Konstrundan project manager Martina Lindberg

Martina Lindberg
+358 (0)44 9770773


Konstrundan secretary Veronica Svenskberg

Veronica Svenskberg


Konstrundan regional contact Eastern Uusimaa Leena StolzmannEastern Uusimaa

Leena Stolzmann

Konstrundan regional contact Greater Helsinki area Ida TaavitsainenGreater Helsinki

Ida Taavitsainen

Konstrundan regional contact western uusimaa Jani A. PurhonenWestern Uusimaa

Jani A. Purhonen

Konstrundan regional contact THe Åland Islands Leila Cromwell-Morgan LönnrothThe Åland Islands

Leila Cromwell Morgan Lönnroth

OstrobothniaKonstrundan regional contact Ostrobothnia Nicole Hjelt

Nicole Hjelt

Konstrundan regional contact Northern Finland Ami AvellanNorthern Finland

Ami Avellan


the board

Konstrundan is directed by a board which meets a few times a year to evaluate and develop the event. The board is presented with the feedback from visitors and participants, and they plan Konstrundan’s future accordingly.

The members of the board are from different relevant fields and areas in Finland in order to guarantee diversity and a variety in perspectives. Projectmanager Martina Lindberg summons the board.

MEMBERS OF THE board 2021:

Maija Albrecht, graphic artist, Degerby, Western Uusimaa
Sebastian Jansson, designer, the Helsinki region
Eliisa Riikonen, executive director of Åbolands hantverk, Turku region
Hanna Wiik-Rosenqvist, artisan, The Åland Islands
Johan Sandås, artist, Ostrobotnia
Leena Stolzmann, principle, Porvoo Art School, Eastern Uusimaa


The members of the jury are experts in art, handicraft and design. The jury is anonymous and does not comment on their decision.

Evaluation report 2021  [PDF]