolantie 442, Laukaa
I am a craftsman from Laukaa and one of my workspaces is located at home, the other in the premises of the artist community of the Laukaa art studio (Laukaan taideateljeet). I implement various works with mixed techniques, both on order and from my own need for implementation. At home, I focus on working with wood and metal, and in the studio I implement more projects related to sewing and painting. My passion is especially the circular economy, creating the old into new and giving extension of time to various consumables in different forms. I also cooperate with theaters regarding staging, props, costumes and masking. I love modding and personalizing accessories and consumer goods to make them more suitable for the user, problem solving and visualization are my strengths.
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225. Kristiina Lempiäinen-Trzaska - Laukaan taideateljeet

Tyttökodinkuja 3-4, Laukaa
I am a visual artist. At the moment I am focusing on painting and drawing. Over the years, the work has been emphasized in different ways: drawings, paintings, woodcuts, spatial works, performances, mosaics and stagings. I have held several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group and joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad. In addition, I have worked as a scenographer for performances by choirs and theater and dance groups. I work in the art field in positions of trust as well as jurying and teaching positions in my field. I am a member of MUU ry, Jyväskylä Artists' Society, Kotka Artists' Society and Kuvasto.
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225. Minja Revonkorpi - Laukaan Taideateljeet

Tyttökodinkuja 3, Laukaa
Art has been with me since I was a child. I grew into an artist as I grew up. Every time I start a new job, I also start a new world. It is such a fascinating idea that it carries through a wide variety of life situations and creates meaning for doing things. Animals, plants and children often appear in my works. Color seasons vary, but as a rule my color palette is fresh and rich. The basis of my artistic work is observing the everyday environment. In my works, small experiences and images of a fleeting moment become part of something larger and thus acquire deeper meanings when they meet the viewer. It is important for me to work in the field of art freely, diversely and looking for something new.
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225. Päivi Meriläinen - Laukaan taideateljeet

Tyttökodinkuja 3, Laukaa
I am a visual artist from Central Finland and I have been working as an artist for forty years. My main technique is oil painting on canvas. I also do ink drawings and I have a performance figure - Pope Päivi 1. I am a member of the Finnish Painters' Association.
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226. Katja Rauhamäki - Laukaan taideateljeet

Tyttökodinkuja 3, Laukaa
I make products and art from old window glass, such as jewelry, dishes and lamps.
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227. Sirpa Hasa - Hasa design

Pyhälahdentie 485, Konnevesi
I am a batik artist, I work with colors and dyeing. I make unique art-textiles, clothing and decoration fabrics. Batik found me and we have been together for more than 30 years. My workspace is also a course space, where I hold colorful courses in the summer. My other passions are Pysanka Easter eggs and eco-printed fabrics.
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228. Veera Tamminen

Lauttotie 3, SOINI
I am a young Finnish visual artist who depicts contemporary phenomena in his art from unusual perspectives for contemporary art using traditional methods. The subjects of my art include e.g. countryside, people and life. I usually paint realistic or sketch-like pictures with watercolors, inks and oils. My art comes together through realistic execution.
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229. Niina Koivusalo - Mummadesign Shop& Atelje

Karhunmäentie 948, Lapua
My name is Niina Koivusalo and I started my company Mummadesign in 2008. I graduated from Kuopio Academy of Design as a textile designer in the same year. I design and manufacture hand-printed linen textiles for home and clothing, as well as various commissioned works and unique works. My studio is located in the yard of our home. I am inspired by Southern Ostrobothnia and life in the old days, from which I pick motifs for my prints and patterns on canvas. In addition to textiles, I also paint pictures with acrylic paints.In the summer, our yard is also home to the Summer Café Mumma, whose fourth summer is about to begin.
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230. Marita Henriksson -Maurion kartano

Könnintie 15, Ilmajoki
I studied art at Vapaa Taidekoulu, Pirkkalan Taidekoulu and various courses of sculpting. I have worked as psychiatrist and art therapist, from 2003 solely as artist. I have participated art exhibitions on regional & country level and had private exhibitions as well. Some works are presented in public collections, some in private collections. My home studio is open on reguest. My sculptures are mainly ceramics, partly bronze, wood, metal. I make paint pictures with oil mixed media, and paint on silk. I draw with ink, computer …felting. My "photo graphics" you see in my book for children “Haun ja Waun matka”. The logic of sleep rules in my art: Animus, Anima. Life. Death. The endearing overview deceives, with time you find many hidden meanings, humoristic aspects will be seen more easy.
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231. Kajsa Lassander - Kajsas Konst

