The Art Circuit - Konstrundan

Open studios 7-8.9.2019, 11 am to 5 pm

For the eleventh year in a row the Art Circuit (Konstrundan) opens the doors to artists, artisans and designers all over Finland. Konstrundan offers the opportunity to get to know contemporary artists and designers in Finland. It is an amazing experience. You can see anything from visual art to handicraft, from photography to video art, in the very environment it is being produced in.


During Art Friday we arrange activities outside the studios, and this year our goal is to reach the children and the youth. Our aim is to present the rich variety of art in Finland and let the artists present themselves to them. On Saturday and Sunday you can visit exhibitions, take part in workshops, meet artists, talk to them and watch them create in their own creative environment. The Art Circuit offers you the possibility to see the artists' everyday life and to experience the magic of the creative processes. As in previous years, more exact information about the open studios and artists will be found in the Konstrundan magazine and online.

The Art Circuit has been received warmly by the audience. The public feels welcome and the spirit of the event is relaxed and friendly. There are open studios and exhibitions all along the coastal area, as well as in Tampere and Inari, so people can go from one studio or exhibition to the next. Every place has its own feeling, which adds to the exciting atmosphere of the circuit. During the days of Konstrundan you can be delighted, surprised, moved and happy. By the end of your circuit you will be tired, but have memories that last a lifetime.

Use these pages to help plan your own route. The event sites are grouped according to region, which helps you plan the most convenient route. As you will notice, there is a map on every artist page, which will help you find your way, even to the most remote sites.

The Art Circuit is made possible through support from Svenska Kulturfonden and Föreningen Konstsamfundet. The project is brought to you by Åbolands hantverk rf. in cooperation with Borgå Konstskola, Vasa Konstnärsgille, Onoma, Ålands Konstförening and Ålands slöjd och Konsthantverk rf..


Welcome on an inspiring trip!