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Konstrundan's supports the creative field throughout Finland Press release August 25, 2021 (pdf)

Konstrundan's new event: the Evening of Arts Press release August 10, 2021 (pdf)

Konstrundan presents two new events this year Press release June 8, 2021 (pdf)

Record number of participants in Konstrundan 2021! Press release April 4, 2021 (pdf)
The list of all participants in 2021. April 28, 2021 (pdf)

Konstrundan illustrator Press release February 11, 2021 (pdf)

It's time to apply to Konstrundan 2021! Press release January 18, 2021 (pdf)

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Konstrundan logo jpg
Konstrundan logo png

Black and white illustration with human and animal figures. By Jenni Tuominen, Konstrundan 2022

The illustrationen for 2022 is made by Jenni Tuominen.
The illustrationen as jpg

Picture of Jenni Tuominen, photographer Jukka Pylväs.