Stationsvägen 95 B , Närpes st
During Konstrundan, I welcome visitors to my ceramics workshop. I have worked with arts and crafts and created ceramics for about 30 years. Sometimes I also use ceramics in my paintings. I work with coiling, tumbling and rolling. I cast utensils and express myself through the colors of the glazes. My ceramics workshop is adjacent to my farm. Here I hold courses for children and adults, also courses for the Adult Institute. I have sales and often groups visiting.
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232. Karin Lipkin-Forsén

Nybrovägen 3, Närpes
Welcome to my studio located in a beautiful place near the old stone bridge in Närpes. In my studio where I have been working for seventeen years I welcome visitors around the year. I make etchings, watercolor- and oilpaintings. I also show my sketches. I have taken part in Konstrundan every year and it always gives a lot to me. Old and new visitors have found the way to my studio.
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233. Maria Gull - Mias Konstsalong

Österfjärdsvägen 82, Nämpnäs
I am an artist who loves color and likes to share knowledge by holding courses/workshops for young and old. My painting is mainly acrylic or oil, and I paint every day. My main wish in my art is to convey thoughts, feelings and to pass on a reflection to the viewer. Painting should be a nice feeling. a way to breathe and art should give peace to the soul. My curiosity for different materials means that I am not satisfied in my eagerness to search further. And when painting art in public, I sometimes find that little extra that can be the color or shape that leads to perfection. Connecting the human being to the image is a peaceful way of creating for me. My color scheme is strong and these are painted in dynamic images as well as significant fun titles.
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234. Vivan Österberg - Galleri Fyrin

Blaxnäsvägen 522, Blaxnäs Töjby
Woman 70+ I've been painting and drawing all my life. In 2020 I got my own mall (Galleri Fyrin at the summer house in Blaxnäs) Open mainly in the summer ... April-September
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235. Anders Lindman - Oskars klockgjuteri-kellovalimo

Långängstået 5A, Sundom
25 years ago, we started our business with bronze casting. Our goal is to keep alive a traditional craft. By casting in sand, our products get a special surface structure. Via a patina process, the surface becomes dark and acquires additional nuances when polished. From mainly casting cottage bells and name tags, production has moved on to larger commemorative plaques, church bells, various mortar models and gravestone symbols, etc.
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236. Maire Ruotsalainen

Rantalinna, Rantakatu, Vaasa
I am Maire Ruotsalainen, a watercolor artist from Vaasa, I completed my art education at the University of Applied Arts in the open college from 1989 to 1991 and participated in numerous domestic and international art courses in Sweden, Denmark and France. I have worked as a watercolor artist for about 40 years, starting with my first exhibition in 1981. For the last 25 years or so, I have been working as a professional artist. My watercolor technique is based on the "wet-on-wet" technique. Walking in nature, hiking are for me research trips to nature. I make observations and record various small things in memory and on paper. Through my works, the viewer learns to discover the small miracles of nature and see them as great beauty.
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237. Natalia Haimi - Atelje 'Art-NATA

Kauppapuistikko16, Vaasa
I am from Turkmenistan. I have been living in Finland since 1992. I attended a youth art school in my country. Vaasa Vocational College 1993-95, designer clothing manufacturer, entrepreneur 1996 Completed Helsinki Taik AY2002-2005. Vaasa Alma Basic Education Art School 2018-22, ceramics study tours in Japan, China, 2008, 2010 Serigraphy study trip Östesund 2019. Has participated in many group and solo exhibitions since 2005
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238. Inka Hannula - Makers' Gallery

Kirkkopuistikko 18, Vaasa
I am a Tampere-based artist working with painting and multidisciplinary projects. I paint both my own and joint paintings with visual artist Teemu Raudaskoski. We carry out joint paintings simultaneously on the same canvas, continuing each other's painting results. We do not plan the works in advance, but let improvisation and collaboration drive the process forward. The creation of the works is influenced by the music playing in the background, the dialogue between the two artists and coincidence. The end result of the painting process is always a surprise, and afterwards we no longer always recognize which mark both of them have made. During Konstrundan, Makers' Gallery displays our colourful abstract collective paintings.
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238. Teemu Raudaskoski - Makers' Gallery

