Western Uusimaa: Onnellisen sepän paja

12.08.2022 hrs 13:30
Two master blacksmiths, Juhani Krappe and Sami Ryhänen, have been located at the locomotive stables, right by the railroad station in Karja since last summer, after a long stretch at Billnäs Village.

The current space enables works of larger scale and the organizing of various courses - all within the one courtyard. This is also the first heated facility where blacksmiths have worked. In addition to Krappe and Ryhänen, two future blacksmiths also put in work as assistants.

Everything from machine shop work to small items, sold in connection with the workshop, can be made. A three-times six-meter recycled piece is in production for the Billnäs Village: a monument symbolizing the change in industrial activity, which utilizes the supporting rings of an old chimney. Rust appears as an attractive element showcasing the nature of steel itself.

The current location of the workshop has attracted well over a hundred course participants over the ourse of this spring. During Konstrundan, you can try forging as part of a joint project under the guidance of the blacksmiths. Everyone can produce their own part with their own skills, protective equipment is available. The finished work will be donated to the a target which is currently under consideration. As you are able to forge something yourself, the excitement over the blacksmith's work and the atmosphere of the workshop reaches another level, that much is certain.

Visitingpoint during Konstrundan 2022

74. Juhani Krappe - Onnellisen sepän paja
74. Sami Ryhänen - Onnellisen sepän paja

Jani A. Purhonen