91. Studio Tanja Nyo

Color Dolor, 2021, akryyli kankaalleStudio Tanja NyoMy Heart, 2021, akryyli kankaallePerfect Day, 2021, akryyli kankaalleRrrebellions, 2021, akryyli kankaalle


Ristiniementie 16 F 40
02320 Espoo





Information about the artist / the group

In my art, I often study the phenomena of time through abstract thinking. In addition, I am interested in physicality, movement and rhythm, as well as man as part of the ecosystem. I love the imperfections and inspired by mistakes: the roughness and organicity of the line are aesthetically interesting and open new doors to the world of the work. I hope to arouse the viewer's interest in strange rhythmic forms.
I graduated as a painter in Helsinki in 2018, I work in my home studio in Espoo by the sea.

Program during Konstrundan

Studio visit and exhibition.

www.tanjanyo.com, Webshop: www.taiko.art/tanjanyo, Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanjanyoart, Instagram: @tanjanyo

Driving directions

There are three free parking places in a parking lot. Bus stop is Ristinimentie (buses 147, 543 and 542)