Kirkkopuistikko 18, Vaasa
I am a multidisciplinary visual artist from Tampere. In addition to my own projects, I make joint paintings with visual artist Inka Hannula. We carry out joint paintings simultaneously on the same canvas, continuing each other's painting results.We do not plan the works in advance, but let improvisation and collaboration drive the process forward. The creation of the works is influenced by the music playing in the background, the dialogue between the two artists and coincidence. The end result of the painting process is always a surprise and And afterwards we don't always recognize which imprint both of us have made. During Konstrundan, Makers' Gallery displays our colourful abstract collective paintings.
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239. Ann-Sofi Kattilakoski - Vasa konstgrafikers verkstad

Skolhusgatan 53/Koulukatu 53, Vasa/Vaasa
I have been working with printmaking for over ten years. The variety of techniques and forms of expression sustains interest year after year. My works tell about both everyday life and dreams. Most of the time I work around a theme and when I start I move in a chaotic world of ideas. I see parts of topics and forming pieces into a whole is an interesting journey. Sketching and experimenting with techniques and colours are a big part of my working process. When the work is finished, it tells me stories that I didn't even know about when I started. Welcome to explore my works!
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239. Maire Kesseli - Vaasan Taidegraafikot Stalli

Koulukatu 53 Stalli ,Kasarmialue, Vaasa
By walking in nature and taking photographs, I find subjects. Photos I use in photogravy. I often continue the work by adding color and reprinting the work. In a way, the work takes with it and provokes new ideas, which changes the previous vision of the implementation of the work. Shades of yellow and green can be found in my work. Monotype is the combination of different techniques and colors. I also do lino engraving and dry needle drawing. The graphics are interesting and at the workshop we get acquainted with new methods with other graphic designers.
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239. Sara Koskinen - Vasa Konstgrafiker

Skolhusgatan 53, Vasa
Since 2016 I have been working with printmaking, mainly with gravure printing in metal printmaking. In copper plates, I etch my pictures, which are often colorful with many details. I am inspired by the wild nature and fairy tales in all its forms. This can be seen in my imaginative works. My etchings are very time-consuming and are therefore quite small. It's exciting to explore how much a small picture can tell. In recent years, I have also started working with gouache, which is an opaque watercolor. It breaks in well with the art prints when you instead get to paint with a brush and explore another art medium.
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240. Tuija Arina-Sundelin - Stalli Vasa Konstgrafikers

Tiilitehtaankatu 5 c/o Stalli, Vaasa
Colors and atmosphere is the most important elements of my art. I make art from my observations, based on my moods and experiences. I am interested in the state of being between sleep and wakefulness, as well as genuine experiences of nature. I get my subjects from both nature and the built environment. I`m interested in printmaking the infinited diverse spectrum of techniques, which always allows me to find a new perspective on the subject. Sometimes I want to make approachable and expressive pictures, and sometimes my expression is very abstract. In resent years I have mostly made painterly monotypes.
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241. Paula Blåfield

Trollstensvägen 8/Hiidenkiventie 8, Vasa
I have worked as a ceramic artist and sculptor since 1985, I have a Master of Arts degree from the University of Applied Arts. My artistic work is mostly ceramic sculpture. I also work in civil college Alma in Vaasa as a ceramics class teacher. I mainly create sculptures for my private- and joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad. I have been actively involved in the board of the Vaasa Artist Society since 2011.
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242. Kika Wikman - Bock's corner brewery, SHOP

Gerbyvägen 16, Vasa
Artist from Vasa, i work with woodcutprintmaking and acrylic paintings
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243. Ann Bäck

Västerskogsvägen 32 A, Vasa
Hi, my name is Ann and you are so welcome to visit during Konstrundan. I've always drawn, painted and created for as long as I can remember. At present, I mainly make patterns for different products, both for my own production and for other customers. Ceramics is my hobby that is taking its place more and more.
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244. Susanne Broända - ART - KONST - TAIDE

Långkärrvägen 5, Iskmo
I’m an artist from Iskmo who mainly paint in acrylic and ink on printmaking paper but also creates sculptures from wood, metal, and rope. My absolute favorite motif, no matter in which form of expression, are birds. These birds are stripped down in their figurative language, and I usually place them in a form of abstract worlds and existences. I describe my art as a mixture between wakefulness and dreams because with it I want to build a bridge between the intangible and the mundane. The background to my creations is an alternative spiritual view of life and my major sources of inspiration are inner personal development and the enigmatic. I’ve always felt a strong connection to animals, and the energy of life and it’s this sensitive to energies that I use as one of my tools when creating.
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245. Peter Borotinskij - VILLA HAVSBORG

