Konstrundan, also known as The Art Circuit, is an open studio event that takes place every year during the first weekend of September. The event is free of charge for both the visitors and the participants opening the doors to their studios.

Enjoy a visit in the creative work space!

You have the chance to meet artists, artisans and designers all over Finland. Most of the participants are situated in the bilingual regions along the coast, and on the Åland Islands, but there  are several participants also in Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Mikkeli and in Lapland.

Sari Nikola's studio, Konstrundan 2018. Photo: Annabelle Antas.


The first art circuit was arranged in 2008 as part of the foundation Svenska Kultufonden’s centennial programme. The idea came from the similar events with long traditions in southern Sweden. The association Åbolands hantverk has been the mandatory of Konstrundan since the beginning.

The event has evolved from a mainly Swedish speaking event with about 80 places to visit along the coast, and on the Åland Islands, to a multilingual event takning place all over Finland. In the year 2021 nearly 500 creative persons present ed themseves and their work to the visitors. The demand for an open studio event is immense, both among visitors and participants.

Precious meetings

The meeting between the visitor and the artist, artisan and designer is relaxed and permissive during Konstrundan. The studios heap with interesting discussions and creative moments. There is also the possibility to buy art and products directly from the artist during Konstrundan.

Art Friday in Pargas 2017. Photo: Henrik Zoom.


There is a lot of activities arranged around and during Konstrundan, both for visitors and participants. Often, the participants demonstrate their techniques or offer small workshops for the public. The visitors may participate in Konstrundan's art raffle. You get one raffle ticket per studio visited, free of charge. Konstrundan buys the prizes from the participants, and they are presented both on the website and in the newspaper prior to the event.

During Art Friday we offer a free art assignement for all children of primary school age. The assignment is presented by an artist on a film. The assignement is available in Swedish and Finnish.


Participate in the art raffle or try different techniques in the studios.