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Ready, set - Konstrundan 2022!

19.01.2022 hrs 15:11
It's time again! The fifteenth edition of Konstrundan will be held the first weekend of September. Are you a professional artist, artisan or designer? Apply now, the application opens in january.

Now it is time for professional artists, artisans and designers to submit their applications to Konstrundan
2022. The application period is 20.1–20.2.2022. The application form and more information is
available on the website under Apply.

The fifteenth Konstrundan in Finland will be held during the first weekend in September, Sat–Sun 3–4.9. Participating creative artists will open their workrooms and studios to the public.

Creating value thorough the country

The aim of Konstrundan is to increase awareness of domestic contemporary art, arts, crafts and design.
As a participant, you benefit from national visibility, new contacts, and an opportunity for direct sales
and, above all, Konstrundan generates many meetings with people interested in art.

It is especially important at a time when activities have been limited due to the corona pandemic. "Right
now participants need the meetings and the visibility that Konstrundan generates and for many, the
weekend is also a welcome sales opportunity," says Konstrundan's Project Manager Martina Lindberg.

Sculptor Pia Sirén at her studio/home Korvafabriken in Loviisa in 2021. Foto by: Mimosa Elo

Sculptor Pia Sirén, Sausage factory, Lovisa. Photo by Mimosa Elo

Konstrundan 2021 had a record number of participants and visitors: a total of 485 artists across the country had over 23,200 visits during the weekend! “Even though the total number is large, they are distributed over many visiting points so all visits can be corona safe for all parties. An advantage of
not having too many people in one place at the same time is that it creates great opportunities for
conversations and meetings,” Lindberg continues.

Please share information about Konstrundan to creative artists in your networks!


We have divided Finland into eight regions and each region has its own contact person,
who is happy to answer any questions regarding this year’s event.

  • PROJECT MANAGER AND CONTACT FOR SOUTHWEST FINLAND AND OTHER PARTS OF FINLAND Martina Lindberg, 044 9770 773, konstrundan.aboland@gmail.com
  • SECRETARY Veronica Svenskberg, konstrundan.info@gmail.com
  • EASTERN UUSIMAA Leena Stolzmann, konstrundan.ostranyland@gmail.com
  • HELSINKI REGION Ida Taavitsainen, konstrundan.helsingfors@gmail.com
  • WESTERN UUSIMAA Jani A. Purhonen, konstrundan.vastranyland@gmail.com
  • THE ÅLAND ISLANDS Leila Cromwell-Morgan Lönnroth, konstrundan.aland@gmail.com
  • OSTROBOTHNIA Nicole Hjelt, konstrundan.osterbotten@gmail.com
  • NORTHERN FINLAND Ami Avellán, konstrundan.norrafinland@gmail.com