VILLA HAVSBORG Kolaskärsvägen 104, Replot
In addition to the traditional Ostrobothnian landscape painting in oil, I have also started working with a more semi-abstract expression in watercolour. I process the substrate with different tools and work in parallel with two different techniques, both oil paintings and watercolors.
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246. Sonja Ekstrand - Sussis pottor & pytor

Åvistvägen 637, Överpurmo
I'm a granny that likes to do creative stuff with my hands. A dear hobby became a part of my own buisnes. Woodforening is wery intresting. So is trying stuff and mixing my own glazes.
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247. Carina Ahlskog - RIAN - Art Studio

Vexalavägen 683, Munsala
Carina Ahlskog, visual artist and performance artist. Ahlskog has a background both in modern dance and in physiotherapy, which means that in her artistic practice she is investigating the moving body and choreography in the context of contemporary art. By using the visual art context as a venue for choreography and dance she explore her surroundings, a search for new bodily movements where the meeting and the presence are central and the tension lies in the interaction that occurs. She is looking for a dialogue with her environment. Something she calls ”Embodied Spaces”. Her main art expressions are performative art, video and sculpture.
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248. Ann-Sofie Eriksson

Vasavägen 44, Bennäs
Born 1978 in Nykarleby. Ann-Sofie Eriksson has worked with art since 2003 when she got a visual arts degree at Art Polytechnic in Nykarleby. In Ostrobothnia her art is found in various public places in the form of sculptures, paintings and murals. In addition to Ann-Sofies own exhibitions in Finland, she has participated in joint exhibitions in Europe. Ann-Sofie Eriksson has sold over 200 works of art on the online store for Finnish art Taiko.
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249. Camilla Gunnar - Bland typer & tryck rf

Tingshusgatan 4, Jakobstad
Camilla Gunnar is a letterpress printer and printmaker that often works with Artist Books.
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250. YH Novia i Jakobstad - Campus Allegro

Köpmansgatan 10, Jakobstad
At Campus Allegro in Jakobstad you find all Novia´s cultural educations under the same roof! The future visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, interior design architects, performing arts educators and musicians all get their degree here. At the campus´ exhibition space White Box, and in the great hall, experience an exhibition! Some students invite you to their open ateliers on the third floor where you can also find pop-up photo studios and art fairs. In a classroom on the third floor, we will be showing the Art Friday task, an art film suitable for children, encouraging you to be creative. You can take part in a free lottery where you can win art! Welcome to a big world in a small town! For more information about the educations at Novia:
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251. Gunvor Marianne Sarelin-Sjöblom - Naan N Curry

Styrmansgatan 4, Jakobstad
Since 2006 I have been doing art actively. Always interested in challenges and experimenting. Portraits are my favourite and among all the techniques that I have been in contact with, acrylics, watercolor, ink and mixed media are "mine".
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252. Anna Ulrika Fagernäs - Anna Galtsdotter Design

Järnvägsgatan 20, Jakobstad
I usually work with ancient technology from the Stone Age up to the Middle Ages. Design and raw materials: Stone, ceramics, horn/bone but also silver. Makes copies of ceramic cookware, drums, copies of petroglyphs but also his own creations - pure exhibits or trinkets. Glazed/unglazed ceramics. Arrowheads in stone but also silver. Runes in ceramics Binder runes in ceramics, crystals, skins and feathers. Medieval flea jars - small ceramic vessels with medicinal plants to hang around the neck. Protection against mischief. Rings and necklaces in silver. Everything I do has a deeper meaning, usually from our own ancient history or borrowed from other primordial cultures around the world. A feather is never just a feather - It comes with a message from the Messengers that fly between the world
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253. Pia Kääpä - Tomtebo Lepplax

Söderholmsvägen 267, Pedersöre Lepplax
I live in Germany and spend my summers in Finland in Lepplax and Pietarsaari. During the winters I paint in my studio in Germany and the summers are my office in Lepplax. I paint paintings in oil on canvas, but I also sometimes use watercolor and acrylic. My paintings are in different sizes from 20x20 cm to 120x160 cm. The motifs are often inspiration from life, nature, events and experiences. I make colourful and figurative art, but there are also abstract works.
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254. Heidi Stenberg

Snårevägen 451, Kronoby
I am a newly graduated visual artist from Jakobstad and during Konstrundan I receive visitors in my new home studio out in the countryside in Kivjärv, Kronoby! Here I curiously explore how my feminine energy takes on a visual expression with different techniques and mediums, such as paintings, prints and sculpture.
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255. Sofie Björkgren-Näse - Fia Lotta Jansson Design studio

