Human figure surrounded by nature and art elements, Konstrundan 2022


29.06.2022 hrs 19:54
There are not many obvious " job openings" for artists to apply for despite a solid professional education in the art field. Own initiative and creativity are the hallmarks of the working artist. The question is how this is perceived by the individual artist.

Konstrundan, the Nordic Art School Foundation and Novia University of Applied Sciences are organising a webinar on 2 September 2022 from 10 to 15 with the title "How to survive as an artist today?" with an emphasis on the opportunities and challenges of the working artist.

It is possible to participate physically on site in Jakobstad at Novia or to participate digitally.

The seminar will address the opportunities and challenges of artists from different perspectives and experience of the speakers.


Speakers at the webinar:




Will present the project Yli vaaran vuosien

Sade Kahra has been working as a photographer, freelancer, expert and leader in the creative industry since the 1990s. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and a vocational teacher's degree, as well as a diploma in cultural production. As a project manager, Kahra has conducted research on the work of visual artists, developed art education and the working conditions and internationalisation of visual artists.


Curator - Pro Artibus

addresses a contemporary art scene based on the activities of galleries







Musician & DJ

highlights the different possibilities of being active in social media in the field of arts and culture.

Here's what Michele says about herself "I use music as a language to communicate with people, I like to experiment and to share new ideas with other musicians. I am attracted by sound art and sound design, I always try not to repeat myself, even when it is very difficult to start from scratch every time."


Visual artist, cultural scientist

Lisen Sundqvist, bildkonstnär kulturvetare, person med glasögon

Highlights the thoughts and questions that a newly graduated visual artist might have.

Lisen Sundqvist is a visual artist and cultural scientist who has worked in the cultural field in Pietarsaaro, Helsinki and Turku, among other places, for many years. Experience from the art, literature and music industries has given her many insights into practical work in the cultural and art world. 





Visual artist

Shares her activities in the field of art. 

Anni Laukka (born 1982) is a visual artist from Kokkola, with a degree in visual arts from Novia University of Applied Sciences (2020). She mainly works with shadow sculptures, photo art and fine art prints. Laukka is one of the artists to whom the Swedish Arts Council awarded a working scholarship this year.

photo: Daria Gatska





KONSTRUNDAN 2022 – a great mix of creativity and knowledge

During the first weekend in September, Sat–Sun 3–4.9.2022, you can visit 450 professional artists, craftsmen and designers across the country and get an insight into their work. The visiting points are open from 11am to 5pm both days.
21.06.2022 hrs 22:07
Konstrundan banner 2022, black and white illustration with human and animal figures

Participants for the 15th Konstrundan have been chosen

Konstrundan is an established event, which has been organized annually in Finland since 2008. During Konstrundan, professional artists, artisans and designers open their studios and workshops to the public. This year almost 450 creators participate in the event.
01.04.2022 hrs 12:17

Konstrundan fundraiser for the Red Cross

We have started a fundraiser via Red Cross, the money donated to the fundraiser goes to the Disaster relief rund.
09.03.2022 hrs 19:37
Konstrundan banner 2022, black and white illustration with human and animal figures


It is time to present to you Konstrundan 2022 illustration and illustrator Jenni Tuominen! Konstrundan is arranged according to its original concept ever since the start in 2008. However, Konstrundan’s visual format has continued to change annually, as each year has its own illustration.
09.02.2022 hrs 10:00
Konstrundan banner 2022

Ready, set - Konstrundan 2022!

It's time again! The fifteenth edition of Konstrundan will be held the first weekend of September. Are you a professional artist, artisan or designer? Apply now, the application opens in january.
19.01.2022 hrs 15:11
Nicole Hjelt, regional contact

New coworkers!

During the autumn we recruited a new regional contact for Ostrobothnia and hired a secretary.
04.01.2022 hrs 12:00

Evening of the arts

3000 € was donated to the creative and artistic activities at the New Childrens Hospital.
03.01.2022 hrs 14:35
foto: Matti Snellman / HUS

New event: Evening of the Arts 19.8.2021

An art auction in benefit of the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki
10.08.2021 hrs 15:06

New concept: group visits on Fri, September 3rd

Book a visit for your group at a studio on the Art Friday, 3.9.2021
23.06.2021 hrs 12:51