Art Friday 2022

Since 2012, Konstrundan has organised various art workshops for children and young people. This year we have some new initiatives, which we hope as many children as possible will take part in! The aim is to give a positive image of the creative professions and inspire children to be creative.

Free art assignment for children

Art Friday is once again offering a free art activity for all primary school children. It feels very important in these times. The task provides a wonderful opportunity and a happy creative moment and it can be done at school or at home.

In this year's film, visual artist, photographer and art teacher Anna Semerdjiev will present this year's task to the children. In the task Anna uses berries, coffee, lemon and baking soda and paints with them.

Material list;

  • Filtered coffee
  • Instant coffee
  • Lingonberries – fresh or frozen
  • Bilberries – fresh, frozen or bilberry soup (not blueberries)
  • Lemon or lime
  • Bicarbonate
  • Water
  • 1–2 paint brushes
  • Some slightly thicker paper (not copy paper)
  • Pencil
  • Black marker pen
  • Painter's tape
  • Eraser
  • Fork to mash the berries
  • Glasses for the paints and water
  • Possibly a knife to cut the lemon/lime



This year's film has been created by Filmbutik, and new this year is that the film will be available in Swedish, Finnish and English.

The children creations can be shared on social media. Teachers or parents are encouraged to post pictures of the children's artwork on Instagram using the hashtag #konstensfredag #taiteenperjantai #konstrundan or to send the pictures to Konstrundan for uploading konstens.fredag(a)



Nainen seisoo taulun vieressä, talussa kuva mustasta naisesta jolla on afrotukka. Anna Semerdjev Konstrundan 2022Anna Semerdjiev is a painter and photographer who has been a visual arts teacher at the Vantaa Art School for 14 years. Anna was born and raised in Helsinki but moved to Vantaa in 2011. Anna is an active member of the Vantaa Artists' Association and she also belongs to the Myyräncolo Cultural Centre cooperative with 72 different cultural people under one roof.

In addition to her own artistic work, Anna does various commissioned works and she has also participated in some street art projects. 

Anna really enjoys teaching art to children and young people. "My students are absolutely wonderful and they are bursting with creativity!" says Anna. She is looking forward to planning the assignment for Art Friday 2022!



On Art Friday we publish an Online Konstrundan Bingo, targeted for all children visiting the Konstrundan. On the one hand, it offers children fun activities during their visits and, on the other hand, it can be a fun competition with other visitors: who gets BINGO first?

Who get's three in a row first? Or can you check off all the squares. Play on your mobile or print out in advance and take it with you

Click here to get to the BINGO card



To reach out to older children, we are again offering the opportunity for school and student groups to visit the studios on Art Friday. The invitation also extends to associations and companies.

Approximately half of the participants welcome pre-booked groups. The list of participants accepting groups on Friday 2 September will be published on our website shortly.

Group visits [PDF] 

Interested? Contact the artist directly and book a visit!

Art friday konstens fredag taiteen perjantaiArt Friday 2021


A free artwork assignment is for all children of primary school age

This year's task  “The Wonderful Watercolour " is launched during Art Friday 3.9.2021 here on Konstrundan's website.

In the film, watercolour artist Anette Gustafsson introduces her self and her art, and then presents the assignment to the children in a step-by-step manner. This is how Anette describes this year's task:

“Together, we will experiment and investigate watercolour painting in a simple and fun way using lots of water, pigments and some slightly unexpected tools. Without actually painting with the colour, we see how water and chance will lead the colour pigments into unexpected and unique shapes. Nothing is right or wrong, all paintings will be different and maybe we can find some figures in the pattern when it has dried? ”

The assignment can be done at school or at home, teachers and parents may need to help with preparations and with gathering materials.

If the weather is good, you can work outdoors. If inside, please cover the table with a plastic cloth. Take a tray or a flat disk upon which your painting can dry. Wear clothes that can get dirty.

Materials needed:
- 2 pieces of paper - aquarelle paper or thicker, white drawing paper 
- 4 different aquarelle colours - or water colours 
- Water, a jar and at least one brush
- A spray bottle, some topz-sticks, a white stearine candle, a pipette
- Pens and crayons for finishing work.

The film is made by Luvid Film and available in Swedish and Finnish.

The results will be presented via Konstrundan’s social media. Teachers and parents are asked to upload photos of the children's artwork on Instagram #konstensfredag ​​#konstrundan or to send photos to Konstrundan:

art friday 2020

The concept for Art Friday was renewed in 2020. Earlier a few workshops have been arranged for children during the day. To reach as many children as possible, we have commissioned a film from Malakta Films in Maalahti.
The film is distributed to all elementary schools in Finland, both to Swedish and Finnish speaking schools. The film is in Swedish, but subtitled to Finnish, and hence also introduces Swedish language to Finnish schoolchildren in a fun way! 

In the movie, the artist Camilla Forsén-Ström is telling about herself and her work. After that, she will give the children a pedagogical task, that the children can complete in school or at home. 

“The task this year is called Royal for One Day” and it’s created to encourage creativity and is based on recycling and materials the children can find in their own homes”, says Camilla Forsén-Ström.
“To create we are using everyday tools found in school and at home”.

With the help of the instructions given in the film, the children can complete the task themselves, but teachers and parents need to help gather the material needed. Instructions on

We hope that parents and teacher will upload the results on Instagram. 

#konstensfredag    #taiteenperjantai    #konstrundan    #konstrundan2020

We hope that parents and teacher will upload the results on Instagram. 

#konstensfredag    #taiteenperjantai    #konstrundan    #konstrundan2020