Flygfältsvägen 320, Kronoby
I am a lettering artist and I draw letters and words in different shapes and on different materials. I work primarily with pens and brushes and I love experimenting and creating new letterforms and illustrations.
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256. Lina Ede - It’s Elle

Storhagagränd 1, TERJÄRV
I am a freelance photographer who runs my creative business as a counterbalance to my other work commitments. I have been photographing for over 30 years and founded my company in 2023 after being asked several times to work as a photographer at different occasions. The camera is almost always with me and when it's not, the cell phone camera will have to do. The idea to participate in Konstrundan was born during last year's Konstrunda when some of my truck photos were exhibited at the SA Airbrush Saloon and therefore I now rent a corner at Simon's during Konstrundan 2024.
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257. Simon Ahlsved - S.A. Airbrush Saloon

Storhagagränd 1, Terjärv
I mainly paint trucks, including pictures and graphic designs, using different techniques but mostly airbrush. I also paint with oils and other media on e.g. canvas and wood.
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258. Sixten Ahlsved

Lassasvägen 6, Terjärv
I am an artist who works with recycled materials. Mainly in wood, but also in oil acrylic. Also working with Garden art in the garden at my studio.
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259. Jan Björk - Birtz Art Gallery

Juukkovägen 180, Karleby
I am a photographer with deep roots in Ostrobothnia, also purely photographically. I want to highlight the Ostrobothnian landscape, its animal and plant life in my pictures. I am born and raised in the village of Såka, Karleby, where I still live. Have published 8 photo books, as well as had 63 photo exhibitions around the country between 2011-2023. I have had articles published in the biggest nature photography magazines around the Nordic lands. Has also given lectures in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Leads courses in nature photography.
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260. Kristiina Turtiainen - Hagströmin kulma/Haggis

Pitkänsillankatu 1-3, Kokkola
I am a visual artist (Master's degree) and art teacher (MA) who moved to Kokkola in 2023. In making art for me, creative play and multi-layered thinking work during the making of the image are important. I experience painting as an intuitive dialogue with the constructed image and as a riddle of each work, which I can solve with the help of colours, lines and shapes. I often paint landscape, character-based and abstracted colour surfaces that mirror inside and outside feelings and atmospheres.
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261. Owe Åsvik - V.Åsviks Gummiverkstads Museum

Sjukhusgatan 17 Sairaalakatu 17, Karleby Kokkola
I have studied in The Nordic Art School in Kokkola 1985-88 and Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Urbino, Italy 1988-89. Subjects for my paintings i usually find in my near surrounding. I paint with oil colours on canvas or playwood that i saw in forms, often in series of 2-3 works.
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262. Merja Pohjonen - Batteribacka

Gamla Uleåvägen 141 / Vanha Ouluntie 141, Karleby / Kokkola
I'm ceramicist Merja Pohjonen. The ceramics education was completed at the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 1980. I live in this house and also work as a freelancer here in my own studio. There is a workshop on the ground floor and the exhibition rooms on the upper floor. I make ceramics, art and utensils of different clay qualities and with many hand-building techniques and with the potter's wheel. I burn my works in an electric, wood, gas oven and with a mile. I have worked as a visual arts teacher at a children's art school and taught ceramics courses for adults at the Kokkola Region Institute. I still teach even though I am already retired from teaching.
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263. Keijo Nevaranta - Maijan Taidekoti

Prikaatintie 135 E 24, Kajaani
I have participated in just over 100 art exhibitions since the 1990s. Of these, 32 have been my solo exhibitions and 18 have been exhibitions by the Yhteys group, which I founded in 1997. The rest are mainly exhibitions by local and regional art associations and international exhibitions at home. In 1998, my environmental artwork "Stone Age", a monument to the history of mankind, was completed in Kemi, with 35 granite slabs weighing 137 000 kg in total. In 2022, it was selected by the international Clonehenge website as one of the 100 most significant permanent Stonehenge spiritual monuments on Earth.
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263. Maija Keränen - Maijan Taidekoti

Prikaatintie 135 E 24 , Kajaani
From Savonlinna's Art School, I got into University of Art and Design Helsinki (now Aalto University). I studied there from 1971-1977, when I graduated as a graphic artist. I have done my career as a visual arts teacher, from which I am now retired. However, my life's work has been making fine art. Since 1980, I have actively held exhibitions alongside my work. My exhibition activities and art making will continue in the future, renewing itself all the time.
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264. Maija Vanhatapio - Galleria

Alakatu 10, Kajaani
I am a graphic designer from Ateneum, completed my painting studies in open studies at the University of Lapland, member of Oulu Artists' Association, last year 10 exhibitions in solo and group exhibitions all over Finland, accepted in international art publications and online galleries.
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265. Liisa Harju - K2 Taiteilijatalo

Hiukanpiha 25, OULU
I am a visual artist from Oulu. My techniques are two-dimensional paintings using different techniques, nowadays mostly oil paintings. Nature and the living environment give plenty of subjects to think about and experience by inviting you to paint. In addition, art history and social phenomena affect the expression. I experience pictorial expression as a strong personal means and a need to bring my thoughts to be seen. The doors of my studio are open to Konstrundan visitors in the Hiukkavaara barracks area in K2 Taiteilijatalo, room number 231. I am a member of the Association of Artists, Lapland Artists' Association, Oulu Taiteilijaseura ry-63 and K2 Taiteilijatalo ry.
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265. Ritva Niemelä - K2 Taiteilijatalo

Hiukanpiha 25, Hiukkavaara
I am Ritva Niemelä, a visual artist from Oulu. I get my inspiration for artistic work from nature. I practice photography and use the photos I take as a starting point for my work. When I photograph, I study shadows and shapes and their multiplicity. In my work, I may repeat the same shape and thus look for a new whole for that shape. Colors are strongly present in my works, they fascinate and have always energized my work.
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266. Kirsi-Maria Perkkiö - Queen Art

Asemakatu 12, Oulu
I paint unique oil paintings in my Queen Art studio in the old stone courtyard of Vikkulankulma. I am fascinated by history, the layers of time and old paintings, as well as broadly music and its past composers. When inspired, I weave my own compositions from them in the terrain of my mind, wich I paint as multi-layered and meandering stories on canvas. I participated in Konstrundan for the first time last summer, and the people of Oulu were excited and grateful to get to know the milieu of Vikkulankulma in the center of Oulu and also my art.
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267. Hanna Holopainen - Art station 25

Asemakatu 25, Oulu
I am a visual artist from Oulu, born in 1976. I am known as an action painter, but in recent years I have focused on the flexibility of aquarelle painting and also familiarized myself with various combination techniques. I search for versatile solutions to express subjects and themes yet keeping the abstract expression in its own context.
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268. Kaisu Heikkilä - Kuvataidetila Kakru

Mäkelininkatu 41 LH , Oulu
I work mostly based on observation. I use drawing and painting techniques. My latest passion is tempera painting. My favorite subjects are plants, both live and dried.
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268. Tiina Seppälä - Kuvataidetila Kakru

Mäkelininkatu 41 LH, OULU
I am a sculptor who graduated from Kankaanpää Art School in 2007 and currently live in Oulu. In my works, I often deal with vulnerability, time and change. The starting point is always either a three-dimensional shape or a material, the working of which creates an association with the final subject. The message of the work can be serious and sometimes even brutal, but it is often also spiced with a touch of humour. At my studio in the Kakru Art Space, you can get acquainted with the background and techniques of my works.
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269. Heidi Toivainen - Komun talo

Valtatie 53, Oulu
I am an artist from Oulu and I paint oil paintings. I take my work seriously but not frowning. For me, painting is a game in which the common rhythm formed by shapes and colors plays an essential part. Painting involves a mystery, a wordless world that motivates you to continue working again and again. Painting is about wondering and constant uncertainty. I think that too much certainty as a constant state of being is not good for a painter.
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270. Helena Kaikkonen - Vanha Villatehdas

Pikisaarentie 17, Oulu
I am a textile and visual artist. I have been working as an artist for over 30 years. I have held several solo exhibitions and participated in group and joint exhibitions. In my works, I often combine different materials with textile materials. I also make installations, environmental art and video works
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270. Päivi Pussila - Vanha Villatehdas

Pikisaarentie 17, Oulu
I've been painting nature, landscape in various forms for several years, actually always in some way. The starting point or ulterior motive in my works is always the same. I look for things, details, compositions, colors, shapes, rhythms or contrasts. Gestures that speak to me tell me something about being in the world.
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271. Jari Huhta - Vanha Villatehdas

Pikisaarentie 15, Oulu
I have always loved painting. Painting is a humanly deeply satisfying activity and there is hardly anything else I would rather do. My studio is located on Pikisaari, Oulu. Welcome to meet, both new and old acquaintances.
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271. Sanna Manninen - Kulttuuribingo

Pikisaarentie 15, Oulu
Sanna Manninen is a visual artist and artisan. She works in Oulu's Pikisaari. Manninen graduated as a visual artist from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2015. She is a member of the Oulu artists' society and a probationary member of the Association of Artists. Recently, her work has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Oulu Valistustalorahasto and the Minela foundation. Her works are in several private collections.
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272. Aino Mikkonen - Kulttuurikiihdyttämö TILA

Pikisaarentie 15, Oulu
I am a visual artist from Oulu. My paintings exude strength, sensitivity and colors. I mostly paint abstract moods as well as portraits. I work actively in my studio in Pikisaari and participate in several exhibitions every year.
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272. Emilia Koskelo - Kulttuurikiihdyttämö TILA

Pikisaarentie 15 B 1, Oulu
I am a visual artist and photographer from Oulu. My biggest passion is abstract paintings where I use strong structure. As well as portrait paintings. My style is based on a rather minimalistic and natural design language. Scandinavian design and nature inspire me in my art.
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272. Pia Leppänen - Kulttuurikiihdyttämö TILA

Pikisaarentie 15B, Oulu
I paint watercolors; beach landscape, sky, flowers, what rises from inside me. I also make community art and installations, e.g. by shaping the paper. Paper and watercolors have fascinated me for more than 10 years. I am also a teacher of fine arts, crafts and empowering photography.
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272. Pirjo Lempeä - Kulttuurikiihdyttämö TILA

Pikisaarentie 15 B, Oulu
My expression is characterised by the specificity of the small and the common. The basic themes of my work are light, botany and trees, I love branches and wild urban nature. I live and work by the sea and water is an important element and theme in my art. For me, visual art begins where words end. I collect moments of silence and turn them into images. My tools are digital photography and video, cyanotype printing and off-camera photography. To finish the cyanotype images printed on thin paper, I use encaustic, which makes my works translucent and glowing in the light. The size and format of my works varies from jewelry to environmental art.
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272. Riikka Kontio – Kulttuurikiihdyttämö TILA

Pikisaarentie 15 B , Oulu
I am a painter from Oulu. I paint with acrylic and acrylic inks in addition to oil paints. Besides brushes, I also paint with fabrics and sponges. Often I do the painting by washing, removing the colour from the top of the lower layer – light. In my almost abstract paintings, you can often find a figurative element. I also work with used materials that have collected in corners, making assemblage. My approach to the human being is holistic and this also influences my artistic work. I am inspired by themes that deal with the human mind and the meanings it produces. Emotions such as terrible shame and protective anger fascinate me. Human fragility and pain invite me to work.
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272. Sirja-Erika Virpikari - Kulttuurikiihdyttämö TILA

Pikisaarentie 15, Oulu
The colors of my works are strong and have strong emotions. The strong connection with nature is clear. The animal figures that often appear in my work act as symbolic signs for me. In my works, I pondered the strangeness of life and death. I try to describe the transience of moments and unlock the hidden meanings of things. Mostly my works are paintings (acrylic, mixed media), but I also make sculptures (wood, metal and clay) and environmental art.
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273. Suvi Mannonen

Huvipolku 3, Haukipudas
I am a visual artist and a big fan of Italy. The "Bootland" is still a great mystery to me, but a major source of inspiration. As an artist, I value beauty and goodness and I hope that it is also transmitted through the works. I get excited about new materials, but mostly I use oil, acrylic and pastel painting. I often add charcoal, silver leafs, decoupage and different cracking methods to my works. Old book covers and documents are favourite materials, but I also like the roughness of concrete, which I often use in my phototransfer technique.
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275. Eero Österberg - Taiteilijakoti Vuohenkalma

Kirkkotie 57, Ranua
I was born in Pello in Western Lapland in 1959. I live and work in Ranua, which is the southernmost municipality of Finnish Lapland. I graduated as a visual artist from the Lahti Art Institute and as a visual arts teacher from the University of Lapland. The subjects of my paintings are mostly based on visual perception. The topic is looking for a suitable form of expression, organic, stylized or abstract. Color always plays an important role.
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276. Hanna Posio - Ateljee Lumimetsä

Valtatieviisi 745, Maaninkavaara
I am Hanna Posio, a visual artist and illustrator. I graduated as a visual artist in 2001. I founded my company Ateljee Lumimetsä in 2013. My techniques are watercolour painting, acrylic painting and graphic art. The main products of my company are art prints and cards, interior and textile products from my own art, and jewellery. I specialise particularly in animal art. Northern nature with its different seasons also serves as a source of inspiration. My production also includes commissioned art at the request of customers.
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277. Savu E. Korteniemi

Vanhavaarantie 2 A 7, Rovaniemi
I graduated in 2013 with a master's degree in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts, sculpture department. After my studies, I moved back to my hometown, Rovaniemi. I have focused especially on different techniques of sculpture and drawing, approaching art and reality also through writing. I mostly work alone, but sometimes it's nice to be able to expand my perspectives by working together with other artists. In 2021 and 2023, I have also worked in the curatorial group of the Young Arctic Artists exhibition series produced by the Lapland artists' association.
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278. Pirita Pernu-Lehtinen - Pirita Design

Kasarmintie 1, SODANKYLÄ
I am Pirita Pernu-Lehtinen, founder and owner of Pirita Design Oy from Sodankylä. I am an artisan by training and I founded my company in 1998. I design and make knitwear from linen and baby alpaca yarn. I ended up with linen a bit by accident during my studies, but its properties when knitting started to interest me more than other materials. Linen is challenging to knit, and it requires long-term development work to make the product desirable. But the end result is rewarding – the shape comes out well in the linen. The store and production facility are located in Sodankylä. We do everything from design to sewing and finishing the garment here ourselves. The clothes are knitted with an automatic knitting machine, sewn by hand and, if necessary, the size and color are adjusted.
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278. Viivi Takala - Studio Katalaviivi

Itäpuolentie 41, Torvinen
I'm Viivi Takala. My studio is located in Sodankylä in the yard of my home, I built it at the end of the yard building to replace the old sauna. I'm interested in many techniques, so I'm doing things here where I can happily combine my skills. I make bird themed mini quilts; the threads are wool, the nose and legs are welded from old iron nails. I make nature-themed paper decorations from recycled material, in which Finnish wild berries are represented. My watercolors are mosaic-like, colorful and the subjects deal with everyday life and nature. I print cards, posters and stickers from my paintings. My products have been granted the Made in Finland sign and can be found in the online store
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279. Ami Avellán - Ami Avellán Jewellery

Paannetie 4 A 1, Enare
Ami Avellán Jewellery, silver jewellery from Inari. Created with love and 30 years of experience. The source of inspiration for Ami Avellán's jewelry is the old, traditional filigree technique. The details sparkle like frost on a sunny winter day. Avellán makes her jewellery from recycled 925 Sterling silver in her workshop in Inari. Ami Avellán Jewellery was founded in 2013 in Inari, respecting tradition, quality and personal expression.
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280. Pasi Jaakonaho - Jaakonaho Arts & Design

V E Törmäsentie 7, Inari
My name is Pasi Jaakonaho. I was born in Haapajärvi, Northern Ostrobothnia. Now I live and work in up north of Finland, Inari. I have educated myself as Master Bladesmith (degree by Finnish National Agency for Education) and Master of Culture and Arts. My goal is to design and produce high-quality and durable artefacts. I also want to share my part in sustainable development. Therefore I aim at using mainly local natural and recycled materials in my work.
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280. Virpi Jääskö - Taveämmi

V.E. Törmäsen tie 7, Inari
I am Taveämmi, a craftswoman and Master shoemaker from Inari. I value and respect our pure nature, traditional reindeer husbandry and the handicraft materials they offer. I make modern pieksu boots and other products from leather, reindeer fur and felt - mainly after custom order. I have recently opened the Arctic Craft School, through which I also guide others to new and ancient techniques and handicraft skills.
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281. Mikael Arvola - Galleria Kaos

Ylätenontie 179, Karigasniemi
I am a 42-year-old Sámi artist. I have worked in many fields such as fisherman, cook, reindeer herder and now as an artist. I have studied art for some years in southern Norway in Kragerö. I paint, sculpt, write, photograph and make music. So, as is typical here in the north, many things are done and life is not separate from art, but it is often comprehensive. I want to point out here that here in the north we too can choose a creative field just like any other job. We need artists and creative people to solve the collective challenges before us.
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282. Laura Knuuti - Keloa

Jäämerentie 6, Sodankylä
Hi, I'm Laura. I make eyewear using Finnish natural materials. The front of the frame is made of birch bark and the temples of reindeer antler. The details and decorations in the frames include genuine wild flowers picked from surrounding nature or lace decorations. Each frame is unique, as my work is guided by the limitations set by the materials. All work steps are done at the Sodankylä workshop. There is a showroom next to my workspace and from the window you can see directly into the workshop. I am an optician by profession and if necessary I can sell you prescription lenses. I treat my frames as functional art, because glasses are most often a must-have accessory that can be used to emphasize personality and values. I seek inspiration from the forms shaped by nature, such as stones.
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